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"Reawaken" (2002)

1. Reawaken
2. Night
3. Seven Tides of Labyrinthine
4. Where Evil Follows
5. Eye of the Nightmare
6. My Darkest Room
7. In Due Time
8. Clockwork Toy (Loudness cover)
9. Who Saw the Last Star Fall
10. The Next Triumph - I. Rememberance
11. The Next Triumph - II. Reawakening

1. Reawaken

I recall, the day of the fall
Betrayal from brothers, bloodlines broken
No one but me from these eyes I can see
I heard only silence, disloyaling quietus
Discontented some else, a nightmare
From the dream, from them alone
Without a home, a cursed limbo
An army defected, the loyal are lost
Believers are not dead
They just only sleep

Sleep and dream of your own memories
See a time of reawakening
Realization now

Now the sun of our morning shall rise
Dawn has broken
Know the vengeance from your open eyes
Reawaken all

Wage the war, fight all once more
Relive the sound of purest power
Born in the wilds, from desperate we feed
Weíll black out the silence from your own evil
Gather Ďround to make the sound
A nightmare for their dreams
No more alone, weíll find the home
And cleanse the dead minds
New army gathered, the loyal are found
Believers are restless, time for us to wake

Wake and live once again the memories
You forsaken
Sleep is always the home of your misery
Reawaken now

Now the sun of our days remains high
Never broken
Chase the mind-washing sleep of the night

Now and forever by my side
Weíll seek the taken
Find and return all the rage to their eyes

Reawaken! Never will my heart be stolen
Reawaken! Never will my mind be shaken
(heed the call)
Reawaken! False ones now your bones will shatter
(one and all)
Reawaken! Time is ours and onward we will march

2. Night

The unborn darkness lives in day
The youth of dark will soon grow older
Mature until the air of black

Steal your blood from nocturne prey
Embrace a million suns much darker
Caress the other world of night

The night cooling refuge
From southernís sun so endless
A polar summer midnightís shine

Night, all night, dayís oasis
Where all my dreams still survive
A paradise Iíll lose to sun from sleep

Summer, northern sunshine
Endless, midnight daylight
White night, insane sunshine

Go to where Iíll meet the dark
The winter of polar sullen
Itís where the noon is filled with black

Give your eyes to evilís play
Gaze upon a moon much truer
The strength of arms that hold
The Night

The night, inspiration
For my own silent pleasures
Let fall the star of earthly life (for my night)

Night, my night, light forsaken
Where my power is alive
A paradise thatís found earthís own shade

Winter, polar darkness
Endless, midday nighttime
At night, lost is sunshine
Eternal night

Come and see where your loyal shadows always betray
Come with me once cleansed of fear
Nightís love will make you stay

Autumn, days grow shorter
Colder, nights grow longer
Seasons, change through time
(Forever) night still seeking

Darker places call me
Hiding doesnít cure me
Expose my whole being to the night

3. Seven Tides of Labyrinthine

Dream forever, forever I dream

Ten thousand galaxies away
Rests the world of hallowed waters
Two suns that shine on labyrinthine

Reflections of the seven crescents
Icons of the gods once worshipped
Control the lands of seldom seen

Shifting, rising, falling

Align - seven centuries pass by
The seventh cycle tide arrives
Seven levels mark the worth of men - divided
The low - a barren expose of non-high covers all but cream of men
One land exists above the oceans amethyst garden

Lost whispers (calling)
I am one man with two dreams inside
Shared by my last kingless queen

Dry above the waters high
Lie the sifts of cirrus tower
Keeps cold and dry my love unseen
Safe is she from waters raging
Cold death will I soon be facing
Unless my call will make me king

Endless waters rising

Denied - passage to the towers climb
The wall thatís safe from the sixth tide
Near is the high water that we have forever
The mark - chosen for me at birth
The worth - of my heart unbounded
No sea of judgment can decide the fate that dreams make

Feel me (softly)
When your almond eyes close out the light
Hear the voices in dark waves
(The promised sound of sleep)
Tides are rising (from your tears)
Not from moons or science theory
Lonely is your mind of dreams, awake, hear my answers
And one heart will keep beating

Awake to a returned sunlight sky
For my dreams have christened
The sole one is me that breathes
The sea - I am chosen
Away - from this lightless land seen today
Hand in hand I meet my queen
The air of honor is whole again
We now descend

