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Mental Chaos

"Mental Chaos" (2002)

1. Shine
2. The Sinner Takes It All
3. Freedom
4. The Tower Of Barad-Dûr
5. Sacrosant Nation?
6. Boiling Blood
7. Luminous Dark
8. The Mourning
9. Trinity In Man

1. Shine


No-where I had been treated
like a human being.
No-where I felt the joy
Of being worth something.

The only voice that grant me courage -
out of my mouth.
The only eyes that see in mine
staring out of the mirror.
Projector of my invincible weakness,
but here it ends,
at last, it's over now.

Shine on me now.
Shine on my face.
Shine on me now.
There is no better day.

It's so much easier said but done,
but this is my will.
Last journey into your hands,
surrounded by light,
let your kingdom shine.

Maybe therefor
It was worth to live.
All eyes staring at
my sinking casket.

2. The Sinner Takes It All


In this time of cold
it's a pride to be cruel.
Who will deny?
No judge in the minds,
but a priest of reward.
Creatures of the dark,
too weak for thinking,
but strong enough to kill,
drunken by blood,
glad about lovely agony.

It's the same old quest
since the first beginning.
Face the money and the blood,
buy your right and your slaves
to punish them in all ways.
Oh it too fine to

See their eyes, face the grave.

No more conscience -
live and let die.
Torment for fun -
progress in your way.

The sinner takes it all!

The security of womb
is blending into misgiving,
but your eyes get open wider.
Find you on a road of madness,
victim or culprit.
The mirror shows your

Face of dead, blood red eyes.

Sinner, my deliverer,
take it away from me!

3. Freedom


Tension - the day has come
to fight for - what our grandpa's won.
Standing faithful - strapping -
side by side.
Holding - weapons -
obediant - full of pride.

Walk the path of selfless,
walk the path with doubt in your mind.
It's the way you've learned it,
learned to fight and to survive.

For your right and property
never thinking backward,
never learned it yet.
Breeding gap that breaks your neck.

Freedom - deceptive prize.
Respect - for the crying wife.
You butcher - crushing -
slaving - for your land.
You're emptier - duller - worner -
as the mud on your hands.

4. The Tower Of Barad-Dûr


Awake from restless dreams,
my eyes swirl around.
A freezing storm
welcomes a lightless day.

The plane Gorgoroth
has splintered all hopes
to rescue me
nor just see the rising sun.

Fire - the flames of Orodruin,
hunting me - in visions I see.
Eye of hate - disciple of Morgoth
searching me - in the Tower of Barad-Dur.

My struggle knows no back,
my friends far away.
When I will fail
their lifes will be blown away.

Feanors curse seems to be
me as well but I will bleed
until my mission is fulfilled.

One ring to find them all...

5. Sacrosant Nation?


No light, no hope, surrounded by despair.
Morbid silence, forgotten by dignity.

Traitors, cowards of system,
this cage will not stop me to accuse.

I just wanted to free the world
of this dangerous growth,
knowing the truth
of this devil's servant.

They're coming to taking my life!

One second later, his head in sight,
I couldn't failed.
No trail, no grace for
the boil of the western world.

They're coming to taking my life!

The greatest nation on earth
has lost its greatest braggart.

Heh, Mr. President what's up with you,
don't say it hurts.
Blood running out
of your squirming corpse,
your end is near.

No light, no hope,
this cell can't scare me.
Come, execute me,
my mission is fulfilled!

6. Boiling Blood


See you on the street,
nasty pocket by side.
My blood boilt in veins,
should be your last purchase.

Lust for pain, grave insane.
Never ending search for the thrill
that let me live this day.

Mental Never Healing Wound

Take a seat on my table.
It was built for you
to spend the night.
Bleeding just for me:
Or is it a dream?

Looking at your white skin,
listening to your breath.
Satisfaction for the next weeks,
one last smiling for your saviour.

Since I was a child
the torments were on my side.
Now the wheel turns on,
your blood is my revenge.

Lust for pain, grave insane.
Never ending search for the thrill
that let me live this day.

7. Luminous Dark


Look up to sky or turn
your face to the ground.
Narrow-minded or brave?
Here is your gate, open wide,
smell despair behind.

Luminous dark,
decay to rise up once again.

Cross the wasteland
of sulphur planes.
Blood red sky around,
forgotten souls in cages,
one free for you!
It's the path you want?!

Back from the dead, pain inside.
Pale flesh tremble,
screams from the weak.
Scattered through your brain,
roaring laugh behind.

Echo's terrorising brain while sleep,
sucking you out.

Blow out your light
right now and here,
filling your cage!

8. The Mourning


I kneel down and pray,
my sword by my side.
Beyond a waiting field,
the night begins to fade.
The time of fate is near,
first sun hits my hair.
A wind of fortune
stir up my eyes.
The mighty hill I stand
soon will be soaked by

Blood of fallen man.
The mourning pales the victory.

But till now no-one reels
and the hearts are filled with pride.
Rise your weapons high,
unleash the storm of wrath.

Ride on army, into your death.
Glory for the brave,
heroic deeds will remain.
Ride on, no mercy for the weak.
Split their bones
and scatter their heads.

Blood of fallen man.
The mourning pales the victory.

But till now no-one reels
and the hearts are filled with pride.
Rise your weapons high,
unleash the storm of wrath.

Wrath of God,
punishing those who don't believe.

9. Trinity In Man


Part I: The Awaking

Now we are standing on this land,
Hail the new age.
The maker down on earth us send
to fight us till the end.

Pocket full of sun,
all we ever want.
Pocket full of dream,
on the first day.

Conquer the land across my eyes
to settle under the smiling skies.
No-one can take us our sun,
shining of lands of unconcerned.

Freedom deceitful, mantle over mankind,
fading when time is near.
Justice still more than an absurd idea,
dumbing once and for all.

Pocket full of lies,
see you when you die.
Pocket full of weep,
on the first day.

Part 2: The Destiny or: The Laughter Hovers High

Screams, shots and the smell of blood in air.
Confusion of anxious men.
Arms of death destroying the peace of mind.
The holy time seems to die.

Here comes the fear, blowing your mind away.
Prepare of the day of wrath.
Black is the ground and now it's time to pay.
Welcome to the second day.

Praise the horned, temptation of mind
has turned men into soulless slaves.
See yourself standing on the edge of life,
deciding the right way.

One into black of night,
capitulation of the weak.
One into the light of truth,
delivering of spirit and of soul.

Part 3: But The Truth Remains...

And I looked, and behold a pale horse,
and his name that sat on him
was death and hell followed with him.
And power was given unto them over
the fourth part of the earth.
(To kill with sword and with hunger,
and with death, and with the beasts
of the earth)

But the faithful and true came down
on a horse white as snow
and eyes of burning flames.
On his head many crowns
and a vesture dipped in blood,
and his name is called the word of God.

Smite the nations with your sharp sword,
wrath of almighty God.
(Offb. 6-19)


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