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The Neverending Sun

"The Neverending Sun" (2003 Demo)

1. Beyond the Strong
2. Feast for the Reaper
3. Mind Bomb
4. Neverending Sun
5. The Wrong Man
6. Dawn of Our Only Day
7. Acts of Aphrodaesia
8. No Miracles for Me
9. Triad
10. Witches Winter Eternal(live)
11. Waterfall Enchantress(live)
12. Onward(live)

1. Beyond the Strong

I walk alone
Forever I'm one
And I've always tried to believe
Stare at the sun
The Neverending one
Forever will she stare at me

Cold inside
Are the chilled bones of my pride
The keep me alive in the slow

Strike hard the drum
The beat of the one
The heart that is mine will not bleed
Two-fold the sum
The problem's are one
Will cut through the eyes that still see

Bold inside
Is the flavor that tastes me
My senses will now tell me why

I answer the call
Respond to the unending awe
Thrown down to the mud
Like always before and again
We pay!

Tighten the hold
The gold I have won
The treasure I always will lose
Winning the game
Again I will play
A contest I will always choose

Now outside
Revealed is where I hide
No time for sleep, now I must run

I face now the pain
Unblinking I sing my new song
(I embrace the constant burning)
To crush all my frail
And breathe in the air of the strong
(feel my power then I'll go beyond)

Who is to say
Which day we will leave
(yet so many listen)
Do not as told
Is my only sound creed
(listen I no longer will)

2. Feast for the Reaper

Take the sun from a thousand lives
They are now cordially invited
To the end of flesh and fun
This party's only getting started

Where the Hell is Heaven now?
Only He, the Reaper responds
come inside and play
Did he speak or was it me?

The lights are out
The curtain rises
Feel a little frightened
I don't have the reason
Come on! - Time to play!

Feel a little hotter
Dead are now alive

Take my hand
And dance with me forever
Holding onto the last night of the never
He is entertained by your lifeline
(look away, look away from his eyes)
Let's toast to all our winters
The evening's feast is to die for
His banquet feeds your own demise
(take away, take away your life)

Feel the heat of the Midnight eyes
The Medusa stare will harden
Your journey's just begun
The morning never seems to matter

Hell will freeze when Heaven is found
Only now the Reaper rises
Will you dare to play
Did you die or was it me?

My heart shuts down
A certain crisis
Now I'm really frightened
Still don't have a reason
Come on! - Time to play!

Now I'm getting colder
Live into the dead

(repeat c-1)


2am last call . . .
Time for all to fall


Take his hand and sleep forever
Letting go to the last night of together
He is unrestrained by killing time
Our host to all our winters
Has closed the feast he's devoured
The Reaper's feast is our demise!

3. Mind Bomb

The night is old and
The dreams are now drifting
The sun rises again
I try to rouse in the thick
Of the drowse to make my
day's commission
(tell me)
Why every time when I cover
My eyes, the loud, bright blare
Will scream again
I dare to look
And bite the hook
To chum our waters red

As I try to reason
(madness to reason)

I know inside the truthful lies

Light the short fuse of
The Mindbomb

Burn and spark away

From war to working
From trials that I fight each day
So long the fighting
Of sleepless minds and tired

The jealousy that the world
Will conceive
To kill the godless man
The seventh day will to
me only say, it's back
To work again
(too soon)
I pay the bills just to
Pay for my life, the tax
will born the bile
So take a look
And feel the cook
And bleed our eyes to red

Try to stay the madness
(reason to madness)

To prove the lie from truth inside
Set the timer of the Mindbomb

Tic, tock, tick away

From war to working
From trials that I fight each day
So long the fighting
Of sleepless minds and tired hands
The news is spreading
Farther, faster
To end each hour they
Calmly say
"Good night, be sure to
tune in tomorrow"
And we will wash
Our fears to death!

Where is the time
When we do not fear
The Darker vacations

When do we find
That time we all have is
Only for a living

How do we know
When we can stop this
Disgusting rat race

There's no goal
That we're crossing over


Diffuse, refuse
The pressure stays and
Shortens the countdown
From mouth to hand
In the cynical land
Our violence will amuse!