One together
The end of loneliness we will achieve
The emerald sky also has eyes
Still forever
Or at least until the life in our eyes die
Our oceans still create the rain
And soothes our sleep

Dream forever, forever I dream

4. Where Evil Follows

Evil will follow

Faculty X speaks to me and again itís calling
I feel it warning me of something darker than kind purpose
Always I, the rod of lightening from the blackest clouds advancing
Finding, seeking me to haunt my days of virtue

Itís not me, yet they all think so (melancholy mercenary)
Iím just here, a bystander (stealing, borrowing the peace)
Cool and calm is my true nature (burning madness perceiving)
Stay away, I am the force

You feel in my presence
Keep far, beware, it is me

Evil does follow

Traveling to distant places does not matter
Because isolation is the strength to use the blade
Two men fight and one will win with a knife of steel
That cuts through tin
And I am just the witness who was not the cause

To kill and see the crimson blood flow (intoxicating visions blind me)
Still, with fear, I dare not move (glassy eyes filled with salt tears)
Try to warn, I will soon infect (try to keep the peace, itís failing)
Stay away, I am the force

You feel in my presence, keep far when I am near
Believe my real danger
Stay far, beware, it is me

Evil does follow

Where evil does follow is where I have been
Unfortunate sorrow finds just where I am
Where evil will follow is where Iím going to
Try to outpace its maneuvers too deadly

Iím where evil follows

Where evil does follow is where I have been
And all the blame it spawns comes back to where I am
Where evil will follow is where Iím going to
I have now accepted its cause from me to you

(Evil will follow)

Where evil does follow
Is where I have been
(Evil does follow)
Might as well just use its power for my revenge
(My evilís followed)
Where evil follows is where Iím going to
(Where evil follows)
Donít you dare try to follow its power too

5. Eye of the Nightmare

End of days, my greatest fear
My body tires and sleep is near
Close my eyes and I will pray for dreams of rapture
But still it comes, the storm of spiraling clouds of nightmares chasing me

Fed from boiling seas of sorrow, blackened yawns of deadpan horror

Stand, upon these shores and wait for my own storm
Learn to endure, like always before, my eyes will see
If I hold on Iíll be, within the soothing center, calming, restful solace

Try to enter

Not forever in the eye of the nightmare
As you enter, feel the eye of the nightmare
Trapped inside the violent eye of the nightmare
Lucid colors sees the eye of the nightmare

Try to run but in all dreams our bodies fail, we want to sleep

Kin and loved ones torn apart by wings of torture
Be still, I feel a million legs of angry insects, hungry I sense
Peel away from faceless children, from them I hear young screams of terror

Hold my body down, so scared without the sound
My lost dreams found, frightened all around
Itís just a dream
Hold on and Iíll soon be, within the guarded, peaceful, quiet, sunlit place

Try to stay here

Now forever in the eye of the nightmare
Peace I will find from the eye of the nightmare
Lost inside behind the eye of the nightmare
(Within, the end, behind the)
Tearful madness sees the eye of the nightmare
(Always, open is the)

Frozen lies and frozen stares of subconscious thoughts, theyíre not really here
The only way to leave the eye is through the storm wall
Dreams of burning, dreams of drowning
Theyíre all just to me, elementary nightmares
Iíll stay in the eye and sleep forever, sweat through the storm
Hope I can wake

As the storm clouds fade it looks like
I will wake to another day
Allís well now until I see the sun fall down
(Only close one eye)

6. My Darkest Room

Here within my walls so safe and warm my darkness
Light is not a factor
Say? What will I may think today wrong and clever
Selfish sings the inner clever seed

Walk away donít try to know me
Iíve claimed my maud from unperfect days
Iíll take whatís mind from my divine methods still proven
These thoughts I have you questions were not meant for your eyes to see

Why should I know you what can you do that helps me
Reap and eat my lustful harvest
Leave thereís nothing here and I donít care about your
Spoken concerns of
My nature

Dare to try to really know me
Iíll leave you lost just to find my way
So satisfied of your demise no more a burden
These thoughts I feel existing were always a burden for my eyes to see

No hundred doom, there is no gloom
No hint of violent hatred
Feel what I can feel
And then youíll find the hallway to my darkest room

The love I make for me is chosen (youíve come too soon)
From the pain of past and broken (nothing for you to see)
Why so long I have I been waiting
Just to let fate be dictated (you cannot steal my fear)

