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"Phantasmagoria" (2000)

1. Way Of Kings
2. From Old Ballad
3. The Land Of Forgotten Gods
4. The Raven pt.1
5. The One Who's Not Alone
6. Hidden Desire
7. Four Judges Of Maghory
8. Alleida
9. Our Deities

1. Way Of Kings

Shines beautifully the coat
of translucent lie
faerytale of god's low
you inherited your crown
with my blood being the price

the throne that I got with my
own blood and sweat
never to grom ! I shall sell
even for valleys filled with gold
or under threat of being cast
into hell!

2. From Old Ballad

With much bloodshed they trapped
the lion on the plain of shamu

they tied down his limbs
with iron chains
and from among the blare of fanfares
they shouted loudly
"At last the fetters of his cage
have closed behind him !"

oh,beware the plain and waterside
fortesses if the lion hunts again

the lion walked through
the infernall abyss
shadows lay before him
bleak for many unknown phantoms

that lay in the ambush in the darkness
beasts with foul gaping jaws

from yelps and screams the darkness
tremled when the lion sneaked
through the hellish abyss

3. The Land Of Forgotten Gods

Where the heaven loses it's name
and the light rests covered with shadow
in the place where magic does not matter
and hell becomes the target of desire

where the eternal traveller never comes
and the sight of the end stays unknown
somewhere there rest the faces of gods
from the temples ancient and forgotten

...damned are the ones who murder their
gods death to the disbelifers, insincere
ancient books of damned misery
and the mystery of light's assasinators


on the graveyard of fallen gods
the light dies in a damned womb
chained to a rock the angel of hope
drawns in the tears of suffering

dead tongues spelled them into
the glance of a forgotten blindman

4. The Raven pt.1

Once upon a midnight dreary
while I pondered weak and weary
over a many quaint and curious volume
of forgotten lore
while I nodded nearly napping
suddenly there came a tapping
as of someone gently rapping
rapping at my chamber door
"'t' is some visiter" I muttered
"tapping at my chamber door-only this
and nothing more"
ah,discinctly I remember
it was in the bleak december
and each seperate dying ember
wrought it's ghost upon the floor
eagerly I wished the morrow
vainly I had sough to borrow
from my books surcease of sorrow
sorrow for the lost lenore
for that rare and radiant maiden
whom the angels name lenore
nameless here for evermore
and the silken ,sad,uncertain
rustling of each purpling curtain
thrilled me - filled me
with fantastic terrors never felt before
so that now to still the beating of my heart
I stood repeating 't' is some visitor entreating
entrance at my chamber door
some late visitor entreating entrance
at my chamber door
this is it and nothing more

5. The One Who's Not Alone

One of them - eru
from the beginning was among
creator of ainurs
perfect divine creatures
born from his thoughts
the father of all
the one who's alone

they were with him before
creation of anything else
talking with them giving himself
he ortained their love
singing songs of praise
they adored the creation
learning the devotion
become the might
never dreamed of..

they knew fragments of his thoughts
from which they were born
in the toil of learning and expectation
they understood enough
to create the excellent harmony
he apperciated their devotion
showed them mighty creation
bigger than anything else
absorbing the melody
the understood the meaning

6. Hidden Desire

Soul and body tied by the spells
the will into a deep letargy has fallen
the knowledge might not be misled
the moment of awakening will be
a demise moment

patience and awarness
certain is only the torment

the sun has set and sky is burning
the scarlet glow over the heads
and still I can feel your hands
between my dreams

you've come into my heart
like a dagger
you strong like a swarm of demons
and you've came vain and insane
to steal my womb's innocence
you are the jewel of a dead night
in the heavens torn and dark
the reflection I see of my fear
carrying the parade
of mourning clouds

the silk of the glow is sparkling
above a burnt tommorow

7. Four Judges Of Maghory

The hour of last hope has struck
to hatch the songs out of silence
over the world

dead eyelidos has fallen
time of aged legend has fulfilled

Ezhiel - the old man
who let the red shodow out for
a bloody hunt in the night
he came from a land where
the time is captured

Nathan - the blasphemer
in gowns of suicide's purple's blood
insidously brought the seeds of wrath
to grow its for his triumph

Orthoval - the dwarf
master of the lands of light

8. Alleida

Dead eyelids I close with a ray
waiting for the gloomy silence
I reach out to Alleida
I weep and whisper for her care

on demon's herb I strut alone
naked to the depth of a pain
of existence claped in chains
of thoughts and memories

I fall into the arms of soul's guide
kiss my heart kiss my thoughts
let me throw into the arms of delight

the hearts of demons started
pounding harder the scream
of Alleida tousled the silence

thrown with the spasm of pain
pleasure I walk away into
the darkness of forgotten thoughts

onto my soul's tunnels of darkness
I wander searching for fate

9. Our Deities


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