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A Weird Desire

"A Weird Desire" (2002 EP)

1. A Weird Desire
2. Killer Mind
3. The Key To The Threshold
4. Die

1. A Weird Desire

Fire in my eyes
Ice in my veins
Fire in my eyes
And a weird desire

The gun in my hands
The smoke is rising
A corpse on the floor
And a weird desire

Blood on my face
Tears on your face
Your luck in my hands
And a weird desire

Pain before the death
My sight, I´m your death
Your future in my hands
There´s no future in my hands

Scream Cry
Beg Pray
Scream Cry
Beg Pray

Too late for praying
Too late for
Too late for crying
The flesh burns
When the metal passes through.

2. Killer Mind

I came along to you my dear Lord
And I´m awake
From this long dream

I saw my death, I saw my funeral
And in your call I´ve found
A new beginning

Now I see foreign dreams
And in the night
I travel thrpug Them

I Slip through the minds i want
And without knowing
I handle their fates

Leadimg dreams to the places i decide
And when I wake up
They´ll have a new road

I came along to you, oh mighty Lord!
And now i´m yor slave
Thinking in my desperation

Watching deaths
Without sense, without reason
And it´s you lord

It´s you or it´s me
The one who travels
In my dreams
Who´s the killer?

Victim of your dreams
That i thought were mine
And made me your slave

Your killer mind seizes me
And still awake I know which ones
Are going to die
Cause I think I control my dreams

The strange between us
Seizes me and sometimes
I dream, kill people
Without any reason.

3. The Key To The Threshold

I've found the key
To the threshold
That splits this world
From the dead's one.

I've found the truth
Of life,
Their misteries
Their lies.

In secret potions
With the help of my Star
Plungged into long dreams
I go through the gates of life.

Surrounded by, living-deads,
I begin to understand
That my mind is weak.

Now i know is too late
That stronger spirits
Reveal into me.

I know I'm lost
I know I'm gonna die
I broke the rules of The Law
I betrayed the arcane in my madness.

4. Die

The voices spoke to me
Foreseing my death

Screams woke me up
foreseing my death

Now is late
I´m doomed
Theres only one question

I,m talking about my death
What´s wrong?
Am I dead?

In middle of nowhere
I´m expecting for a signal
To bring me back to life

In middle of nowhere
I´m expecting for a signal
To get my life back

Blind, faithless
I Know "THEY" won
The voices turn into laughter
I know "THEY" won

"THEY" celebrate their Victory
But "THEY" dont know of my fate yet
Little war between minds
"THEY" think I´m defeated
His enemy

The Voices don´t cease
And his sentence says
Die... Die... DIE!
I´m going mad
And i hear over and over
Die... Die... DIE!


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