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"Netivah Ha-Chokmah" (2004 Demo)

1. Khabs Am Pekht
2. Rape the World

1. Khabs Am Pekht

I direct and I behold...
The golden light descends at Will
Veil of restriction unfold...
Holy, silent and still
I am, thou art, in extension...

Grant me the vision of thy chosen few
the strenght of a Devourer
Very god of very god born anew
All-absorber, all-deflowerer
nothing is in extension...

And I beheld and I saw
The selfless self dwelled within
and struggled Mehûmâh
Ever Seeking, ever searching
through the deepest Mummu
to descend in emanation

through wombs of shining with radiance
of their serpent, of their death
and other seals, secrets to me yet unknown
seals of splendour, seals of great mystery

Still, a vain effort was the search
for the primum mobile encountered
the vast Têhom, not through effort
but by will

Be my prophet, O new-born
that is the root of heavenly fire
Illuminated, pure and anointed
In all aspects like unto god... extension...

And Behold
I saw Tiamtu, the watery deep
yes, the ancient serpent of chaos
in all it's horrid glory, raging relentlessly
at the fire that had become the self
being slain... and born again
naught in extension...

2. Rape the World

Once again he is drawn into action
where judgements are served, where the qliphoth thrive.
Unveil himself for his contradiction
to strangle the shells that keep their ungod alive

Concealed, until judgement calls, near the bride (of Microprosopus)
once again called to raise his head
upo the field where all forces are bound to collide
preparing her for the wedding, covering her with the

Raiskaa maailma, ylin Jumala
Maailman kärsimyksen kabbala
mustin surma vaalein vapahdus
Viiruksen kuolema, kuninkaan pelastus

Rape the world, clear the path of the kings
Great destroyer, devour these harlots of sin
Illumination! the order of Ashim sings
I am prepared for the anointment within

Yvarech cha Ehieh veyshim recha
Iear Ehieh panav vichuneka elecha
Iisa Ehieh panav elecha veyasem lecha Leviathan
Baruch ata Adonai, noten hashatan

Introibo in sephirah tuam
adorabo ad templum sanctum tuum
in timore tuo...

Propter inimicos meos
dirige in conspectu tuo viam meam
O serpent slithering back to the brightest chaos
Devour all obstacles, for where he is, I am

Divine circle, a blessing, a curse
kings crowned through sverity
withdrawal of the universe
to the bliss of samadhi's serenity

Motionless Rest!


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