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"Don't Think Tomorrow" (2003)

1. I am, I Do
2. If I'm Not There Tomorrow
3. What Really Matters
4. Waiting For the Day
5. Could I Walk Today
6. Won't Tell You Anyway
7. Nobody Listens to the Old
8. Don't Think Tomorrow
9. Get Ready
10. A War Within'

1. I am, I Do

Life goes on and turns away, you'll never know
Have I found my destiny somehow?
I think about eternity, where am I now?
Suddenly my memories are clear

Fragments of a distant day, a sunshiny day
How can I say left everything behind?
What I found and what I seek, in memories I keep
Looking back at things they used to be

I am - I do - I do anything for you
I die - I do anyting but lie

What's dispare and happiness, look at yourself
Am I in the major crises now?
What you try to be and why, don't you forget
I am - what I do - I do it for you

I am - I do...

Awake before you have to be,
caught up by reality

I am - I do...

2. If I'm Not There Tomorrow

Damn right I tell ya what to do
Soon leaving everything and go
With no fear - you're livin' for the moment
And live every day like it's the last

Blue skies open up before you
The sun is smiling at your face
It brings back the memories from the core
But you're not the average man you were

Tonight - if we look upon the skies
we'll see what things are lies
We look with different eyes

When we know - we know the end is near
But you ain't gonna turn back in fear
You say the skies are clear

Aim high but never look down
You've seen every highway and town
But you seems to never get enough
Just leaving everything aside

And I know - I know you ain't going to stay
I look but you're so far away
That's when you always say:

"If I'm not there tomorrow,
then try to remember my words
Always into something,
and leave without saying goodbye"
"If I'm not there tomorrow,
then try to remember my words
I'm not beggin' for mercy,
and will die with a smile in my face"

Did not see you could't go no faster
The wild blast, the countdown to disaster
You couldn't see the danger sign ahead
One second later you were dead

And again - you tried to keep it within
But you knew there was nothing to win
Said "Now the wire is thin" - and...

"If I'm not there tomorrow...

3. What Really Matters

I see your face in the red light,
from the last rays of the sun
What I've seen in you the past days,
in my eyes it still remains

When day arrives whith misty morning,
your fears are closing up again
I'm not afraid of what is coming,
I see my future in your eyes

You find what really matters,
when you're prepared to die
And share the hardest moment,
when you believe the worst

Now when I see you in the last rays,
is it coming up for me
For every question 'bout the coming,
the answer's running in my blood

You find what really matters...

You find what really matters...

4. Waiting For the Day

The way I see, you stare at me,
cold but not away
What if I'm the same?
Lost in shadows, clouds of pain,
will there be a day?

I'm waitin' now - For the day

Deep in darkness, heavy mares,
early I'm awake
Wish that you could say:
In dreams and visions I believe,
there will come a day

I'm waitin' now - For the day

Skies will open up again
Sea will still remain
Black to white now hear my pray
I still believe in the day

The way you see, and stare at me,
I'm here but I'm fading away
Wish that you will stay
And let me feel the frost of dawn,
I hold my head up high

I'm waitin' now - So...

Lay yourself to rest,
Don't tell me what's the best
No, I still believe...
Lay yourself to rest,
Don't tell me what's the best
Oh, I'll wait to the day...

Lay yourself to rest...

Lay yourself to rest...

Lay yourself to rest...

5. Could I Walk Today

I'd been working every day,
like I've been hiding underground (for a while)
I couldn't stand another hour,
said I wouldn't get on any train at all (and that's for sure...)

When time passed the midnight,
no I couldn't stay alone,
whith that mayor temptation...
So: Could I walk away on my own?

Too many times I've said,
I ain't gonna lose my head (once again)
To wake up another morning,
saying nothing really happened anyway

When time passed the midnight...

When time passed the midnight,
and the midnight circus there to have me back
When time passed the midnight,
will I give it up again for a while?

6. Won't Tell You Anyway

Clowns and jokers' all around me, but no I cannot laugh
I listen when they trick and weedle, well I had enough
So I'm takin all your cards, you break the rules all on your own
You won't listen, but you heard me - You will die alone

Won't tell you anyway - What I told you now

Creeping shadows over you, when I see your smile
I know you're dancing on the table when you know I'm away
I hate your prescence, hate your lies, I never know what you planned
You will never change, I don't want nothing out of your hand


I found all a lie, I could never trust nomore
I'll keep you in distance just to assure
You stole what you've borrowed is what I have heard
I welcome you all but I don't mean a word


7. Nobody Listens to the Old

Tryin' so hard to tell the stories,
the trials and errors from before
About the fails and shots for glory,
the old mans song that you ignore

Don't waste the days to find the gold
Nobody listen to the old

You doubt in all your expectations,
and the last train on it's rail
Maybe you'll never touch the heaven,
but through the clouds will be enough

Don't waste the...

One day you'll find those days were you're life
Living between the love and the knife
Afraid to follow any sign that gonna heal your mind

You believe there ain't no future,
lead your life behind the walls
Paying the ransom with your sorrows,
left all alone with the shortest straw

Don't waste the...

8. Don't Think Tomorrow

Don't think about it, and don't think I will care,
nobody will listen when you cry
You had your options, but did you ever choose your way?
Tryin' to keep up the game you're playing, and keeping every lie apart

You're fainting for a moment and tries to drag me in,
you put me in situations I don't wanna be in
When you look into the mirror, I'll tell you what you'll find:
Your slave became your master and gonna have you down

Don't think tomorrow, will be another day,
you don't listen anyway
You say tomorrow, will be a better day (when),
you're not living anymore

You say I'm not better, say I die to be a saint,
Pushing up the ante just to see what it takes
Nothing - nowhere - nevermore - telling me - ain't gonna change your ways
Now I can hear you sigh in the storm and I can see that you're falling apart

Don't think tomorrow...

So far you say your luck never turns away
You trust the needle brings your life to you

Don't think tomorrow...

9. Get Ready

"Get down to business, and lay off dispair
One step further and we're almost there"
I got that feeling pumping in the air

I left the past when I opened the door
I knew it from the start it wouldn't be like before
The trials and errors, the wasteland left behind

In every night my frustration bleed
Increasing power but i'm losing speed
I can't wait to be the last in line
Right on - Right now

Get ready - Another night and I'm cryin' for love
Get ready - Just one more night and I'm gonna explode

She dyed her hair and let it all out
Don't wanna know what she was thinking about
There'e something in her eyes making me aware

She's not so yong but she's running wild
No and I don't care if she acts like a child
And the way she looks is far beyond compare

In every night...

Get ready...

In every night...

Get ready...

10. A War Within'


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