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"Evermoving" (2001)

1. The Kindness of Strangers
2. Onward
3. The Waterfall Enchantress
4. The Last Sunset
5. Absolution Mine
6. Witches Winter Eternal
7. Storm Coming Soon
8. The Lost Side of the World

1. The Kindness of Strangers

The Kindness of Strangers

V-1 Hello!! - as you take a step back out of fear, it\'s just a primal reaction.
Wait!! - through the eyes of suspicious is clear, why is it you don\'t trust me?

Gaze on a smile that is sweet and so haunting, fixed on a feeling so wrong and attracting.
Temptation rising, paralyzing, I won\'t do you harm.

Ch-1 Gray is the hand!!
Of an elderly figure, shaking and frail, a façade of soul darkness.
Weak is the eye!!
To the passion of evil, here we both stand we are two perfect strangers.
Into my mind!!
Is the realm you shall ever discover my truth or my unholy purpose.
Please take my hand!!
Take a chance for the first time, have no fear to the kindness of strangers.

V-2 Good-bye!! - I see that you are preparing to leave, is it with or without me?
Go!! - to walk alone can be paradise, that in time you will fall from.

Witness a tear that can make you so happy, a safe distance that could leave you so empty.
Logistics rising, sterilizing, it will do you harm.

Ch-2 Strong is the hand!!
Of a young fighting soldier, clear minded strong a detractor of frailness.
Strong is the eye!!
To the passion of evil, nothing will change we are still perfect strangers.
Out of my mind!!
Is the place you will take me to find all the lies and discover true sadness.
Let go of my hand!!
Isolation now beckons, fear I\'ll have to the kindness of strangers.

Together we shall be, side by side we\'ll always walk alone.


2. Onward


V-1 Onward I walk, alone and abandoned. Feeling the wind and the icy cold rain.
Feeling each step, destiny hidden. All to aware of the fear and the pain.
Feeling the sting of true betrayal, now I have no one to trust but myself.
I am now one, no more believer, yet there is still wind to fill my sail.

C-1 A paradise I seek shall be found. The only one I\'ll know.
I challenge failure to cut me down, \'cause it\'s Onward I shall go.
My power strength shall never die, as long as I stay alive.
One word shall always be by my side. Ever moving Onward!!!!

V-2 Battles I\'ve won, the war I have lost. My blood and my tears they are equally spilled.
The risk I shall take, the feel of the cost, the prophecies of shattered dreams now fulfilled.
The specters they watch, I can hear them laugh, yet I will impale onto their doubting eyes.
Victory due one of these days, revenge will silently come all in due time.

Bridge Onward on - never underestimate my force of will.
Onward on - never I will hesitate to know that I will fight!!


V-3 Onward I walk, with each step now closer, but closer to something that might not be there.
Using the rage, feeling the hunger, the book that I read always has a new page.
Come strike me down, take all that you need. Resilience is my newfound weapon of choice.
Again I will rise, one day I will win, as long as I sing Onward cry from my voice!!

Repeat C-1

3. The Waterfall Enchantress

A crystal river is flowing and falling below. Fact or fiction I've heard the tale of death lady's cove.
Many men come here to seek the enchantress divine, lured by her power to heal saddened, heartbroken minds.
She stands behind the falls that crush the bodies onto jagged lime. Blood mixed with water a crimson stream
now washes through mine.

I can hear her song, a haunted melody.
I can now see her face, unequaled beauty.

Legend does say
a fearless heart will cross the falls unharmed.
But who doth have
a fearless heart that's also broken

A warrior am I who's fought not wars of swords and armor.
The thirst of loneliness I've tried to quench for all my life.

Moving closer I gaze onto healing emerald eyes. Song of solace breathes through the lips of soothing red wine.
Long flowing hair blows through whispers of wind from my dreams. Two arms that will embrace and hands
that will caress my longing face.

Her voice now calls me clear, my fear's abandoned.
Lustful were other men, whose souls have fallen.

Can't see the spray that whips my face and robs the air I breathe.
Thunder falls, such power that it dwarfs my body.

Yet I continue on even if it means that I will drown
to know that I have felt the hope she gives forever moving.

Moving on and on. To what ending? I still hear her song.
Under or through the waterfall I now shall go.


Behind me water falls, my body is left behind.
My soul now in her arms, enchanted I'll remain
on, on forever on…forever enchanted.

4. The Last Sunset

V-1 Five scores and three years my life's seen.
My minds last command is read to me.
No angel of death will take me away, my fear's washing away.

C-1 So still while I'll rest, gaze upon the last sunset.
Feel no cold, and I still see no fabled guiding light.

V-2 My life's before my eyes, I'm ready now.
My blood will flow its final round, Onward to death the only way.
I'm not afraid.

