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"Passage" (2005)

1. Perfect World
2. No Dawn Again
3. A Death In Autumn
4. It's Gone Too Far
5. The Burden
6. Only Pale Souvenirs
7. Last Broken Dream
8. Coma

1. Perfect World

All birds fly in silence today
As if the end of all is near
Grass so lifeless, the trees are dying fast
Pain is present, in this perfect world
Take my hand, we'll walk together
To wash away the tears, to push away your pain
Dreams are over, void fills my heart

And I like tryring to prove you
That hope can't be forgotten
That love can erase the truth
Nothing will be broken
And it killed me when I found you
On your bed, in your own blood
That night I really lost myself
The only glimmer that still was

We live in a perfect world
I ever thought we could live in a different world
But I believe, I'm still living in your dreams
Now it's time for me to run away
My dreaming mind, will never be the same again
But a candle will burn eternally

2. No Dawn Again

Darkness again, darkness forever
Ice, cold
No! The sun has turned to black
No! My heart is black

Doomy landscape of frozen pride
Your river is so cold ...
I forgot your visage so pure
When you fell ...

Would you blame my sympathy ?
Would you seek my misery ?
Neverending scorn for that glance
My candle has been blown up

Darkness again, darkness forever
My heart is black, black forever
I will agonize in everlasting dreams
Until eternity will end ...

3. A Death In Autumn

Everyone turning their backs on me
I become a very close man
With a soul deeper than infinity
Darker than your heart
I wander through this night
Alone like never before
I've lost everything, forever

In this cold autumn night
I cannot erase my memory
It seems like all days look the same
For me, the end is near
Sorrow took all over my life
I've never been able to breath again
Since our world collapsed
You killed me with your lies

Could I trust you again?
In a warm and sincere manner?
But I'm old now
Everything has been so rough

I disappear from your world now dead
It means nothing more to me
Nothing but the worst you could imagine

Now I can't trust again
Never try to solace me
An echo beyond the walls
Of a prison deeper than infinity

4. It's Gone Too Far

Saying sorry
With all these excuses
Is another stab in my flesh
You told me not to come
So I should better take my own way

Our dreams became nightmares
In time of a fingers clap
Fire dies inside of me
The voice of reason is calling
Why are you so wicked?
You lied to me since the first time
Why are you so wicked?

Our dreams of joy where are they?
Drowned inside your sorrow?
They kept our flame alive

I tried but now it's gone
It is (only) a murmur in the wind
Your mind is hard to understand
(We should) leave our souls alone

Please stop this now
Cause it's gone too far,
It's gone too far
If the world is nothing more than this
I'd better kill myself right away

5. The Burden

I wish I could be a shadow
To challenge the world myself alone
And then avoid my memory
(To) come back in a time when there was light
On me
Can you believe it is possible
To dream without never be awakened?
Dream eternally in peace
A burden too heavy to support
A secret too big to keep
Forget my name, my face
I have never existed

I watch the stars and hope
That this burden will disappear
But I know it will never be gone
Cause sorrow is my life
Forget all about me
I have never lived at all

Abandonned, wasted
Hurt me again as a final answer
I'll drive away to nowhere
The only place where my soul can survive

6. Only Pale Souvenirs

Darkness within
Feeble light

See through my eyes
All the shame I have inside
How sorry I am
So much tears because of me

My cold winter pain
Has kept me away from your soul
A sombre smile of innocence
Is lost forever in the snow

I was the one who tried to feel warmth again
You were the one who made me believe again
Remember the hours passed with passion
You (only) remember your darkest sorrow

Prey for life again
Just a little sign of faith
To believe the truth in me

Give me a grip in life again
Let me see the sun one last time
Forget the past, it's only pale souvenirs
Filled with tears and shameful darkness

7. Last Broken Dream

Do you hope for something more?
More than what you see around you
Don't let your last dream die in you
I'm the one who want to laugh with you!
I see the tears falling from your eyes
And the darkness inside your soul
But do you still know there is only a little chance
For me to get a grip in life again
My dear, I think we're the last prisonners
Of time that is running out
If there's only a small piece of a dream
For me to believe it will come true

And for the last time in my life
I'll look outside through my window
What I see is you trying to go away
Please, please I want you to stay!
Stay with me and die with me
I know joy is elsewhere than here
I know joy is in death

Please stay, I'll change my way of life
Please stay, I'll change my destiny

In my last broken dream
You were there with me

8. Coma

Why? Only tell me why
And I'll forgive you one day
Why did you left me alone
When I passed away
No angels came to welcome me
I was afraid
I saw no white lightas we were told
No warmth, nothing
However I knew I left the earth
My skin was cold and lifeless
I couldn't say any last words
Cause I was alone and not in peace

Why? Only tell me why
And I'll forgive you one day
You never let me the chance
To prove you that love was not dead
Even in the end, when all was gloomy and dark
When I was very feeble but still alive
I knew that somewhere, love existed
Without tears and intense suffering
I'm hoping desperately now
That my new world will be better
I hope that I'll be alright

I miss the time passed with you, with everyone
The good times now very far away
Everything is so sad here

Why? Only tell me why
And I'll forgive you one day
Why are you crying now that I'm gone?
Are you really sad, or rather hypocrite?
My coma was long and hard
I couldn't stand it anymore
Without no one goodbyes it was like death already
It is death already



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