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"Promo" (1999 Demo)

1. Insanage
2. Jump in the fire
3. Down and out
4. Wartrap
5. Wartrap (remixed on Playstation)

1. Insanage

I'm fed up with the negations of the world
I can see still the promotion of their works
The streams of blood on TV
Aggressive youth running free

Nobody wants to spare another one
It's an evolution in the middle of decay
Gold tap influences starvation wages
This deep abyss is increased again

Mad age
Blind eyes
Def ears
Speechless mouth
Military command and zeal
Political rule and intrigues

Solo: Pavel

Ruins of towns could belong to the past
War mania, madness still calls the new names
Effective computers interfere in intelligence
Smell of money damage the centers of pity, conscience

Religion with gun at hand
Terrorist actions give the creeps

Solo: Hynek



2. Jump in the fire

World is a boat, sails in the shit
In the silent ache,
in the arms of crimp,
gripped in the dark
Destruction of soul discharges the seeds,
Jets the hatred from depths of pessimism
Here you've a fire!

If your soul is so empty...
Jump in the fire!
The waiting is long way in agony

Solo: Hynek

World is blind,
it's not interested in its coming time
The selfish hearts
The mask of apathy
There are the arms of doom
The humans wrong
The false and the pride
What are you waiting for?
Here you've a gun!

Don't ask me
Chorus'll be the worst than it is
Don't hesitate and jump!
Let's prefer death to life
We'll die
Be burnt
And we'll be saved
Never turn away
You will create a sorrow yourself

Solo: Hynek

Jump! Jump!
Don't ask me!

3. Down and out

I look like a beggar
I am divorced from life
Still I feel deadly chains... yeah
In my mind, in my soul
I've nothing in common with a crime
It makes my hair stand on end
I'm charged of a murder
I can't establish my innocence

Oh my God, take it easy!
I am down and out
My home - now - it is the jail,
and short way to die

The curtain falls down now
The judge is playing his game
Here I hear lies only
Again and again, over again...

Only death is bound to come to me

My barrister believes in my guilt
My things are looking blue
I'm screaming, bawling!
I'm victim of chance!
I'm innocent!

Only death is bound to come to me

4. Wartrap

The century of the neverending destroying
The neverlasting fright - war mania
War traps which I don't understand
Terror, massacre,
horror, war crimes,
blood, executions,
tears, despair
I'm asking why and for what
Our life is in unhappiness
Bomb-attacks, killing, darkness and hunger
are still goin' on
I'm asking and there's no answer

When will be finish, who is the blame
When wars will be finished
Minutes... of life and death
Seconds... enormities
Symbols... streams of blood
When person become devil

Politics is a pencil of the wars
It writes unhappiness and death
It's killing... everyday it's the killing
Politics is the wartrap, it's open grave
It's full of death and dead bodies

The killing is like a nightmare
This cannot explain just the words
The feeling of things will make changes
The feeling become paralysed
And you don't know how to stop it

Minutes... life and death

Politics reaps the human's fate's armed to the teeth's a killer number one's lighthouse to hell moves the tears
Are you ready to die?
It's time to interven

The war in Korea
The war in Israel
The war in Vietnam
The war in Afghanistan
The conflicts in Middle East
The war in Nicaragua
The war in Yugoslavia
and what next time...

5. Wartrap (remixed on Playstation)


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