C-2 Last smile, last pure breath, fade with the last sunset.
I shall go to a place that I remember long ago.

Bridge Soft endorphins soothe my mind, dancing shadows play
as I die.


V-3 Never departed or saw my body from above, a ghost I would not be.
No memories of heaven or hell or of the Guff, final passing.

C-3 Open my new eyes, gaze upon the first sunrise.
For now I'll forget, the day I'll see the last sunset.

It's unending, all connecting, never pausing, so relenting.
Lives uncounted, days unnumbered, different bodies we live forever.

5. Absolution Mine

V-1 Scared, oh where of body disappeared, kidnapped of my mate without a trace.
(no case)
Tried to find, until I lost my mind. What crypt found on this earth would hold your place?
(I am)
Lost of cause not knowing where you are, or more important dead or you alive.
(I need)
To know the fact, final answer if you will. If I only could sleep now once again.

C-1 Absolution
here I am at the end.
realized finalized.
without a sound, you are found.
seek my peace of mind.

V-2 But wait, too late. Unfinished still I feel. Revenge is my own way to feed my rage.
(I have)
Found the clown who toys with evil thoughts. Good deeds were things that he lost long ago.
(here I)
hide with time, patience is on my side. When sleep will gall of then I shall now strike.
Life you took, the method you will share and absolutely you will say good-bye

C-2 Absolution
once again at the end.
realized finalized.
all is said, now you're dead.
found my peace of mind.

Bridge Final, finne, over, ending, all my past thoughts gone.
Good does it feel when your mind can heal and life can now move on.
I feel satisfied.
Absolution mine!!


C-3 Absolution mine!
Absolution mine!!

6. Witches Winter Eternal

V-1 Snow on Easter, cold is this morning gray.
Frozen noontime, no flowers will bloom today.
I hear laughing. Over her land of endless white.
I am hungry. She'll feed a cold dish tonight.

Pre ch-1 Her white winter eternal-
cursed in stone of the lion's silent roar.
Icy winter eternal-
warmth of springtime caught in nevermore.

Chorus Together, we'll stand forever in stone.
The world is mine, in frozen time.
Whenever you dream of summer, too late.
Open your eyes, to a northern frigid sky.

V-2 Iron cauldron, boils of Antarctic brew.
Frozen nighttime, her fire burns only blue.
For she enjoys it. Her tit is the metaphor.
One can wonder, will this be forevermore?

Pre ch-2 Wind filled winter eternal-
cursed in stone is the sand time warrior.
Witches winter eternal-
dreams of summer lost in nevermore.

Repeat chorus


Repeat chorus

7. Storm Coming Soon

V-1 A change in wind course blowing to northeast, the wrath of sky unseen,
but when the birds stop singing, crickets quiet its kind days quarantine.
The wind's kiss is getting wetter, darkening, the truth of leaves now lie.
Even though the air's electric, so eclectic, I choose not to hide.

C-1 It's time to cleanse the land again, so red was the morning sky.
The endless clouds look so fed. The strongest elements collide.
Welcome to nature's greatest show by the eye of the morning moon.
With a twisted smile I now know…storm coming soon!

V-2 Humble branches bow and face the other way, the sky's now evil green.
Electric claw of lightning, applaud, power so unseen.

C-2 One with the storm I here will stand, so red was the morning sky.
On a higher plane I will command. The strongest elements collide.
To see the center of it all by the eye of the morning moon.
Wisdom I'll find or I shall fall, storm coming…soon.
From the red of the morning sky
by the eye of the morning moon,
storm coming soon

Bridge I feel sheltered yet I'm still outside.
Now I enter onto the unknown inside.


C-3 One day you'll know…
By the red of the afternoon,
by the light of the evening moon,
midnight coming soon

8. The Lost Side of the World

V-1 The sun has set, the sky so red, harmless clouds are drifting high and pale.
The moon so bright will make the night, only as black as a widows vale.
Some stars will live, some stars will fall, Northern lights will dance to no sound at all.

Pre ch-1 Yet I hear song, of winter's wind.
Through trees so long…dark whisper.

V-2 The rest will sleep, their dreams they'll keep, I'll stay awake to sensitize the night.
I can hear such sounds no one else can hear, life it is so mystical, it's just that they have gotten used to it.
Wolf's tears have fallen down, remember me of lost saddened memories found.

Pre ch-2 Still awake. Alone I'll take. Into my mind my midnight's kind.
Day only hides the sounds that play within the dark, embrace your fears so near.
When you know that there's no one else around for miles, your conscious will be clear.

Chorus I have found the
of the world…laced in true mystery.

I live in the
forever here I shall stay…


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