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The Funeral

"The Funeral" (2007)

1. A Dead Colours
2. The Funeral
3. Revival
4. The Plague

1. A Dead Colours

A dead colours of crying twilight
Heralds of the loneliness
Was tearing my flesh to pieces
Your tears has choking me pitiless
The rain has taken my mortality remains
Ravenís yells was screaming in me
A snake came out of my mouth
To enscone her shelter
This colourís twilight
Crying heralds of loneliness
Was tearing my flesh to pieces
Gulping down black drops
Absorbing the bloody tears
Of twilight with pleasure
Ravenís yells came out of my mouth
A snake was screaming in me Ė
Talking for a death
I uttered bloody oaths against the death
Wasnít enough to you Ė my dying everyday?
How much more blood do you want?
My bones canít be broken easy
How many more tears do you want?
Tear me! My loneliness is depriving
You canít deprive my loneliness

2. The Funeral

I saw my blood flow
In your whiffy mouth
My life infuse to your black veins
I felt my rotting flesh
To accerate with you
Black rain carry away my remains
One fading colours is dipping
Ahead my eyes
I send wolves to bury my dead men
I give away to you a bloody kiss
Flowing grief to your mouth
Do you want more tears?
Tear me. Do you want more blood?
My bones canít be broken easily
Choke with them
Eat my heart
Enjoy the black roses
Covering my grave
My blood get frozen
Fill out a cup of yours
I was hearing the wolves wailing
Against the wind
Raise the grave stone and see me
For a last time, but left the roses
I refuse to obey
A world disappeared Ė your hour came
Take my curse and leave me
... enjoy the black roses
Covering my grave

3. Revival

Deep under ground
Around the roots of my consciousness
Flames burned my face
Far away from light
In rotting grave
My eyes have dried
Burning serpents crawled
Out my eyes and made a nest
In my skull
They brought me a gift
Worthless gift from eternity
The darkest night Ė the eternal night
The ancient power erupted
The fear had no power
These sinful brides brought me
The most precious gift Ė holding me
On the wings of eternity
Wolves teeth sparkled in the darkest night
The ancient power of eternity
Thorns covered my body
But the fear was already dead
Nails dug the soil but I wasnít there
The spring of tears have dried out
In the darkest night
The eternal night of loneliness

4. The Plague

Black plague is raging across the land
Black plague a malicious sickness
Taking countless lives
Erasing too many souls
Nothing left untouched
And nobody was missed
Deathly coldness comes from the breath
From her eyes a bursting
Fire extinguished everything
Black plague descended from above
Black plague Ė evil fortune
On a black horse she rode
Carrying scythe in her hand
She opened the deathly gates
And waved a funeral shroud
On a black horse she rode
And there was no need of turning back
She killed human souls and had no mercy
Blood was gushing from the pale faces
Slaughtering with her scythe all over
Slaying people one by one


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