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"Annihilated" (2007 Demo)

1. Intro
2. Anger Is a Gift
3. Death's the Essence
4. Angel Went Astray
5. Speech
6. Ouzel's Lay

1. Intro

2. Anger Is a Gift

Hardly thoughts to stuck with
Clear visions behind mirrored-eye
Can't-see-through lie
Time, the edge of the world

Cursed name of the unknown
What begins where it ends
No space between those lines
Tiny mind tries white lies

And every word devil said
They took and placed on this earth
Saviours still like to share hope
But God is alone with his creation

Time's against us
Through the flame

Don't ever share your mind with deppression
Don't tell your worries to me
Don't take anything that doesn't belong to you
Don't complain because of something that doesn't touch you
I know this line

It seemed right to step aside /
You did what you had to do
Swallowed spear, but why? /
Didn't it commited any suicide?
There wanders all too much /
Questions which we decide to keep far enough
Maybe prayers were right /
This day is the one we end our lives
I ask no apologies 'cause I know /
I shouold find out why it goes how it does

Why you slept away? /
Why you slept with him?

It had a smell or mortal desires /
Bright eyes brought warm atmosphere
Only soft skin of her knew /
A lot of tears were wasted
To get so brightfull eyes
Fucked up dreams and
The fragile voice /
It has sound of being raped
Goddess of things like I do /
Can't be served with nice smile and polite behaviour
Every single day someone apologizes /
Until they find out why it goes how it does

Why you slept away? /
Why you slept with him?

This is the first night when sun really went down
Surrender by kneeling in front of dead moon
As black as it is now /
So dark is your soul
Vengeance against something that has no face
Delicious and first-time-served /
Rot to death and live once more

A little boy is here with his mom's diary /
"Is it time for a bedtime story, stranger?"
Who am I if I'm not a faceless human-kind? /
The little boy is holding the bloody diary
He hardly understands those last three written words: I love you...
This dusty life we have and nothing more /
I wish you could understand
The boy look into my bright eyes /
"Tell me the tale of fading flame inside"

Why you slept away? /
Why you slept with him

3. Death's the Essence

My angel / went astray
Acid / poison
She came to me
She staggered

I gave / the sacrifice
Part of / myself
You're my blasphemer
Straying angel

And this angel / fallen to the dark
The day went over / and never rised again
Arms of wickedness / are open wide
It's dark source of life / that's where she gets her heal

Trials tears her / soul apart
Now she could / escape from suffer
Wings became paralyzed
'cause of unbearable path

My bloody hands are / prove of taking your life
I'm relieved to see your / withered being
On thee own grave
No more straying angel

4. Angel Went Astray

You are deeply pushed under / and so forced to keep moving
Every morning you wake up / feels like it's "the one" once again
Why this day reminds, but no / it's not just this day, I hate it
Emotional emptiness remains / choose any hour, it still stays

Dying with the eyes of adamantite / even it's beautiful, it hurts
Depressed soul trapped inside your ruined shell /
The way to get out, you know, / it's the way to destroy
Today you're too tired to care / so you cut your last connection

Hurting, slashing wounds unhealed / we want to see others with suffer
Creating pain elsewhere makes your time so much easier / for all
Screaming through the dark / it has never helped you to get over
Bleeding untill the last moment / you never died in vain

5. Speech

Gathering some falses to live / someone dropped you down
And you fall /
Day after another / horrible creatures within, you call again
Speaking with emptiness / who the hell you're up to see?!

It's 'cause you have lost your force to live

Weakness became to be part of the worst / do not regret
Instead listen to my death sonatas / follow the path of no return
Melodies so cruel and unlimited / they will show you light for today
Thousand lakes for to drown / thousand choices for to be chosen

You released the deepest apathy / other side of doom
Try to cross your fingers at last /
I will make the cross to burn your neck
Every path has its own dead end / you've now seen one
At the end of this one, there's no others yet / thirst for relieves

6. Ouzel's Lay

ONE OPEN EYE! ...I aim all the anger into and through your head
Bless my bullet demons, shall it take you down, shall you stay down
Red line of life fades under the white cover, winter the coffin-creator
Sleep inside the ice and one day you will melt with it...

Leaving me when I was stunned surely saved me from sorrow,
It was your choise to choose bullet instead of having a life
What else would anyone except from one who has nothing to live for
What else I could do than extremely take down the one who did the same for me

This soul cannot carry both of us, the death and the dying
I am alive by the name of all blasphemers, I have to live now, so I bury myself and wait for better times


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