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Dae Of Nox

"Dae Of Nox" (2002 Demo)

1. Arcanus Caligo Tuus Aura
2. Regnum Inferi
3. Compelled By Blasphmey And War
4. Abandoned Sepulchural Fields
5. Thy Decay Impregnate With The Undivine
6. Dae Of Nox

1. Arcanus Caligo Tuus Aura

Tuus Aura Mors
Whispered cries like fire,
Storming evil reaps her vengeance
Blood serenades, ablaze in dark desire,
Await the dawn to draw away

Forest of death's affliction;
Her pale corpse dances, songs of the black messiah
Suffocation, as I enter forbidden twilights hell

Dae of nox, master of atrox mors
Arcanus Caligo Tuus Aura, mother of savage death
Penatrate the moonlight wrath

Rest in pain black goddess, god has abandoned you
Drapped in bloody roses, secret darkness your breath
Thorns upon her heart, silent forever resting in pain

Under this black moon eternity has forgotten...

Whore of wicked demons, her corpse forever rotted
In trance of dark witchcraft, drinking satans blood

This realm of sickness, graveyards of gods
Master of atrox mors, Arcanus Caligo Tuus Aura
Mother of savage death

2. Regnum Inferi

In this summoning, from dark forgotten realms
Winter forest and plains of othendara

Damage, is what i saw
A world dead to all
Prayers seem clandistine

Regnum Inferi

All colors grey disembracing
Silence cold dark seasons
Shrouded in violence

Battle and spell are life

Long ago when words were spoken to inseminate the earth

We are the silent forgotten endless sleep
From unquiet ruins our ancient rites possess

Throne of decay, heartless trance of misery
Upon this sick grave, envoking horned savior

Drink the blood of human flesh, worship the book

Only empty stares aside mine death
Burn in your tears angelic hands of death
Skulls mark the hundred graves
I've seen my enemy

Regie Satanas.....Regnum Inferi

3. Compelled By Blasphmey And War

Silence fire and death, fierce battle of steel
Sword to sword destruction, through out this night Blood spilled

Compelled by blasphemy wisdom of forgotten evil
Priest of satanic witchery sacrifice in dark of night
In evil sign of threating moon master of altar and Blessed doom

Forest floor drentched in rain and blood
Captured in moonlight like hallowed sea
Journey of savage worrior, riddle of steel; sheild, Hammer and axe
Wielded torment

Silent fire command bannish to eternal sleep
We destroy their king, we hunger for bloody victory
Ancient woods slumber awoken by gods of war
Absorbing the flowing blood, fed by the butchered bodies

Burning silence....firery death

Cold winds cast over me, this dark gloom wildly Shadows
Blood ans axe fiercely fought, attacking storms Ablaze in night

Summon the key of doomed wisdom
Create the black winter of hate
Demon lord of the cryptic kingdom
Mortal disciples condemmed and enslaved

This sacred reality damned, spoiled earth has died
Now open the gates of hell, demonic evil in sign of The pentagram

4. Abandoned Sepulchural Fields

5. Thy Decay Impregnate With The Undivine

In a lake so vast and cold
I could see white storms forever
Pale as sin, seems as stone when they swallow me

Pain is all eternity of no salvation
Gaze upon your corpse in a silver mirror
And we so ascribe of our moonlight decension

In each sacred word an image of death
Like cold hands molesting my soul
And yet thy decay impregnate with the undivine

As thy heart rots and dies
Ahh, grim revelations abstruct my vision

Nor to winter ravens i confess thy black spirits sin

Time engraving scars, i cannot shed my dead skin
And how many ages i have seen pass and fail
When i saw with in, no longer to stare through Afinities disguise
A mask of maddness buried in the flesh of purity

Watching in the darkness their voices harmonize a Soulless cry
Endless savage departure, i'am with the Night
Wandering grey stone path to the ancient rituals

6. Dae Of Nox


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