The love of madness
(our love of madness)

I know what steals the truth inside
Detonate the core of the Mindbomb
Blow your head away!

4. Neverending Sun

Burn as we run
Burn as we run
Run as our life burns away

Black is the clock of the cold synchronize
Pumping the blood of our pain

Turn away - far away

Never the first time
Do we forget when we're alone

Young child
Do you remember me
The rising sun of tomorrow begun
Who sets in sorrowed seas
You count the days that I'll sure spin away
No rest for my remembered
My power is one, your calendar done
Your night creating, daylight only sun

Fighting our time
For our time remembered
We'll roam the land
And cross the seven seas
The oceans four and the endless mountains
They only know the secret of her soul

Burn as we run
Burn as we run
Run as our life burns away


Our sun
Looks always down at me
We raise our brows just to stare at your eye
Forever - forever
Reflect your glare and absorb the rays of your fire - stronger
Our power is one as we begin the run
The quest to find the Neverending Sun

Fighting our time
For our time remembered
To let the stars see our own light shine
We'll burn the fools who will try to stop us
And take the hands
Of the ones she left behind

Rise again
(let the moon rise tonight)
To no end
(let her bathe in our light)
Find us again
(let time be our glory)
We feel no end
(why is it death that we all choose?)


Burn down the sun
Burn down the sun
Burn down the blistering sun
We will stand tall
let the burning one fall
Burn down the unending sun!

Away - Today!

United or one I will live with us all or alone!

The fool am I
I hold the loser's scepter
I chase her down to keep her high in the sky
Only to feel the ending, setting sun

I'll know my time
When my time's forgotten
Just like the candle
Fading in my sky
My dusk of dreams
Is the dust of darkness
Here in the cold is the warm of my demise

To try - To avoid my ending
To find - The everending
We'll find - The neverending
My Life - The Neverending Sun

5. The Wrong Man

All through my life
All the time I've remembered
From when I was born
Could never tell the left from my right
But the right from wrong
I do admit that I am no angel
My dark room does tell me so
Yet seems when I think it's all right
. . . it's always wrong

Don't try to understand
The bane that's always haunted
No use in hearing how I ruined you
I'm the Wrong Man you have wanted

Plan for the days when the sun should shine
It always starts to rain
All of the nights I tried to be on time
Turn out too early or too late
I listen to all the things they teach
In the end I've learned in vain
Whenever I tried to make things right
It's in the wrong I am again

Don't try to understand
The bane that's always haunted
The ones who try to make a good man fail
I'm the Wrong Man they have wanted

I try to understand
By wrong I'm always hunted
Anything else that I can do wrong for you?
I'm the Wrong Man you've entrusted

Wrong question!

Wrong answer!

Always the wrong kind of attitude!

I always try to solve the problems

or logic
It doesn't matter which one I choose

I'm always wrong no matter what I say!


Another chance, a beginning again
To seek what I have wanted
The choices made in my life are all mine
To me they all have counted

You'll never understand
The bane that you've inflicted
I've always known who the Wrong Man is
They're the ones pontificating
(just go away)

So try to understand the bane that I have lifted
(and stay away)
Look in the mirror
All the times you accuse
It's the Wrong Man you've detected

6. Dawn of Our Only Day

Three suns shine
They shine forever
Neverending suns
They day-lit triad

The tree that shine will end it all

They fall

The myth that makes us paralyze!

Hold tight

Brother daylight
Lifelong time
Darkness descends
We must all endure . . .

Prepare your lives for darkest light

One time
In life must we pass through the night

Cold fright!

Panic falls from our home near
Now we will hide and cling to our fear

We await the dawn of our only day
The time when our three suns
will sleep together
Far away is the dawn of our only day
The time when we live in the light
. . . Forever

So terrified with open eyes
Cold light

The coolness brings a strange desire

Anxiety now falls to sway
Slowly I embrace this newfound calm

On other worlds this is the time
Earth kind

Am I to see this wondrous life
Behind . . .

