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Worms of Tomorrow

"Worms of Tomorrow" (2004)

1. Heretic
2. Shadowlife
3. Worms of Tomorrow
4. For You... In Disgust
5. Pagan Dust
6. 7 Edges
7. Among the Faceless
8. Galleries of Velvet Fear
9. Phantoms of Past Days

1. Heretic

the truth is a lie . the lie is a truth
believe in us . and you will live
see all the heretics . who don't believe
god is almighty . so be his slave

burn the witches . burn the lies
burn the witches . heresy dies

serve us to death . and you will not suffer
like the millions of witches . who died in fire
medicine is heresy . and the world is flat
welcome to christianity . religion of hypocrisy

but still the world is no disc . so kill me if you could
in union we stand . against the cross

die . maggots . die

2. Shadowlife

wisdom . compenent of fear . pleasure tends and finally disappears
darker . the night seems to be . shadows hide still waiting for relief
shattered . disgust reveals your pain . in the end just velvet fear remains

close your eyes and veil the sun . come and taste your fear
hear the sound the silent run . of shadows crawling near

slumber . lost in every night . your tears to walk in death-like twilight
sleep . closest friend of yours . finally dead at all so lock these doors

3. Worms of Tomorrow

what if tomorrow . i fell asleep?
what if my secrets . were not meant to keep?
so many stories . i could have told
i look on my hands now . and nothing i hold

towards disaster . slowly i slide
until tomorrow . i feed on the night

hesitate . way too late . murder . death on my fate

worms of tomorrow . killed my today

what could i think of . but failures of life?
is it so vicious . this circle to drive

4. For You... In Disgust

i failed in your toe . reached no high nor low
you put my face in the dust . so this is for you in disgust

drug me drain me . i lost my confidence long ago

no torture bleeds my soul . but the values that i hold
your towers are full of rust . greetings from me in disgust

my pain will cut you from within . take a look insife and see my grin
eat the sin drink the crime . but now your soul is mine

you've better killed me quick . it's not my grave you dig
inside your mind i'll se you bust . remember you in disgust

5. Pagan Dust

my eyes are wandering in darkness
feeling yours behind my back
long ago i fell off the track . you hit me once
now be aware

shatter my eyes . darken my life
i feel so cold . when salvation calls

shatter my eyes . darken my life
suffer the sun undo this world
i am among the faceless

bliss for the moment slipping from you
bringing life to feeling so cruel

so i walk this life in darkness . i taste your fear
nothing more nothing less . will i ever take revenge on fate
or will i end up dead alive eat my hate

i am stuck between day and night
i smell your fear i sense your thread . forever and ever i avoid the light
tumbling until all life is dead

6. 7 Edges

to my very marrow . far too deep inside
i perch on a throne of sorrow . i close my eyes for seven nights
i see it on my hands now . i saw it with your eyes
while i heard you bleeding . veiled in dark disguise

i hate my shadowlife . my shizophrenia . misanthropic dust

another day in shadows . split inside my mind
a second i felt sorrow . i cannot see though i am not blind

i hate my shadowlife . when i close my eyes . i rape your trust

i wish i could sleep now . a sleep without these dreams
when i am awake i realize . that nothings like it seems

i will stop my shady crawling . i will bring it to an end
one final silent cut an . i will touch your hand

7. Among the Faceless

i'm alone in my cell . half my life for this hell . ist it death that i taste . or just sweat on my lips
maybe tears awful waste . spare them all four your whips

take a trip . bloody spit . on the edge . of my pledge

i'll defy . for their smile . it will take them a while . to cut me down
maybe dead . in my head . no mor tortures instead . can't be drowned

i woke up way too late . way too weak for my hate . so you think it's the last . breath i take?
it's my best . i will smile on my past . so prepare for the rest

left for dead all alone . in my hell on my throne . so you think i am gone . broken spine broken soul
but i walk till it's done . till i'm home in my hole

8. Galleries of Velvet Fear

i'm between the winds . that blow the pagan dust
dark and full of sins . in hypocrites i trust

gloomy night cast a spell . tortures end in light
darkened place creatures twelled . hunters of the night
let this burn eternal . let it die in pain
it was killed by grace . with unholy names

i just sold my soul . to get eternal life
i'm the filthy mould . my heart is full of vice
the pagan dust . that's blown away
across the land . the pagan dust

9. Phantoms of Past Days


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