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Thick Face - Black Heart

"Thick Face - Black Heart" (1995 EP)

1. Psychic Forecasts
2. Indignant
3. Fool
4. Contaminant
5. State Church
6. Weight Of Time
7. Ebb And Flow

1. Psychic Forecasts

Psychic forecasts visions and prophecies
Lawlessness violence sickness and poverty
The horror approaches in waves of tragedy
Nothing competes with this hi-tech weaponry
Nothing is spared all is thrust into jeopardy
Scrounging in refuse/shit for scraps to survive
Discarded children give up hope and die

Psychic forecasts visions and prophecies
Lawless chaos sickness and poverty
Looting and gunfire indifference to suffering
The evolution of man has counted for nothing

Wastelands infested with all types of scavengers
Drug-dealers killers crime-lords malanderers
Feed off the fear of those less prominent
Causing more grief in their quest for dominance
Orphans traded for hasish and smack
To die at the hands of a sadist's attack
Wretched forms lie stiff by the roadside
Thrill-kill gangs they see the funny side

2. Indignant

Am I a sure bet a secure investment
Fuck your facade patience is spent
Dollars in your eyes revenge in mine
Tables are turned its payback time

Retributions mine - it's payback time
Too bad it's in my mind (in my mind)

I envisage your skull crushed under foot
Dominance my submission my retribution
Take another kick back for more
Maybe this time I'll even the score

Retrubutions mine - it's payback time
Too bad it's in my mind
Revenge could be be - so sweet
When all I taste - is sour

3. Fool

Fooled myself inside this frame
Nothing could be felt all felt the same
Relished the rush of rejection
Told myself better than acceptance

The test of time the hand of fate
Both took hold left only hate
Take retrospect put it to use
A lesson learnt won't be fooled

Plumbing the depths the darkess recess
No peace of mind confusion is mine

4. Contaminant

Infectious disease eternal decay
Corporate neglect life rots away

Profit setback erosion of time
Company waste purity decline

Millenium of disease extinction of all life
Our fate determined by corporate perversion
Final apocalypse future forgotten
Wasteland domination eternal contamination

5. State Church

6. Weight Of Time

Wake up screaming it's four in the morning
To the sound of your own front door being kicked in
Dragged from sleep into the cold night air
Police have the power to turn dreams into nightmares
Kicked and punched on your way to the bloody cells
They make up your statement - you've got nothing to tell
Legal aid woman's still drunk from the night before
Doesn't seem to notice when the judge gives you four
- four years

Persona non grata
The prisons are the crime
Persona non grata
With all the weight of time (suspended)

Caged like vermin and left to rot
Worthless little bastard society forgot
To break the spirit ensures complicity
From the damned behind the walls of futility
The system's reality is based on fear
A fucking conspiracy to deny your freedom
Hardship reprisal - the official agenda
How to survive is the only criteria

7. Ebb And Flow

Waiting in ecstacy
The currents underpin me
Writhing twisting constraining
The power within restrained
The mind games that we all play
Testing what we all know
Far beyond everyday
The poisonous flow

Fucking with me
Neurosis dealt
My fears emerge
Anxiety felt

Pulling me under
Restraints assigned
Boundaries blurred
Seeping saline


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