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Skull Fuck

"Skull Fuck" (1989 EP)

1. Chamber of Souls
2. Skull Fuck
3. Kindred Spirit
4. Demented Assassins

1. Chamber of Souls

2. Skull Fuck

Bestial screams, errupting fear
begins to crack your skull
Feel my blood release deception
Into the horrid soul
Scathing chills, hostile lust
breaks all will to resist
I clench the structure
by the eyes exlpode with my fist

Unearth my decrepit remains
rising up to rape the mind
Prowling in the misty darkness
Leaving scars on who I find
Fall into shadows embrace
Shrewd abuse I don't care
Melting flesh in my lungs
Gaze into my dismal stare

Resserect unleash my force
Emenate the dying corpse
out from beyond the grave
Shreding blood is all I crave
Falling prey into wrath holding
terror in my grasp... skull fuck

Erotic hate, sadistic rage
crawl out of your cries
rancid corpse falls from grip
With exoculated eyes
ecstatic pain disinigrates
Your skull has turned to ash
I fade away to my world beyond
Satisfied at last.

3. Kindred Spirit

Wicked laughter, emotional scar
blackened soul screams upon this earth
We are cast blind through life
There is no light at the end of my path
Shattered dreams a trip on death
Ride the spirit feel the hot breath
close to the heart raging my brain
to take a life what a miserable pain

Entangled nightmares erupting to life
Kindred spirit slipping from sight
Pathetic pity is not what I seek
Kindred spirit Avenged by the meek
Kindred spirit cast upon us today
Kindred spirit is what I'm here to stay

Kindred spirit A realm of time
Judgement has passed where's mine
Evil and hatred taken for granted
Death's darkened face reaper walks near
Brief dawn building to black
Capture the moment you won't come back
Abrupt departure feeling the flame
Death's torment who's to blame?

4. Demented Assassins

The blade of Death drips pure blood
Priest lies dead on the floor
Psychotic rampage on midnight arrive
Hellish onslaught of terror begun
Faceless shadows hidden through darkness
They've returned from the dead

Extinguish the right in a world of hate
The order of Death will arise
Wicked offering of the holy one
ripping horror slashing their minds
Summon spirits of eternal crypts
Force them into the world
Tormented with fear another lay dead
The holy one shall rot in hell

The crucifix is dripping with blood
Pesimism rules supreme
Assassins horde's fighting till death
Ridding the land of religious scum
Crunch of desaster is close behind
In their eyes the flame burns bright
Plunder the world into endless pain
Spreading my wage of death

Resserect all kings of the dead
Killing the faithful soul
Enslaving the weak for grotesque pleasure
Wasting millions of useless lives
Distorted terror thickens the air
As fear builds up inside
Creeping within your mind and soul
Demented Assassins begin to unfold
Demented Assassins, kill


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