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The Age Of Cosmic Disbelief

"The Age Of Cosmic Disbelief" (2005 Demo)

1. Distant Day
2. Valley Of The Sun
3. The Age Of Cosmic Disbelief
4. Wraithly Whispers
5. The Astral Dominance
6. Walls Of Misery
7. The Final Point

1. Distant Day

From a distant day
Feeling the wind of decay
Afraid of what we have saw
Reaching for what weíve prayed

Standing in the middle of a desert
Hope and joy were just an image
Feelings are nothing but inert
From an old book we turned the page

Couldnít keep our eyes up
To see the top of the mountain
You say the climb may end as a drop
And itís more than you can contain

Our souls are drifting by
No reasons, whoís to tell
Was it just a trip
With a transit to hell?

Deeper you think we go
Cannot see the light of the other side
Now, you made it all stop
Should i fight till we get to the top?

2. Valley Of The Sun

Desert of human desire
The flesh burning to red
My soul is on fire
And my body feels like dead

Chorus :
Someday eyes will meet that day
Whispers of a name, of a place that no one knows
Wandering with hopes under that golden sun
Iíll meet you my friend, if I do grow old

Iíve walk for so long
Not knowing where iím going
All my people have roamed on
This land of the beginning
Repeat chorus

No shadows as there is no darkness
All by myself, left alone
Iíve got to stay alive in this emptiness
But now that I know, I just have to go

3. The Age Of Cosmic Disbelief

From beyond the stars
On the infinite landscape of my mind
On my soul thereís a scar
I wish for the natural healing of time

All I see is darkness
Swirling bright colors distancing me
Back to the beginning
When time was just a new notion

A dark reflection of me
Seperated by a shroud of lies
All concepts are embryionic
Sunken in the vortex of my mind

I need your invisible help
Is that your hand that I see?
Reaching out from my bed
But Iím tied, theyíre restraining me

4. Wraithly Whispers

I saw you once
Holding a white candle
I was so feeble
Our world was dismantled

Since you are gone
Like a bystander
Lifeís now done
Hope to see you later

As I sleep
As I dream
Your soothing voice comes to me
As I lay
As I die
Wraithly whipers letting me free

Now Iím with you
I see you talking
But sounds are lost
In the maze of our thoughts

Dressed of white
Swirling ghostly clothes
Lending me your hand
I have to let it go

5. The Astral Dominance

Iíve been brought down
On my weary knees
Theyíve put words on my tongue
So what am I to believe

Dark thoughts roaming
Around my tired mind
At the stars Iím gazing
Searching through space and time

Into the coil iím Swirling
I fall in emptiness

The lost search Of all meanings
I feel the coldness

Solitude and isolation
I am hiding from reality
Martyr by imolation
Itís a choice of no mercy

Weíre not just flesh
Weíre beings of brilliance
Will your life be godless
To the astral dominance?

Is there an answer?
Lost in an intense moment
Far from all hours
All that is left are torments.

6. Walls Of Misery

Time of forgotten age
Re-live the sorrows
Memories of a fading image
Prayers for a tomorrow

Exiled living backwards
We will always remember
Our souls are fading to amber
Following is much harder

Chorus :
Our God banned us all
For what we have done
Left by ourselves in the wind of fall
The war we have lost

Barbery and slavery
Chained, shut to silence
Standing against the wall of misery
The pain has no resistance

No more tears, the dream is over
We now fly above you
Whorshipped as gods of war
Remember as weak survivors

7. The Final Point


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