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Hypersexual Psychoviolence

"Hypersexual Psychoviolence" (1990 Demo)

1. Intro
2. Fear of the unknown
3. Infestation hellswarm
4. The taxidermist
5. Necromantik
6. Deadlock

1. Intro

2. Fear of the unknown

Innocent Slaughtered
In the Name of a Blind God
Kill What You Don't Understand
Imprison Those Who Question

Fear of the Unknown
Technological Blasphemer
You Wear the Mark For Life
Surrounded by a Wall of Ignorance
Your Worlds Consuming You

Fear of the Unknown

3. Infestation hellswarm

The King Androctonus Rises From His Throne
Watch the Venom Drip From the Poison Bulb
Armored Warriors Shed Their Exoskeleton
Arachnid Pincers Tear Flesh Off the Bones

Their Larva Will Bore Up From the Earth
The Centipedes Segments Entrap its Next Victim
The Fangs of the Gaboon Spider Puncture Flesh
The Horned Beetle Warriors Take to the Sky

Infestation Hellswarm

Gaze in to the Eyes of the Mantas
Their Destructive Swarms Will Blacken Your Skies
Human Sacrifices to the Mother Queen
Your Corpses will Become their Egg Chamber

Infestation Hellswarm

4. The taxidermist

Abducted Before You Became Unclean
Young Virgin, You'll Only Be Loyal to Me
Don't Scream, Thank Me with Your Final Words
You'll Never Grow up to Be a Fucking Whore

Kill You Quick to Keep Your Skin Tender
A Deep Incision to Gut Your Innards
Stuff and Mount You in Position
Another Lovely Girl for My Collection

All the Girls Out There are Filled With Disease
Your Young Vaginas Are Sterile and Clean
Feels So Good When I Thrust Inside You
There Are Still So Many Girls I Must Attend To

I Am the Taxidermist

Little Girl

5. Necromantik

My Collection of Body Parts Had Grown
Removing Car Crash Victims For a Living
I Couldn't Wait to See Your Smiling Face
When I Brought the New Corpse Home to You

How Gently You Kiss His Decaying Body
The Way You Would Suck His Dripping Eye
I Sawed Off a Chair Leg for His Phallus
So Beautiful to Watch You Make Love to the Dead

The Day You Found Out I Lost My Job
You Took the Corpse and Left Me
Our Morbid Fascinations (for the dead) That We Shared
How Can I Go On Without You


The Only Way I'll Have You Back
Is When You Dig Me Up From the Earth
My Gloomy Lifestyle Flashes Before Me
Through Multiple Stabwounds I'll Be With You Once More


6. Deadlock


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