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Body Hurting Art

"Body Hurting Art" (2003)

1. Intro
2. Prince Albert
3. Enraptured by War
4. Jesus Gay
5. Hail the Lesbians
6. Szandor (into my heart and my vein)
7. Caligula Imperium
8. Bleeding like Abel
9. Orgasmaniac
10. U.N.G.O.D.
11. The Praise (Oh Satanas)
12. Shibary

1. Intro

(Flies buzzing, sensual growls)

2. Prince Albert

The torture starts
I can never stop
Blood, cum, torture and urine
Intense pain over my penis
Total adrenaline / total emotion
Whispers and growls
Metal penetrating the flesh
Whispers and growls
Piercings on the penis

I feel my penis pulsating
With intense pain, raising intensely
Thank you, my queen, for this unique experience
I am your branded cattle
Branded on the penis

3. Enraptured by War

Pentagram burning high in the sky
To other word
Open to kill this mankind
In the pleasure of war, I cum
And your fucking heaven's throne
-I deny

Of one thousand humans
Welcome to
Lust in my skin
The Armageddon come

The Satan's sword
Take my life and leave me now to hellish world
The chosen one
To be the slayer

I like war!!
My pleasure is war!!
I need war!!
I feel delight in pandemonium!!

4. Jesus Gay

I see your lord in total desire
Satisfying the Roman Empire
Kissing my feet and grinding your head
The crown of thorns with love and with pleasure

JESUS... coward! Gay!

This is your lord in total decadence
Crying in rhythm of Satan's dance
Whipping your flesh, humiliation and first cum of blood
You're not a virgin, you cum in the cross

JESUS... coward! Gay!

You cum on the cross... you jesus bastard! You cum in the fucking cross.

5. Hail the Lesbians

She is dressed in college clothes
An innocent shine
Perverted young one with a virginal smile

She is dressed in leather and latex
A dominant face
Change your dreams of love in... black torment

Lesbian kiss
Never stop
Cunt with cunt
Kiss 'till death

The lesbians hot in evil skin
The real sin... real profanation
Cunt with cunt
Shake 'till you die
Female whispers
Lesbian show-- I want to live to see!!

Lesbian... shake to me baby
Lesbian... shake to me 'till you die!!

6. Szandor (into my heart and my vein)

The darkness of night
Make my heart goes too fast
The ways of destruction
Start from the sky and finish in hades
Naked witches celebrate the throne in the sky
and this evil throne
He who shines upon my eyes

Szandor (into my heart and my vein)
Szandor (Anton Szandor Lavey)

Celebrating the terror
Your smile is the star in the sky
The ways of destruction
Start from the sky and finish in hades
Naked witches make sex with me across the night
Your beauty and light make me blind...
my eyes.

7. Caligula Imperium

Ave caligula imperium!

8. Bleeding like Abel

The torture is just beginning
Coming to my home
Hungry for orgy
I'm a faster wild dog
I feel as if I had been inside of holy bible
I am Cain and you are the sacrifice

As I had wished
Bleeding like Abel
You holy bitch
Bleeding to die

Bleed bitch, bleeding like a pig and satisfy
My desire to see. Cry nice tears of blood... to me
Bleeding to die

The whispers of night are painful and beautiful
Grasp, bleed. Without releasing a growl
It's like my libido and I can't stop
I'm Cain and you... DIE DIE!!

9. Orgasmaniac

Rapid fire on pulsant gland
The angel women enslaved by sex!
Christ and saint, no scape too!
The celestial rape is the sign of the goat

The sperm flows on my hand
The blood flows on your skin
I conclaim the empire of sin
I mark your body with ember-- brand

So close your eyes... monster
Feel me penetrate... monster
Tears of pain, your cry... monster
Rape 'till you die... monster


Putrid Christians in my mind
Feeding my fucking desires
My past and future are a morbid chaos
My raped mother creates the monster of hell!!


Do you want to make love with me... my sweet bitch?

10. U.N.G.O.D.

Ceremony of goat
Prepare for virgins
To dance for me
Total fuck-- total pain and ecstasy
Perverted cunts celebrating the supreme evil
The blasphemous cunts start to invoke the demon's penis

Unholy goat of darkness

The first cum of blood
Is sucked by the goat
To start the lust
The devil's bitch dance shining under
The macabre moonshine

Nuns bounds naked in the night submisse for us
The whip sing on your wonderful butt
Domain and delight

In the night, a deflocation demon-- I shall be
Lucifer commanding your slaves with whip
Sodomize nuns beyond the gates of hell
And evil treat the Christians with love and cruelty

Cum-- for me
Bleed-- for me
Urine-- for me

I am the unholy goat of darkness

11. The Praise (Oh Satanas)

God of inferior world
Vengeance and evil
Death and heresies
Commandant of catastrophes
Plagues and infernal winds
I claim you for your power
To dominate this putrid world
I arise with the black flag
Over death
Oh satanas...
Denied by throne of god
Oh satanas...
Your army march from other dimensions
Oh satanas...

And are ready for unholy invasion
My ceremony is complete
And screaming now, your black reign
Die, die in agony!
Satan's sword cut your head
C'mon my fratter
The war is won
To pray the diabolical master
The black winds carry the dog
Over death

12. Shibary

It is interesting to realize
How nervous you get
With the way I look at you

Obviously the looking
Can reveal
All kinds of intentions

So close your eyes
Don't look at me anymore
Just feel the burning
Of a violent caress

If my eyes distress you
Bring fear and agony
Experiment my leather kiss
Cry, cry desperately

If your love to me
Became only monotony
So hear me out, you bitch
Because the worst is coming soon

Turn your back to me
Put your hands back
Ropes with steady knots
My showing of union

Take a slap in the face
Start crying again
Because the torment will never stop

Show me love and submission
Bondage is the only way to paralyze you
...and cut

I don't want to stop, I want to go on this forever
I don't want to stop, want to go on until you die!!


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