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Conqueror, Conqueror...Destroyer

"Conqueror, Conqueror...Destroyer" (2002 Demo)

1. Hordes
2. Demon's March
3. Unresurection
4. Unholy Father

1. Hordes

Rise here, rise here sons of the black dawn
come from the pits of hell to devastate this world of lies
open the gates of 'dimension below, vision infernal
darkness unleashed, supreme immortal might
the birds stop chanting, the wind turns away to die
regression of time, millenium of hell

And legions of demons appear upon the sea
the satan's spawn I am and water turns to burning
frost under my sight
horned ones of evil, winged ones of hell bow to me I am the lord
of the black earth
I am to command the nocturnal beast storm, so I brandish my sword
in the name of the demon race...

...and seraphs will floak to the earth within the burning snow
age of night has arrived, fires open the skyyyyyy!!


2. Demon's March

the archangel lucifer is calling us
the warriors of hell, the army of the ungod
disciples of satan I shall defeat the soldiers of god
the weak humanity to keep the only worthy ones

I invoked the gods of chaos throught dimensions
demons of universe, living deathmachines by the taste of war
of blood of destruction
the all devasting wave

WAR in sky
WAR in minds
WAR over seas and lands
EVIL assault divine

"ARMAGEDDON shan't be the earth only !"

by my wings I fly over the pearly gates to join the earth
and crush the silent sky
darkness knight I am one with hate, my body is the devil's land
devouring flesh under my skin approaching of the arrival
hatred storm as the night opens,

chaos dimension opens to my eyes
I am the mouth of satan, "my body is thy path to us"

anihilation sound
dreadnoughts deathmachines


3. Unresurection

Marvelous horizons show me the way
where dead angels lie traped in black made
frost without their skin
there I will fight at the side of the fallen angel of light Lucifer
to descend the skies once more and tread on planet'soil

(deep voice)
to disharmony reigns, hell raiser I am one
I walk in darkness maze, chaos is all I see
and fires of hell shall burn destroying christianity
infernal horned ones spread their wings to fly to the battle
of jugement


"oh lord JESUS CHRIST summon the stars to have pity of your soul
your god has failed with you, this time is not for resurection any more !!"

Cunt one of god behold your sons sodomized by demons
Bastard Jesus walk and suffer one more time to be recrucified
and torn apart by satan's flames...


4. Unholy Father

I've sent my soul to satan
his spawn's under my skin
flows in my veins blood of satan
the warlock's inside me

I opened my veins my body is cold
distort my flesh to reach and rape my soul
I'am the blasphemer, the temple of satan
grant me your power, your sight, infant me master...
WAR !!

I'll drowned the heaven under god's blood
I'll smash the heads of priests ans burn the christians bastard

"Grant me the wings of antichrist...!!"

I'll throw the head of christ in swots of hell
of seraphs cut the veins so spill their futil lives
I'll pierce and tear the chest of angels and devour their heart
I'll slit the throat of god kneel down before your eyes Father !

"Satan your deciples...and raise thy LEGIONS...."

DEMIGOD...I'm immortal, I've unlocked the demon's gate

I've send my soul to satan
his spawn's under my skin
flows in my veins blood of satan
the power inside me


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