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Nocturnal Blasphemous Chanting

"Nocturnal Blasphemous Chanting" (2004)

1. Put on the Whole Armour
2. Nocturnal Blasphemous Chanting
3. Covenant Chalice of Blood
4. Sacrifice of Triumph
5. Behold, the Rising of the Scar
6. Steel of Thunder in Our Footsteps
7. Crushed into Dust...Forever Eternal!!
8. Blasphemy Will Never Rise
9. Complete Destruction, Absolute Annihilation
10. Darkness Begin to Sing Death
11. Shadows Embrace the Sorrows of Pain
12. The Weak Light of a Sad Day

1. Put on the Whole Armour

God's words-Our sword
The faith-Our shield
In god's people
Truth is revealed

2. Nocturnal Blasphemous Chanting

In the clearing, a soft glow is seen,
Burning embers amidst an evil gathering
Closer still, a murmuring drone echoes
Through the once tranquil forest

Chants of devellish blasphemy
Are heard from the gathering
Voices raised to the ancient serpent,
With delight and disgust he listens,

Appalled by ignorant summoring,
He knows their fate if the
Evil deeds should remain.

Diabolical summoring be still!
Unholy chants; be terminated.

Still the echoes, nocturnal silence.

3. Covenant Chalice of Blood

Master of master's, King of King's,
Time of remembrance is at hand,
Consume the blood of Jesus.

Drink and remember the death,
Of the Holy Majesty, Covenant of blood,
Signed on the cross.

Lord of Lord's, God of God's,
Whoso eateth my flesh drink is blood,
Chalice that for many I delivered.

Whosoever believeth come and drink
With fear and reverence do.
His blood fell burning the heart.

4. Sacrifice of Triumph

The sun falls behind the shadowed mountains,
As darkness descends over the forest.
Flames flicker int eh distance,
Unholy chants and footstep can be heard.

Hooded figures emerge from bushes,
Flaming torches in hands.
Prepare the knife and golden chalice,
For fresh blood that is to flow.
Blackest hell envelopes the sight
As the ritual commences.

A black figure comes forth,
Robe drops to the ground,
A naked virgin stands within the circle,
Icy winds freeze the flesh,
Fear dominates her mind.

Behold! Repentance is night!
Disappearing through thicket,
Life of freedom...liberty!

5. Behold, the Rising of the Scar

Yes, the northern skies shall witness
The rising of the Scarlat Moon
From behind the blackned landscape
Of frozen Nordic Wastes.

Transformation of mountainous scenery
To an urise shade of crimson
No longer a pale grey moon
But one of fresh pure blood

...Consume the wine of wilt!

Beoms of luminescence fall no more to earth
Tears of mouring flow...and weeping
Yes, sadness envelopes the land
Soon, eternity's gates open wide
And time shall be no more
Generations await the sentence
For passing trough life of
Do what thou with

Alas, a tragedy has befallen!
Thus now reconsider...or

6. Steel of Thunder in Our Footsteps

Pounding the walls, breeding the call,
Boldly wrought
Armour of steel,
Quenching the darts, of the evil

Satan stalking, hates the faithful
Church still standing, in the fight
Steel of thunder, in our footsteps
As we stamp out, hate from earth

Great dragon,
Old Serpent,
Go to hell
In Jesus Name
In God's people
Truth is reveled.

7. Crushed into Dust...Forever Eternal!!

At the hour of thy destruction.

The end of thy reign will come,
As suift as it was stallished
Thy deceit is but temporary
And therefore it camot last
I'm but a fleeting moment
Thy throne will crumble to dust
Nothing will remain.

Pathetic and without hope..Evil
Never to rese again...Unholy!
Thy skeletal remains shall become one
With the earth...Lucifer!

Crushed into dust...forever, eternal!

8. Blasphemy Will Never Rise

Five pointed star of hell
Symbol of satanic goat

The cross of Christ turned upside down
Symbol of his supposed defeat

Hell awaits the demonic forces
Who seek to prevent the Jesus

Satan, Spare nothing from the ferocious
Anger of the Eternal Une

Satanas. Blasphemy will never rise!!!

9. Complete Destruction, Absolute Annihilation

At the end of time,
The moon will be as blood.
Blackened is the sun,
Stars will fall to earth.

Fire, hail and blood
Rain upon the earth
Fallen star opens the Abyss,
Smoke released darkness the sky.

Storms of thunders,
Disastrous quakes,
Hail pelts the earth.
Plaques infest!

Blood of a corpse
Becomes the sae
Assembly of Kings,
Gathers for war
Fire descends
Devouring all

Complete Destruction,
Absolute annihilation
The day of total Armageddon holocaust.

10. Darkness Begin to Sing Death

Distant voices begin to sing.
"Now the fire's
Burning let fire spread
se those who think thy live
Will realize that they are dead.
Let manking burning with the fire, following the
golden path towards the burning tree. I pause.
Before I enter within the castle walls."
"As darkness dies the
light of truth is revealed"
I genuflect to worship
presence of the almighty,
King "I have followed your quest with great
interest Said the king as I raise
my eyes to meet his.
"Many have stood where you
stand and many will
Stand there in latter days".

I came before the throne seeking truth,
I learn From the king that in death there is life;
to die to one's self is
The truth.

11. Shadows Embrace the Sorrows of Pain

Like an endless sound you wihisper
Like burning fire you walk through water
If danger lies in wait at night I
will not fear my destiny

Becouse surround me with courage of victory
The timeless universe embrace
Are an essence of power

Shadows embrace the sorrows of pain
The reveal an essence of life

Out from the darkned night
My heart is bleeding
I can't see then go
The wrong direction
I'm not looking back,
for this lost broken world

With my heart and soul,
with my flesh and blood.
I wanna live, wanna fight
Cause in the end we will win

12. The Weak Light of a Sad Day

In a place without name,
No trees, no sign of existence...
And living like this for a long time
WIth an immense emptiness in breast and soul

The weak light of a sad day

And all of sudden, there comis
A man "Jesus" and I go towards her,
I look around again, I see
Trees, now I feel an a affective
Touch, I see a brighting sun...
The truth is in her, the worm
Hope is recovered now and it says
The world is not last
It's asking people to meet themselves...

I am living in shadows,
You were always beside me
And I couldn't feel you...


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