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"Exaltation" (2001 Single)

1. Amor Fati
2. The round dance of appropriation
3. Inhumanism

1. Amor Fati

A walk of shadows
Illusions, innuendos

An inner danse macabre
Periods- Nietzshian amoralism
Illusions of (anti-) Values
Seasons- Shallow nihilism
An Ethical voluntaristic innuendo

Process of life
"Much ado about nothing,
a tale told by an idiot,
full of sound and fury
signifying nothing..."

Demolishing my Super-ego,
This Socratic Daimonions

A surrealistic battlefield
Mutulation of my innermost feelings

Der tod
Des todes
Dem tod
Den tod

2. The round dance of appropriation

Experience, the world of powder
Earth-bonding rituals
Celebrating the specific
An authentic world

The round dance of appropiation
The interrelationship of the fourtold

Earth- Sky
Gods- Mortals

The togetherness- effortlessly
Responsively conforming themselves
In their world- to the earth
To the sky- Appropriation
"Purity" in the oldest sense
Of the world- In this world
To the earth- Appropriation

A sacred, archaic world-view

The flow of the universe
Order of nature
Antropos- Cosmological
Earth wisdom

"Just as in a fight of birds turning trough the air,
No one is the leader and no one the followers,
Yet all are together."

No collusions

3. Inhumanism

"Integrity is wholeness
the greatest beauty is organic wholeness
the wholeness of life and things
the divine beauty of the universe
love that, not man
Apart from that."

Live in harmony
with our surroundings
A new Appreciation
of the non- human

Post- humanist society

Shifting of emphasis
Shifting of the trans-human
From man to not-man

Rejection of the human solipsism
Recognition of the trans-human

Prevaluation of nature
No devaluation of man
Prevaluation of nature
Prevaluation of man

Post-humanist society

Forever immortal and
immortally beautifull


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