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The Road Less Travelled

"The Road Less Travelled" (1992)

1. Eulogy / The Unseen
2. A Wayfarer´s Tale
3. If They Would Cut My Throat Out...
4. Misgivings
5. Soulrot
6. Not What It Seems
7. Penance

1. Eulogy / The Unseen

Do you believe in me; I don't think you can
A mind too small to see, through the obvious...

Unperiled extremes of inner fright
Blocked from view of unborn sight
Of things not whole and yet complete
Of all things that are seen and unseen

You mock you stand so tall; where is the need
You beg ; You lose ; You crawl, Once it hits the

Hour of darkness falls upon you now
It's time to believe somehow
The voice of anguish closes in
If I'd have listened, I might never have been

Vile misconceptions
Prey upon your thoughts of corruption
See it stand so tall

Blatant and unforgiving
Is what you are

Faith in the darkness
Alone I stand, in mind
Can't turn back time

Your world; Your Dreams; Your life, all for nothing...

But there is joy and peace to be
Splendour built in harmony
I can't live my life to what's been
I dream alone in thoughts of the unseen

2. A Wayfarer´s Tale

Hear me now, my tale to be told
Of dreams of greed and sins of old
The tide breaks calm and closes in
The sails catch wind my tale begins...

Journey out to sea, Lust and greed follow me
Ride the path to shame, Winds of deceit call my name

Shipwreck of centuries old, Festival of long dead gold
Innocents not long on life, But long to die for my pleasure

Ahead lies the monstrosity
Unveiled in glory for me to see
So sad a fate so many should die
But no more deserved for one such as I

Footstep through the dread, Torn limbs and flesh now shred
Gather together the jewels, From this ship of fools

More lost souls rise from the depths of the sea
And surround me on the shore
"Gamble your soul for this chest of gold
Or dwell with us now and forever more"

I grab for life, a run for gold
The wind's with me, the sails take hold

I am the man, Who cheated death
With new found wealth, and tainted breath

I hear the limbs scrape below
Life breaks surface with death in tow
And now I've learned too late to see
I dwell below for now and eternity

3. If They Would Cut My Throat Out...

4. Misgivings

Out of the blackness
Comes the saving light
Lifts me on wings
To a dizzying height

I can't believe it
I know I need it

Revel in feelings
Of borrowed time
Taking for granted
The things I thought were mine

Time is coming near
The day that I fear

It's just a matter of time

You give me feelings
I can't replace

Inevitable way
Darkness has its day
Like a child to the grave
My future is paved

All I can do is wait...

5. Soulrot

I can't right my course
Could it be any worse?
Don't want to be, A slave to monotony

A life without a dream is living a wasted life
No dream, no hope, no time, no wife
The longer the wait, the more the hesitancy
Must get away soon or this place is the end of me

Ambition, Complacency
Half full , Half empty
The watchful eyes, have guided me
But now is the time, to be free
Optimism, my dear friend
Our life is mine, until the end

Complicated course
What could be the source
Don't want to think, Just want to sleep

Something calling and bringing me back again
Sounds like music, who cares how and when
A road less traveled that some can't find
Don't look at me because the answer's inside

Relations, Strained
Half empty, Half drained

6. Not What It Seems

You pretend to be my friend
But you can't make that which isn't real
You fill your mind with facts
But you will never get the feel

It's not quite right
You're not what you seem
One part false
Two parts obscene

Back stabbing hypocrite
Won't let you scandalize my name
You want my confidence
But no two things you say are ever the same

You're not quite right
It's not what it seems
Social status
Human obscene

Yours is no sacrifice
It's all a worthless slice
Of conversation for the day
Mine is paradise
Upon which there is no price
Of that you mock and betray

And you're telling me
What it is I need
I don't have a clue
How can you?

I know what's real
Or at least I can feel
Vengeance is mine
In due time

7. Penance

Sit and watch the world, I contemplate
Existence ill legitimate, a quirk of fate
Is man of God or just Nature's folly
Still with intelligence, we all are crawling

One step forward and two steps back
Bring man's destined descent into black

What does existence hold for me
A mutation of what man conceives
Did you ever step back and look at yourself
You might not like what you see

And with each dawn that brings a new day's breath
For most it means life, but for me it means death

Man is a paradox drowning in irony
The world is chained to man's reality

Can't you see
It wasn't meant to be
Not you or me
Humanity......You're killing me


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