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"Demo" (2005 Demo)

1. Take Me
2. Ancient Race
3. Ethereal Winds
4. End of Days

1. Take Me

lost at sea
in the rerrentil storm
the horde of norsemen
struggle to breathe
waves pour over the mighty stern
with gallons of life
loosening the grips of ogrish warriors
with no end in sight

tears of blood
seep from battered eyes
their deaths will come in the night

father! take me!
Father! take me (x3)

Lightning strikes the forelorn mast
as saint elmo's fire takes hold
diving over as the hull cracks in two
the sea swallows them all

2. Ancient Race

North of the arctic
frozen in cold
we slumber eternally
as men grow old
a palace of ice
encases us all
with images of demons marked upon the walls

They tell the tale of out ancient race
an armor clad male
with thorned mace
those who imprisioned us
their lives we will take
as the ice melts and our master awakes

The spells will be cast
and the skys will turn red
our armies will live
and rise from the dead
as we sleep
in out tomb of cold
this is how
our story is told.

3. Ethereal Winds

The Wind howls my name in the distance
I can hear him beckoning me to impending doom
I am a wanderer, a child of the moon
who's silvery glow warms my icy soul
the black flame of Satan lights my path to the left
My sword is never heavy for i am given great power
Unending fury pours from my fingertips
Unleashing that which devours
Through Burning Eyes we see visions of Ragnarok
spears fly through the thin mountain air
penetrating to the very heart of man
that which i loathe with an undying passion
Unsheathe shimmering silver
slipping through the flesh with heat of hatred
waves of energy immerse me in blood-lust
tasting bittersweet glory, fueling the embers
Five elements light up the night, suppressing the will to fight
rolling on soft wintry earth lie heads on my enemies
my Sword is never heavy for i am given great power
Power of the bringer of the unlight
Ethereal winds whisper my name
As i fade into the misty mountains

4. End of Days


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