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From the Attic

"From the Attic" (1992)

1. Fever Dream
2. Lyssa
3. Liturgy
4. Wilbur
5. You Beset Me (I Curse Thee)
6. Nightstalker
7. The Conquering
8. Sandstorm
9. Temple of 7 Jackals

1. Fever Dream

They come to me at midnight
When consciousness does leave
In memory I see them
Their haunting makes me grieve
Though I am wide awake now
I see inside my head
Hell beyond the resting place
Those eternal dead

In catacombs and tunnels
They feast upon the gore
Initiate the young ones
"To the surface world for more"
Shambling 'cross the graveyard
Past hunger-emptied tombs
I smell worm-ridden filth
As they creep into my room

Why do they come for me?
What do they want from me?
They whisper of a link to them
God what can it be?
Nightmares shall not go away
"You'll give in to them someday
"Travel to your rightful home
"Forever you will stay"

Why won't sleep come tonight?
Will I be spared the dream?
It seems to make no difference
As I hear Mother scream
Shadows creeping toward me
With hunger satisfied
It all seems so irrelevant
Since sanity has died

2. Lyssa

The night is gone
Little Lyssa's left alone
Fragments of dreams still in her head
She checks the house
No one's making noise downstairs
And Mom and Daddy aren't in bed

She checks outside
Something's laying in the yard
A shattered corpse that was her Mom
She sees them now
Red eyes staring from the woods
Bloody grins that are calling out
"Come now Lyssa"!

Little Lyssa runs back in the house
Falls to the floor and cries aloud
She hears them now out on the porch
Filthy claws scratching down the door

Little Lyssa's gone away
She won't see another day

They take the girl and they say
"Come back with us to the graves,
"Deep beneath the earth in vaults of stone
"To forgotten crypts, our ancient home"

She cries out, "I'm not like you"
But they just bark, "It's time you knew"
Rotting flesh, her father's face
In a black chalice his heart is placed
She cries out but feels so strange
She smells fresh blood and starts to change
Canine fangs, her skin grows taut
The changeling is home;she eats the heart

3. Liturgy

Strong back, weak mind
Long lack, seek;find
New man, talk; pray
True plan: stalk; slay

In the winter mist he stands
With the sinners' list in hand
Those to die this stormy night
Chose to defy His lordly might

He bars the door so none escape
And starts to pour out running hate
Kerosene bursts into flame
Their obscene work is to blame

Who do you pray to
When you pray for death?
Why is your hatred
How you waste your breath?

A girl aflame drops from the roof
With careful aim he stops the youth
When all are dead, the cries are done
Into his head he fires the gun

Who do you pray to
When you pray for death?
Why is your hatred
How you waste your breath?

Who is the god who commands you to kill?
Who causes death when you do his will?
Murder in the name of Jesus Christ
But Satan will collect his final price

4. Wilbur

What are you Wilbur Whately?
If told would we believe?
So strange it seems you were conceived
Upon All Hallows' Eve
Explain the canine frenzy
On the night that you were born
Heaven's saints preserve us
Could it be that we were warned?

Up on Sentinel Hill that night
While winds howled and blew
While the fire burned so bright
What did your mother do?

Why Wilbur Whately
Are you growing up so fast?
To see you it's so hard to think
Just fifteen years have passed
Your mother would be proud of you
Were she alive to see
Your destiny fulfilled
When you set your father free

On Candlemass when you were born
And all was said and done
Wilbur can we be so sure
You were the only one?

Wilbur what is left upstairs
Locked away from all our cares
That you and grandad cared for for so long?

Wilbur what if he breaks free
And comes down for us all to see
Is that what you wanted all along?

Wilbur what did Grandad say
Just before he passed away
"Secrets of our evil be unfurled"?

"Wilbur you're the special boy
"What other son could know the joy
"Of bringing Father dear into the world"?

My inquiries unanswered
I now shall ask no more
The corpse of Wilbur Whately
Lies dissolving on the floor
I realize he's not from Earth
From where I do not know
There's nothing left that I can do
Except to turn and go

Face the evil that awaits
Though I don't know how
Will his father reach the Earth?
It's up to brother now

5. You Beset Me (I Curse Thee)

"Look upon my daughter", said the woman to the man
"Your wealth will giver her better life than my people can
He looked upon the Gyspy child, repulsion in his eyes
A scornful laugh rose in his throat and the girl began to cry

"She isn't good enough for me", he spattered mocking hate
"Your kind is far from good enough to share in my estate"
He turned to go;the woman screamed and looked toward the moon
"You see that silvery coin up there? 'Tis what will seal your doom"!

Beset me and I'll curse thee

For countless nights the Gyspy woman touched in his dreams
The full moon shone before his eyes; he'd wake up with a scream
Then finally the hag appeared, said, "tonight it will be worse
"As visions become reality as night brings on my curse"

The full moon rose high that night and broke loose all the hell
His servants fled their quarters as they heard him scream and yell
As his human mind slipped away, he realized this at least:
He was cursed to be the wolf, man to be the beast!

6. Nightstalker

Silver moon is rising into the sky
Cursing orb that lights the October night
The baron feels the beast reaching out
To be released into the night
To stalk and kill until the morning light

Stalkers of the night
Tonight they come

Through the night the wolf slowly stalks his prey
Closing in on one who won't see the day
The wolf jumps;a life is ended?
But his prey disappears
And the wolf can feel the end growing near

The hunter now has become the hunted
Shots ring out throught the night
Blood rage glows in the wolf's green eyes
The wolf howls, "I am immortal"
And turns to face the one
Who comes to slay that which cannot die

A mere man, a foolish mortal
The wolf growls and charges in
The man waits and slowly aims his gun
The wolf jumps; the gun spits fire
The bullet slams into his chest
Then the wolf feels death pour through his veins

Then he sees the man standing over him
"Your torment is done; your curse is over
"I give you something, my friend, that I can't have"
And as the vampire smiles, the werewolf dies

7. The Conquering

We raged across the desert sands
Sweeping like Charon's hand
Toward the city of the Nile
Our foes' dead lay in piles

We forced our way in through the gates
We sealed the Egyptians' fates
Our flashing swords ended life
And from our spears none could hide

With blood and gore we conquered all
And mighty Egypt, it did fall
We had the men skinned alive
We raped the women as they died

The pharoah's throne was set alight
And with our blades we took his life
The pharoah cursed us as he died
He screamed his god would end our lives

We spit upon his severed head
And laughed about the curse he said
We stuck his head up on a spear
We'll make the world shake in fear

We left Egypt in raging flames
Across the sands we took our claims
We heard thunder and lightning crack
Why is the sky turning black?

8. Sandstorm

9. Temple of 7 Jackals


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