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"FEAR '92" (1992 Demo)

1. Betrayed
2. And then there were none
3. Created Equal
4. Lilith

1. Betrayed

Desperate, Desolate
Feeling unwanted inside
Reaching out so weakly now
My every need's been denied.

I am seeing through the veil of lies
I believed each word that you gave sparingly
And despairingly I find none of it was true.

Left uncared for and alone
Abandoned and left to die
Drowned in questions that have formed
In the dark of my mind's eye.


My belief in the human word
Grows thinner every day
Open the walls of my inner-self
Once again to be betrayed

Backed into a corner of frustration and pain
Waiting for the misery's end
Desperate for a reason to trust
A soul I called my friend.


2. And then there were none

Seeing all through eyes of glass
To make it through another day
Your mind's on fire, your heart's desire
Just a needle point away.

Self-esteem, a forgotten dream
Symposium of lies
Seek escape through Heaven's Gate
Beyond the arm you tie.

Friends are calling distantly
But you can't hear a word they say
The love song of the drug you crave
Grows stronger day by day
You're dying...denying
The drug decides...who lives or dies
The will defies...who rules the mind?

Slave to demons in your head
A prison cell is what you've made
Drowning in fate's lullaby
For your narcotic serenade.

The game is growing deadlier
The stakes are getting higher
Your life's become the spoon and flame
That feed the funeral pyre.

Can't face the darkness closing in
Denied to your last breat
You no longer see reality
You're addicted to death.

Just a shell, no longer whole
Poisoned to the core
You'll die forgotten and alone
Another soulless whore.

3. Created Equal

Too little much too late
A united welfare state
Governmental greed--erupts in poverty.

No end in sight
Assassinate the bill of rights.

A failed democracy
With no regard for race or creed.

Starve to death at the feet of libery.

Too late for false regret
A legacy of decay and debt
Implement reform--America could be reborn.

Slave in the chains of democracy
Nothing but a government pawn
Greed and corruption at the cancerous heart
(of the) Injustice system lives on.

All created equal
With liberty and justice for none.
Starve to death at the feet of liberty.

4. Lilith


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