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Aggressive Assault

"Aggressive Assault" (2002 Demo)

1. Intro
2. Aggressive Assault
3. The Omen
4. Phalanxes
5. Overlord
6. Possessed By Metal

1. Intro

2. Aggressive Assault

We feel the sound of metal rage, we kick all posers right in the face

Real headbangers break your necks, as we take by storm the stage

A lightning strikes, as we make our stand, for what we believe, metal tonight

A light in the dark, emerge with desire, gleaming steel, forged in fire

Hey! Is the aggressive assault

Leather shines, black as night, metal is our way of life

Maniac bangers destroy the place, fistful of metal, smashing your face

The attack is over, the Marshall explodes, bodies are falling all around

Now we leave, and left behind, the victims of the aggressive assault

We are the crew, the one's you can trust, bonded by blood, we feel no remorse

Ready again, heading our way, the metal attack, the overlord rise

3. The Omen

Raised from hell, Satan child has born

The faithful watch, sing in the skies

Bring the jackal, the new born is their lord

Now they see the end has just begun

Now he learn, the way to reach his goals

Infant blood, spilled, so he can grow

Within the empire, he will make a stand

How could they know, the antichrist is their son

Open your eyes, you'd see all the signs

Soldier from hell, casting a spell

He has been send by his father command

To raise his mark and rule the land

Damien Thorne, the Lucifer son

The number he bear you can't erase

You had to kill, before its too late

Remember, his number is 666

4. Phalanxes

Horsemen of death, come from the past, we'll reconquer our lands

Your sorrowful fate is away from here, you'll die under our command

The leather return, and you want to run, our squads are beginning the attack

The pestilence spreads, we'll bury your head, we not lie under our command

5. Overlord

Born from fate, a force that cannot be stopped

Raise it's sing, all metalheads answer the call

Filled with rage, this sound hold the power of gods

Traitors die!, deceivers shall feel the wrath of the

Mighty Overlord

Cruel metal demon, possessing the souls of the youth

Deny religions, the warriors are seeking the truth

Damned politicians!, their mutilated with no remorse

Fight for freedom, your only truth is in this evil force

Called Overlord

Now! Gather our legions and defend what is ours by right

Fear! In our enemies eyes, cause their know we are mighty and proud

Metal! Is the name of the sound, it will join us for the rest of our life

Glory! Is what we have found, the battalions are ready to strike, Now!!

The war continues, this night we'll land again

Destroy your defenses, Placing our flag behind your lines

Join our army, the rabid army of metal

Blitzkrieg attack! All shall fear the allied force of the overlord.

6. Possessed By Metal


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