The shade of everything we know
What danger did our elders feel below

Light the flame
'Til the dawn of our only day
Let the nightfall candle burn
Once again

We can wait
For the dawn of our only day
I need the memories of night


So long have I feared
the beautiful twilight

Now will I miss the soothing bright

Now we hate
The dawn of our only day
The dying dark awakens the light forever
Now we live
In the light of eternal day
I hope the dreamland that is night
Remembers me

7. Acts of Aphrodaesia

Act I, she enters the spotlight
Daylight curator
96k, drives a Mercedes Benz
Lives by her dayplanner

Beware in the moonlight
She'll crack the skin
To enjoy your blood
She'll stare with her sloe eyes
That will turn to ice
Likes the dark, warmer corners
She spills the pain of the candle's tears
By her order of leather
You will be her slave

By the words - you live by its command
The command - of Aphrodæsia
Live the lust - the one endless demand
We demand - our Aphrodæsia

Act II - He enters the spotlight
Corporate dictator
800k in a suit and a tie
Ruler of the sunlight

Cast down in the midnight
The cretin bound and his limbs hang high
Now cover his blue eyes
Choose torture device
Likes the loneliest dungeons
To feel the pull of the barbed wire ties
By order of metal
Pleasured by the vice

Meanwhile, the audience
Enjoys the voyeurism
No intermission in our play
That we desire


Tell me what happens
Tomorrow - when we all
Reawaken - Will we forget
Our debauchery - or find
The carnal answer?


Act III, I enter the spotlight
Eternal jester
Negative K, always tried to survive
Evermoving Onward

Indulge in the starlight
Consent the ones that will have no name
Fill my fetish of fervor
Taste the foreign flame
Meet me in the warm waters
And let your will now entangle mine
By order of passion
Life is now divine

(repeat chorus 1)
(end chorus)

In the night - you live in its command
The command of Aphrodæsia
Live the years - get caught up in the act
In the Acts of Aphrodæsia

(chorus underlying vocals:)
By day we all have found
The will to find what we've been missing
Now look all around
'cos everybody wants a part in it

Turn the day around
The sin is not so upside-down
It's found in every town
The Acts of Aphrodæsia

8. No Miracles for Me

Running alone
Trying to get away
My path is chosen once more again

Hold on to my only discipline
My chips will fall where I choose to play
And how I'll play

And all the mistakes that I have made
I have made
And all the choices I will make
I will make . . . for me

To taste the glory
Or taste the steel that destroys me

The horse I ride
The reins are mine
Don't compromise the victor

I write my story
Only for these two eyes to read

I'll lose the game
I'll take the blame
And learn to play it better

No ray of light or force divine decides
No miracles for me

I know the sun brings another day
Night falls and cools off my own pain

And still my stone is not chipped away
with words of karma they proclaim
nothing's the same

And all the yesterdays I've made,
fade away
and all tomorrows that I'll make,
I will make
for me

hold on to glory
when times of failure do embrace

The road I drive
the wheel is mine
don't dare to cross the tyrant

I write my story
and play the part for all to see

I'll lose the game
and take the blame
and learn to play it better

No ray of light or force divine decides
no miracles for . . .


Repeat chorus 1 and 2 except:

Forever mine is what I will decide
the miracle is me

9. Triad

The tree in the keep
Unaltered future
Uncurséd Triad
The sun of father time
Belongs to thee
Let us now pass the time
Still there is much more to conquer

Where are they and who are we
The early morning workers
Lists that tell the time
The days are getting better

We're born, we grow
We learn, we cry
We love, we live
We hate, we lie

And then we die

We re all our own foundation

High is the moonlight
She leads the tides of faithful oceans
Around the sunlight
The nine gone gods forever dancing
Dead in the desert
Stay the four of stone
Grown triads, I need to wonder
What will we leave behind
When we are gone

We crave to kill the time
Still there is much more
To answer

Where will we go
And what will be
The kings of all discarded
Songs that have no time
And still the years are testing

