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Mystérion Tés Anomias

"Mystérion Tés Anomias" (1998 Single)

1. Mystérion Tés Anomias
2. Chained to Redemption

1. Mystérion Tés Anomias

Mystérion tés anomias
Cursed to wander with eternal wounds
Open for the beast to enter
And to possess...

A desolate riddle of self-destruction
A sip from the Devils wine
An eager wish to recieve and to enter...
The punishment, the reward!

The splendor of the horns
That rape a thousand forevers...
Is the light of compelled redemption
Eternal sorrow... the blessing of Satan...

Fulfillment in self-torture
Glorious delight in rivers of blood the key to summon His presence
Evil... Scars of ancient ofermode...

To enter the principle of orderless evil
The divine mystery reversed...
Oh, this discipline of a spirit in pain
By the constant touch...

Mystérion Tés Anomias...
Unholy enemy of Christ...
Forever present... forever hungry!

2. Chained to Redemption

Glory... endless is my holy pride,
Yet trapped in madness and misery divine...
So strongly chained to evil!

I am blessed with the curse of sight...
And my eyes bleed!
For they are indeed impaled by a strong light
...of sinful joy!

This revelation, this curse...
It has killed me... a thousand times!
A divine circle of death and rebirth...
To malform the son of a whore!

I feel the touch and it’s mystery
Behold, it has made me holy in my quest
...and I am evil, thus wounded...
and driven to spit at your sins!

Memories, reminders... Mystérion!
Total submission of my divinity...
Denial of the flesh, denial of the cunt...
I am the cold seed of Satanas!

...And with overwhelming pride
I fall unto my knees
To banish all that i have gained from life...
For I am but a slave!

I have the age and pride of a god
Nevertheless, I am but a slave!
Endlessly tortured with salvation...
Forever chained!


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