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Depths Of Madness

"Depths Of Madness" (2005 Demo)

1. Depths of Madness (intro)
2. Madness Stole My Life
3. Im-Ho-Tep
4. Another Dead Hero
5. Fear (Darkness Embracre)
6. Waiting For The Awakening

1. Depths of Madness (intro)

2. Madness Stole My Life

Now the minutes seem like hours
Trapped inside this deep black hole
Nothing in my heart but anguish
I never felt so lost before
Everything I see is darkness
Everything around is dead
Left to die alone in blindness
Now I'm waiting for the end

Pain is leading me to madness
Weak and tired I'm alone
Rain comes falling from the sky
Washing away my last hope
I still remember when I was a
Young man full of dreams but I
I thought my life was so damn empty
So I came here to fight and die

War wind's blowing now again
All that I can feel is pain

Now I bleed, now I feel, now I fear...
What am I doing here
(It's the end for me)
Now I cry, down I lie, and I die
Madness stole my life !

Strenght is fading fear is growing
Soon the worms will eat my flesh
I cannot open my eyes and
I can't even feel my legs
Where Is god when I need his help
Where's my dad and where's my mom
Take me away from this nightmare
I just want to come back home

Dark clouds here above my head
Tellin' me that I am dead

3. Im-Ho-Tep

Realm, of sand and dunes, hidden for
Thousand years
Under the ground...terrible curse!

Burried alive deep down below
They killed all the slaves
'Cause none should know
Travellin' through time now I'm back again
The chest is now open and I wont her!

Egyptian blood runs inside her veins
I control her mind, she'll become like me
None can stop me, I'll take what is mine
I have been waiting for long long time...

Under the moon slowly shadows move
Above my head
Under the moon fear the curse of Im-ho-tep
Sacrilege wicked they have trapped me there
Under the ground
Now I am back fear the curse of Im-ho-tep

Oh buried alive, I felt my skin burns,
Mummified because of my love
Wind of the desert, dark of my heart
I cannot take it, I'll get what is mine!

Realm of the desert, realm of the dunes
Under the ground lies our doom
Inside her body, inside her soul
Senses awake, when darkness falls
(Beyond this world, beyond this life
We'll stay together side by side)

I can feel the wind, I can see the sun
I'm breathin' again after all my pain
And the warm inside, oh her eyes !

I can see her, she will be mine
Now we are together and we'll be forever
The time has now come after thousend years
Beyond the gates of time...Im-ho-tep

4. Another Dead Hero

When out is dark and wind blows cold
No sign of life among the ruins
All is lost shadows fall
And the enemy's gettin' closer
So we seek for shelter 'couse we can't escape
Dead bodyes lie everywhere
Smell of death in the air ashes in our eyes
And no one will heal our wounds

What will we become what can we do now
There's no sense at all there's no way back now

Empty thoughts and empty lives
Anguish swallows my mind
The sound of death comes from the sky
Another round we will die !
Too late to try another way
'Couse we won't see one more day
Anothe number another cross
Another Young life to cry

All around I hear the screams
Please wake me up from this bad dream
It's too late to turn back now
Silently I wait...for my hour !

(Nothing left to do or say
This horror is here to stay
Blinded by their stupid lies
Just another hero...That Dies !)

You said your life was hollow
Now you don't live...anymore !
Your existance was useless
Now you don't exist...anymore !
You Thought your words were empty
Nou you can't speak...anymore !
You thought your life was painful
Right now you're gonna know what real pain is !

5. Fear (Darkness Embracre)

When I'm alone in the dark of night,
Shadows dance around for me,
I see the moon high in the sky
And the smoke fills my eyes...
Figures melting far away,
Where no man's eyes can see,
Lost inside this wicked place
Everything I feel is fear !

Inside this black inside this dark
Here they come to me and then they fade away
Now I'm lost and there's no way out
A force takes me in the land of crying
Scared I cannot move I'm one of them
Yes I was there too puppett in their hands
Driven somewhere there in a deadly trap
Like a spider's web now I have to pay

I came in this place in the afterlife

I feel this torment now posses my body
Something' s happening I don't know what to do
All the legend, monsters, secrets, stories that
They told me now I know it was.. reality

Here they are terrorizing me
Whit their evil spells so this is my fate
And my body's cold what have I to do
Now I just can't do anything for me !

Where the time doesn't mean a thing
I am sure I will end my days
I didn't want to come here
I didn't want to set me free !
Soon the creatures will be near
I've to run away like the wind
Now I can hear their screams
This nightmare is for me !

I can smell their decayed stench
All they want is to take my life
Please somebody help me !
It's too late they're right here
Spider's bodyes reptile's limbs
They're not creatures of this world
I'm going to die I'm going to die !
No one will hear my cry
And I'll fade away no no no !

It's the fear in my head

I am falling down inside this growing anguish
So this is my fate
So I scream but no one will come here to help me
So now I know what is the fear

6. Waiting For The Awakening

Alone whit my mind, alone in this life
Lost inside the fog...of this days
After the rain, I will come back home
Another day that dies and i'm alone... again...

Voices from the mirror, my immortal agony
Shadows fall upon me, this pain won't go away

This is my fate, and there's no way to change it

Everything around here, looks so strange to me
Sorrounded by your faces, what do you want
From me !!!

The sun is bright in the sky, the only cloud's
In my mind ...with your eyes ...

Waiting for the awakening here in this life
I know there's no place for me
Seasons change, years go by
But the time is just a lie
Waiting for the awakening of my dead heart
But it's dark inside of me...

Cruel shadows dancing around me ...

Now I feel so hollow, this torture never ends
I will never understand this, why am I to blame
Now i pay for my sins, I'm bleeding once again
Shapeless figures go away, I deserve to be


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