We play, we sleep
We sing, we scream
Believe the hope
That they defy

And still we die

Strongest is the point
Where one meets three

(repeat chorus except )

And still I wonder
What will we leave
Behind tomorrow


Now - what lies ahead is what we fathom
Ahead - the Triad never dies
Behind - are the days that we
are forced to remember
I feel - the Neverending Sun
is setting soon

Burn as we run . . .
The Neverending Sun

10. Witches Winter Eternal(live)

V-1 Snow on Easter, cold is this morning gray.
Frozen noontime, no flowers will bloom today.
I hear laughing. Over her land of endless white.
I am hungry. She'll feed a cold dish tonight.

Pre ch-1 Her white winter eternal-
cursed in stone of the lion's silent roar.
Icy winter eternal-
warmth of springtime caught in nevermore.

Chorus Together, we'll stand forever in stone.
The world is mine, in frozen time.
Whenever you dream of summer, too late.
Open your eyes, to a northern frigid sky.

V-2 Iron cauldron, boils of Antarctic brew.
Frozen nighttime, her fire burns only blue.
For she enjoys it. Her tit is the metaphor.
One can wonder, will this be forevermore?

Pre ch-2 Wind filled winter eternal-
cursed in stone is the sand time warrior.
Witches winter eternal-
dreams of summer lost in nevermore.

Repeat chorus


Repeat chorus

11. Waterfall Enchantress(live)

A crystal river is flowing and falling below. Fact or fiction I've heard the tale of death lady's cove.
Many men come here to seek the enchantress divine, lured by her power to heal saddened, heartbroken minds.
She stands behind the falls that crush the bodies onto jagged lime. Blood mixed with water a crimson stream
now washes through mine.

I can hear her song, a haunted melody.
I can now see her face, unequaled beauty.

Legend does say
a fearless heart will cross the falls unharmed.
But who doth have
a fearless heart that's also broken

A warrior am I who's fought not wars of swords and armor.
The thirst of loneliness I've tried to quench for all my life.

Moving closer I gaze onto healing emerald eyes. Song of solace breathes through the lips of soothing red wine.
Long flowing hair blows through whispers of wind from my dreams. Two arms that will embrace and hands
that will caress my longing face.

Her voice now calls me clear, my fear's abandoned.
Lustful were other men, whose souls have fallen.

Can't see the spray that whips my face and robs the air I breathe.
Thunder falls, such power that it dwarfs my body.

Yet I continue on even if it means that I will drown
to know that I have felt the hope she gives forever moving.

Moving on and on. To what ending? I still hear her song.
Under or through the waterfall I now shall go.


Behind me water falls, my body is left behind.
My soul now in her arms, enchanted I'll remain
on, on forever onforever enchanted.

12. Onward(live)

V-1 Onward I walk, alone and abandoned. Feeling the wind and the icy cold rain.
Feeling each step, destiny hidden. All to aware of the fear and the pain.
Feeling the sting of true betrayal, now I have no one to trust but myself.
I am now one, no more believer, yet there is still wind to fill my sail.

C-1 A paradise I seek shall be found. The only one I'll know.
I challenge failure to cut me down, 'cause it's Onward I shall go.
My power strength shall never die, as long as I stay alive.
One word shall always be by my side. Ever moving Onward!!!!

V-2 Battles I've won, the war I have lost. My blood and my tears they are equally spilled.
The risk I shall take, the feel of the cost, the prophecies of shattered dreams now fulfilled.
The specters they watch, I can hear them laugh, yet I will impale onto their doubting eyes.
Victory due one of these days, revenge will silently come all in due time.

Bridge Onward on - never underestimate my force of will.
Onward on - never I will hesitate to know that I will fight!!


V-3 Onward I walk, with each step now closer, but closer to something that might not be there.
Using the rage, feeling the hunger, the book that I read always has a new page.
Come strike me down, take all that you need. Resilience is my newfound weapon of choice.
Again I will rise, one day I will win, as long as I sing Onward cry from my voice!!

Repeat C-1


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