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Evening Mirage

"Evening Mirage" (1997)

1. Learning to Dream
2. Silhouette
3. Vignette
4. Image
5. It's Wet
6. Press Zero for Assistance
7. Penumbra
8. Metamorphosis
9. Reflection
10. Soliloquy
11. Time of the Stars/Deadly Essence
12. Silhouette (Radio Mix)

1. Learning to Dream

The rain falls in teardrops from the sky
She stands quietly at the window wondering why
Trying to link the pictures of yesterday
With the delicate tapestry of today

Somewhere the clouds came to cover her heart
Somehow the currents of time swept over her life
Words of a lifetime no longer are heard
Falling on empty promises of intimacy

The pain falls in teardrops from her eyes
She lays quietly caught between truth and the lies
Trying to mend the fractures of her soul
With the fragile thread of hope

Sometimes the dreams seem so painful and real
Somehow trying to find the balance between ice and steel
Words and promises drift through her memory
Falling on the emptiness of her hand, alone

Now she lays quietly as sleep finds her
Slowly covering her fears and memory
Ashes are all that is left
Smoke where once there was fire
Palm of her hand gently covering her eyes
She dreams of softer love and clearer skies

Outside - the rain continues to fall

2. Silhouette

Thick smoke rises into the pregnant air
Across the dark skyline
Dense music pours onto the crowded streets
Across the damp bricks
Gray mist crawls slowly towards the shore
Across the silent river

Two lovers walk hand in hand
Nightbloom flowing around them
Lost to the world, Lost in the mist
Lost to those who would follow
Lost in the shadows,
Never missed

Perfume and musk hang heavy in the damp air
Across the satin sheets
Passion and pleasure chase each other into the night
Across the humid city
Half moon slowly rides into the clouds
Across the shadows

Two lovers stare eye to eye
Emotions passing between them
Lost to the night, Lost in the mist
Lost to the reflection of life
Lost in the moment,
They kiss

Two lovers touch flesh to flesh
Desire flowing through them
Lost in the pleasure, Lost in his touch
She removes her silk and bracelet
Into history they cast a silhouette

3. Vignette

She draws with pencil
charcoal color and gray
She draws the lines
that reflect her thoughts
in a tender, feminine way

She draws the pictures
number two sharpened gray
She draws the worlds
that mirror her soul
in a special way

She draws an interpretation
soft shading and deep gray
She draws on a tapestry
that trace her passions
in her own, sensual way

She draws her image
tender white and faded gray
She draws herself for me
with seductive tenderness
as the night steals the day

4. Image

Your eyes pierce the darkness
Illuminate the shadows in brilliant light
Pulling my thoughts away from today
Your perfume permeates the air,
around me

Image - call to me
Image - talk to me
Image - outline in my memory
Image - draw me another reality

Your skin swims through the sweltering heat
Wet and electric, it creates it's own gravity
I feel it's pull and try to turn away
Your silky hair falls down, gently
around me

Image - walk with me
Image - tell me a story
Image - traced on frosted glass
Image - tangled vision from the past

Your passion ignites in the night
Seductive and soft...
Drawing me towards the fire
Your kiss touches my lips
around me - the world disappears

Image - touch me softly
Image - dance with me
Image - of sexuality
Image - make love to me

5. It's Wet

6. Press Zero for Assistance

7. Penumbra

8. Metamorphosis

It's so hard not to touch you
Harder yet to walk away
It's so hard to help you understand
Harder yet for you to know who I am
Slip through my fingers like grains of sand
your voice scatters on the wind

Whispering - You must go
Whispering - You can stay

Oh to discover one's destiny
to discover one's fate
It's like a metamorphosis
The push and pull of emotions
All the passions that lovers create

It's so hard to find common ground
Harder yet not to fight
It's so hard for me to explain
Harder yet to tell you reasons why
In the distance I hear your voice
fading on the wind

Whispering - Let me go
Whispering - Let me stay

Oh to follow one's destiny
to follow the hand of fate
It's a strange metamorphosis
A rising tide of emotions
Drawing circles in the sand
Breathless anticipation awaits

It's so hard to love you
Harder yet to hate
It's so hard looking into your eyes
Harder yet to look away
A cry echoes through the night
lonely in its flight

Your voice whispers let me go
My voice whispers let me stay

But when you listen to the wind, you will hear.....

Someday before I die
Explain to me the reasons why
With one act of God,
you took it all away
Metamorphosis you changed night to day
When you wonder what price I've paid
I'll try to remember as memory fades
But your touch has burned in me
Oh God! it won't go away
I fall to my knees
Liquid eyes - I lift my arms and pray

9. Reflection

City lights
City nights
City mystery
City bathed in silver moonlight
Lovers dream in translucent flight

The soft drop of water
Echoes through the hot bedroom
Patterns shifting on the wall
Silhouettes of two lovers
Whose pleasure will end all too soon

The delicate glow of distant stars
Shrouded softly through the late mist
Passions answering to nature's call
Images of a lover
Whose presence will never be touched

The haunting chords of distant music
Chase shadows into the night
Pleasures swaying to the humid beat
Vignette of a soul
Trapped between illicit love,
desire that feels so right

The soft footsteps of the lost
Hand in hand they fade into the dawn
Precious memories trailing their lives
Reflections of a need
That slips through the hands of time,
by the end of twilight, gone

Into the city
Into the night
Into the mystery
Into the fading moonlight
Lovers dream of ethereal flight
Lovers dance into shadows, back to light
Two lovers finally find sleep
long past midnight

10. Soliloquy

Some bonds bind
Some bonds tie
Some bonds break apart
and we wonder why

Some bonds are cruel
Some bonds fool
Some bonds we set aside
while we push and pull

Some bonds we accept
Some bonds we change
Some bonds we ponder
because they're so strange

Some bonds are lost
Some bonds are found
Some bonds escape us
every time we turn around

Some bonds exist
Some bonds lie
Some bonds we ignore
but some we cannot deny

Some bonds are cold as ice
Some bonds burn with inner fire
Some bonds are forged by the lonely
born of passion and desire

11. Time of the Stars/Deadly Essence

Into the hours beneath the night
Visions created by swirling colors
coalesce into an ethereal reality
Dreams become the architects
of nightmare and fantasy

Before the minutes can escape
to give their blessing of tomorrow
Before I awake,
I've got to find the answers
Before the world alters its shape

Into the hours behind the day
Voices echo off the local walls
resonating into rhythmic sound
Thoughts become the engineers
of fact and formulae

Because the minutes run so fast
Towards the pearly light of dawn
Because the seconds never seem to count
we move ourselves with words
Because we are designed to show our integrity

In the hours between our lives
Values twisted by the hand of fate
collapse into insignificance
Our desires become the builders
of escape and deliverance

Beside the minutes the hours seem to crawl
Round and round they spin into the day
Beside my pillow
the past becomes the future
Unaware, I follow my dreams

12. Silhouette (Radio Mix)


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