Seasons of unrest approaching
(Itís all now becoming clear)
Careful in my dark selecting (just how many years)
Feelings teem in constant irate (through many tears)
God help those who stand in my way
(Iíve learned it was always there)
I want to gain everything unchastened (so scared at first)
Chip away at my frustrations
(But when revealed, I was then healed)
Seven sins of deadly beckon
No force of divine will stop me (to know I rule my world)
Evil is a state of free mind (I will have it my own way)
Treasures that all seek I will find (donít look away)
Look away
Or you will see manís darkest room

Do away, now that you know me
The nature of evil I understand (perfectly clear)
Forever mind is my own mind you cannot shatter
Such things the world still questions are not meant for their
Eyes to

7. In Due Time

One more year just past today
A year ago I felt the same
Trapped in a lost situation
And solutions are too complicated
One more year will pass again
The hourglass just starts to end
The time I need lays before me
To kill my never-ending story

In due time, sands wonít fall
May the moment freeze
So I can take time to keep
Iíll see

What is ever-moving
Closer seemed so far away
In time - tomorrow will become today
What is left behind forever is too far away
In time - the past will only stay
In time - All thatís left is my stone name

One more tear just fell today
A tear that tries to wash my pain
Wasted in a useless location
Not in mind was this dull vocation
One more tear will pass again
A wishful thought my only friend
So much time I have now before me
Iíll start to write my unknown story

In due time the sands will fall
When my moment comes
Iíll keep the time that I need

To have

Tomorrow what was ever moving closer is now here today
No time, Iíll forget my lonely days
No sorrow - I have left behind forever my void-filled days
In time - the past will breathe my name
Tomorrow - gone away and moving onward to better days
In time - Iíll laugh the nights away
No sorrow - try for now to see forever my glory-filled days
In time - all time will know my name
In time - in time weíll see the end

8. Clockwork Toy (Loudness cover)

9. Who Saw the Last Star Fall

Who saw the last star fall
Who heard the first note of deathís song

Why is it now I have to wait
No place to hide, no true escaping
Left all alone for no manís sake
My planet home will lose today

Who can feel the oceanís cry
Who will bid the last blue sky goodbye
Iíve lived only half of my life to be
Not chosen was this day of mine (time unwinds)
Today we all share the same destiny
Tomorrow our fate will be all as one

Who saw the last rose bloom
Who tasted lifeís sweet end too soon

Now I can feel the mountains shake
All cities obliterated
Farthest from this fist I stand
The last one to die is my plan

Who makes our nightmares true
Who first knew ďthereís nothing we can doĒ

The fires will burn all except the sky
The sun will be leaving us soon (time to die)
Today weíll all have the same destiny
Tomorrow our fates will be all as one

Iíll wait here
As Luciferís last star does fall
Iíll be here
I shall leave all of my thoughts to you

10. The Next Triumph - I. Rememberance

At the end again my autumn wind will blow
Iíve returned to a place once lived
A cold cave filled with tears
A lost retreat from the storm that came
And killed green lands now barren
I remember, remember so well
This place I left long ago
Back with the lost by the Road of Lose
The sorrow, so helpless, the dark it smothers me
The past of spring gave damn to here
Victorious I led my own exileÖ from here
Now winterís come to freeze my core
By fire I shall warm
The winds will howl I will hear song

Through dark of night I await the dawn
The prize I once had the life I then lost
Was written, recited and challenged by the same
Soul that sits in and waits not long
For once I found my way

Once is all too much
Yet twice seems not enough
For failure need
Yes without dark, no light
A side of sadness mine
Even through death Iíll find (my triumph)
There is no true horizon
That I wonít sail, succeed or fail

11. The Next Triumph - II. Reawakening

I dare myself the will

Every garden has a wall I must climb
Every triumph is a journey
Every road has a destination
Why do mine lead all to dead ends?

Every day I lose ten hours for anotherís profit
My free time will just get wasted
Just to sleep and face the next day

Promises were never fulfilled
But never broken
I have gotten good at waiting
Such a thing for me to practice

For my futureís never certain
My past is in stone
And I know the more things do chance
The more Iíll just remain insane

Today is not good for dying
No reason for my fear (to stop me here)
Strong is the wind of triumph
Thatís ever-coming clear
My day is near

Once is all we want
But once is not enough
For triumphís need
Itís when we see
Born the light for dark
The sadness is now far
My death no longer alive
Iíll stay alive

My true horizon the sea Iíll sail
Succeed or fail
I am my will

No looking back into the black
My triumphís clear
My triumphís here!


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