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Tiger Shark

"Tiger Shark" (1989)

1. Gimme Your Key Now
2. Sweet Dreams
3. Gimme Your Love
4. I'll Be There
5. War
6. I Don't Like You
7. Hot Woman
8. Get Down

1. Gimme Your Key Now

don't wanna spend my life by living alone

calling you not hearing your voice on the phone

it was you who started this game

it was you who asked my name

don't wanna blame you but the flame was

rising in me in me higher and higher

later later in this evening will you

open your door when i'm out

don't wanna stand in the rain

don't wanna break your door

i will cry out in loud:

gimme your key now

i've been lost behind your door

i don't hear your steps i don't see the light

maybe there's someone else it ain't right

i see a note in a little window

there in my name so it's meant for me now

my hands are shaking and heart is breaking

when i read letters from you

later later in this evening will you

come to my door when i'm in

don't stand in the rain

don't break my door

you can cry cut it loud

2. Sweet Dreams

Every night out on the street I can see you

I've got that feeling we can do it tonight

Why won't to stay alone with the sweet dreams

Cause there will be a chance to get a great

romance tonight

We hold our hands it's kinda magic

I think we've both been waiting so long

Why won't to start a celebration

No more kissing goodbyes I see the glow in

your eyes

Sweet dreams, high moon

feeling gets higher

Sweet dreams, we've seen

Love's got no byer

3. Gimme Your Love

Hey you little girl
why donít you stay here for a while
I donít wanna be alone with that bottle of wine
I just want more than that old photograph
Hey you little girl
I donít wanna never make you sad

ĒHey you big boyĒ you said me
Ēwait just one more timeĒ
yes but i donít want to stay anymore behind that line
I have been patient alltough your body drives me crazy
Hey you little girl donít say me No anymore

Gimme your love
I canít wait no longer
Gimme your love
my lust growning stronger

Hey you little girl I hope your are not so straight
Youíre already eighteen I just wonder what do you wait
You think that iím crazy when i want you so much
But after this all you ought to want more than a kiss aní a touch

Oh my babe why donít you be more relaxed
canít you see this moment could be our last

4. I'll Be There

Itís so hard to live together
when selfishness fill your heart
I write my farewell letter
thatís the point where new life start

I leave you to grow up
hope you save a place for me in your heart

Iíll be there where i once belonged
Iíll be there when the time is right
when youíre
ready to hope ready to love
Iíll be there where i once belonged
Iíll be there when the time is right
I hope you still wait this is the gate into real love

I know yesterday is over
but still future days are left
if you meet me tomorrow
I hope youíre done best

5. War

He was so young and proud
like his cute maiden
They have their life ahead them
like thousand others
they have a dream together
It was freedom
theyíre gonna fight for it but
soon everything had gone

There was a calm before the storm
on that Sunday morning
You saw children play and heard mothers calling
They did know the place where they are going
But they didnít know that
peace will turn to war

War, are you ready to die tonight
War, are you ready to leave me tonight

He was still young and proud when
tanks rolled over him
She has cried sixteen hours
sheíll never stop it
she neither cried for her man
nor for herself
she lost her man but thousends
lost their dreams and freedom

She stops crying ícause she will meet him soon
when the sun arise bullets hit the bone
You can kill the dreamers but never their dream
Bang bang theyíre together again
nothingís gonna tear them apart

allnight alldie allright

War, are you ready to love me the last time
hold me so tight

6. I Don't Like You

Red and hot thatís all you got
You made me fell that iím your stud
oh no I donít like you
I donít want loneliness
but this is too tuff like a illness
no no I donít like you

You fill me days and fill my nights
It seems to be allright
You take a change take a bite
Iím your slave where I can hide

I donít like you
I just hate you
I donít like you babe you fill my nights
you wanna tame me It ainít right

We only got one life to live
Just that one youíre trying to steal me
Like a bitch you making me heat
You burn me like a bad acid

Iím caged like an animal
you hid the key forever
You gimma water you gimme wine
but no connection on a love line

7. Hot Woman

Pretty girls make me feel good
they know how to turn me right mood
But Iím gonna show you baby
how you can be my lady
Just listen babe and take my advice
I ainít gonna repeat this twice
I said babe youíre the fire
whoíse gonna warm me up

Hot woman
I want to feel your arms surround me
Hot woman
I want to feel your arms around me

You get me so fast excited
you learned your lessons youíre open minded
It ainít a crime to feel this good yee
It it itís a-all right

I know you wanna cross the border
and you know the doctorís orders
Donít try to save me from destruction
just give me a piece of the action

8. Get Down


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