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The Immortal Flame

"The Immortal Flame" (2002 Demo)

1. Intro
2. Grinding Night
3. Immortal Flame Part One
4. Immortal Flame Part Two
5. Omni Mortuus
6. Outro

1. Intro

2. Grinding Night

We have seen the gods of old, but they never existed...

We have no souls left to sell
There is no final spirit to kill
We are the children of all who came before us
We will be gods anew....
God is dying
Can't you see?
The age of our misery will be destroyed...
Wading in misery

Mighty are we who see the truth.
God's only lies
Mighty are we who see..
God is telling us just the right lies

See our might as it drops down
We will be god as we sing of the sound
Night we'll see
Nothing from me, nothing for me

God will die again
Seen the sight, god is dead.
Falsness will always be there
Proof, that there's no god.

Lies, deception, mistreat, and hate
These are the gifts, that god procreates

Lies, Fear, ROT!

And so, the armies drew closer
Drawing nearer
Satan draws forth, giving God his final word
The Armies of darkness rove closer
And god fell!

Now you see, the secret, see?
Night will dawn, night will be me
Believe in your savior
He will not see you again...

Oh the night we'll see again
We all remain
Night will be again
To the iron clash

There will be a final call

Believe in the wrong god
(we can't see at all)
Go to hell, because you were wrong...

(you) Believe in the lies...

3. Immortal Flame Part One

This is in night
The Immortal fight
God will be dead
For all time
Yes, indeed



This the darkest night
Fear all the night to fight
We will be there again
Dying, immortal flame

All we are mighty ones
Trying to get the sun
Die again...
We will be ne'er the lost

See the dark, deep in the slime
Can't help to kill for a price
(see the flame)
We will be lost again
And see the immortal fight
(see the flame)
What will we have again
To kill the son of the god
(see the flame)
We look down, kill him now
Rip the lies, straight from his heart
Down again, or will we laugh again
This will be the last, until we meet again
This will be the fight, we will see the immortal flame...

*long screech*

I will not recieve, repentance for my sins
Rise again the night
(This space lost in memory)
When will the lively god dust to waste
In the intestine's sun
We will rise again...
See it, rise again!
OH, they die all again
See, control, this is the way
For us to die
Night will be gone
For all divine
This is the way
We will rise! [hold]

*long screech*

4. Immortal Flame Part Two

*scream x4*
*scream x4*

*long growl/screech*

Father that calls, for all that serve
I see the whole, grinding the night
It will be gone
Death, divine
This is the flame, Imortal flame
We are the night, we are the day
The immortal flame
We are the night,We are the right
And call up the night
We are the night, we are the flame
The immortal flame....

These are your whore
We are divine
Taudry summons
This is the night, we are the night
We are the immortal flame
Rise once again, fall in the night
This is the way to die
This your fire, we are your child
This is the immortal flame
We know not to die
We are your fight
Rise once again, on god's last step...

Rape, fire, death, HELL.......
Give it! Down!

This is your night, we are the flame
We will see the immortal flame
We are again, for lucifer
Die once again, the immoral flame

Die once again, bring on your night
We will kill god again
kill once again, killing god once again
This is the immortal... flame.....

See your god......

5. Omni Mortuus

The night it calls
We are gods...
When night again
All the night
We are.....
Gone again

For all the night to scream
For all the fates is planned
Again, to go through the pains
For all the free
The death around us, crawls deep in our veins
And then, we die again
Every word you say
Will be dead, again
We are the dead ones
All are dead
For the night we feed and cross again
And seem them all again and again, for all we are
We are Omni Mortuus
We are Omni, Mortuus
We are damned in our freedom again
Die, gone, everything's gone.
Deus Mortuus, Omni Mortuus
They are catched all night
So white, still the fall your night
Distends and fight, they're drawing nearer
We walk again, and we will see the sun
As it comes. Omni Mortuus, Omni Mortuus
Omni Mortuus, Omni Mortuus.
Die, the night...
Die all see, the whore, again
Watch, to the semblance again
For I will be god....
These are the knights, we call them all
Ahhh ahhh.....
They are dying as on the town
Let us see inner souls again
And kill, to darken up the sky
We are reaching for the sun
We are reaching for the sky...
We are.... OMNI MORTUUS!

6. Outro


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