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Soul Resurrection

"Soul Resurrection" (2004 Demo)

1. Intro
2. Atmosphere
3. Hypnotized
4. The Stalker
5. Soul Resurrection
6. Destructive
7. Fragments Of Devastation
8. Forever Misery
9. Clad In Shadows (In Flames cover)

1. Intro

2. Atmosphere

My thoughts seems so far away
Reality strikes back within
Bring back my reality

Enhance my confidence
understand my strength in me
Kneel and see gathered routes
I've sealed my surface
see under my disguise
Imagine a life being pulled
down by your own

Bridge crossing obstacles
switched back to normal
Hollow clouds sees me through
Shadow becomes clearer

Let the star shine
let it keep you swept away
Feel the atmosphere
See beyond the clouds
and take back what used to be

3. Hypnotized

My eyes are shut wide
Vanish fast I verify
Seeing nothing still awake
No vicious dreams It's for real

I am lost in maces
empty spaces burt my soul out
Searching for another
way to get me
A new way out

I've been sent here to be done
why am I born to this world?
am I the chosen one?
I feel so hypnotized
I'm all set up with lies and dreams
Just gasping for that last breath
I am the chosen one
I feel so hypnotized

Found my long lost trace
Began to wonder; am I blinded?
My own mind possesions
Brings me back to life


4. The Stalker

Brake surface crush thick walls
never know the next step
Light and darkness collides
bring me home take me away
Feel the touch of loosing grip
destroy all neurotic needs
Secondary act thought carries
me back to emptiness

I've lost my senses everyone
open barred doors let me out
Hate begins when trust ends
Promises of my own world
ment nothing to me
Two worlds devided to parts
compared to perfect hate
Now I'm down with my loneliness again

Lightyears away from home
Someone please bring me back
to a place where I would belong
and never feel the stalker no more

5. Soul Resurrection

6. Destructive

Exhaust drifts across the ground
as they roar try to
scream your impatience against the surface
Sunlight sparks of the bodywork of
machines drawing up
ahead heat shimmers
Transformes into gigantic pools of war

Never see never feel we've been taken away
No one remains
No regrets, no force as this
whiped out down to last one
Screens cleared nothing left but scars from you
I'm left here all alone
No more light
Say goodbye
Save yourself
before it's too late
Lightning strikes
for it's last time
It's the last light you'll see

Bloodred sun
rises no more
Overrun by ironfist
Mechanics destroyed
never see the blue sky again
Destructive needs

7. Fragments Of Devastation

8. Forever Misery

Slaughter my soul
Dismember my heart
My blood going cold
You played your part
Please take me near
All that is me
Touch my fear
I'm blind but still see

Take me in your arms
Infect me with your lies
Our love's the kind that never dies

Your wormth makes me cold
Your laugh drowns in cries
Belonging to you
Therefor not destined to die

Looking through the end of times
So scared of what I may find
You and me were ment to be
Forever in this misery

9. Clad In Shadows (In Flames cover)

Reach for your razor
Cut through the dawn
See through your inner wrath
keys shan't open the doors

Behold my heart has stopped
My lungs are laid the final rest
And still I see and too I feel
Yes, but to earthly eyes I am gone
To the lands where legends never die
Take me to the twilight land tonight

Again and again and again, every night
The darkness climbs through my walls
Where the screaming is silent to the corrupted ears
Never to any man I will spear
My speech it has no value
Eyes that have seen the sights
Bleed through the ages eternal

I ask no more
A life has just begun
Never, never see the sun
And do I miss it
No my eyes are black
Emotions fled through eyelids closed
Throne of thorns
Clad in shadows


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