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Gut Suckers

"Gut Suckers" (1995 Single)

1. Gut Suckers
2. Sewed Back To Life

1. Gut Suckers

Gut Suckers

Zombies rise, to the call of the dead
Limbless bodies, with wounds to the head
Same way they looked, when they died
Now infected, corroded inside

Poison runs deep, through the veins and heart
Brain still lives, body falls apart
Walking aimlessly, through the midnight air
Eyes focused, to a thousand yard stare

Lifeless corpses march on the night
Looking for humans screaming in fright
They suck their guts and even their brains
Eat the flesh, bone remains

Imagine your parents coming for you
Wanting your guts, your brain too
Frozen stiff in stet of shock
They bite your flesh, jaws lock

Smothered in blood, you still live
Parents now dead, holes to the head
The gunman laugh, at what they've done
You eat their guts, now that your one

2. Sewed Back To Life

Sewed Back To Life

Graveyard ghouls, ripping the soil
Stench of death, smell of spoil
Coffin's re-opened, corpse contained
Nothing left, all is drained

Back to dungeon
Operation starts
Flesh sewed together
A meeting of parts

An experiment of life
Brought from the dead
Lightning hits hard
Swarming to the head

Waves signal positive, coming from the brain
Eyes squint open, lights cause the strain
Weakness from surgery, monster stumbles down
In time his terror, will destroy the town

Doctor of wisdom, doctor of belief
One fatal mistake, idea turned to grief
An abnormal brain, brain of a lunatic
Implanted in the head, monster now sick

Death's in the village, caised by the freak
People inflict revenge, murder is what they seek
Doctor wanted dead, for his invention
Down goes the monster, and his intention


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