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"Misserycordia" (1998 Demo)

1. Whore Of The Darkness
2. Black Lotus
3. Song Of Belit
4. Wolfraven
5. Morpheus

1. Whore Of The Darkness

Sick pleasure comes at night
I will be dripping with blood one more time
All of my limbs under her power
I will be fucking with her again
I am suuffocating of her spite
Nailed to the wall by the silver chains

Whore of the darkness-Please,let me live
I don't wanna suffer!
Whore of the darkness-Now,go away
I don't wanna die!

When she's with me -feelings perlish
She's maltreating me for hours
Tearing my throat with all desire
Her claws are tearing naked skin
Everything finishes the same
I'm sticking steel pipe in her mouth

2. Black Lotus

What is this,above my head,temptaiting all of my senses?
An enticing aroma bringing sleep and the neetar crying
The death
It's closing my mouth,taking breath away
This vision is taking me high

I see - The darker shade of black
I fell - The blast of cosmic wind
Darkness assuming the carnal form
The wind is blowing and the wirl is born
Frighting pyramide of roaring blackness

The shape and dimension appeared from it
The vision is trembling, undulating like the casted picture
On the veil sorated up by the wind
Chaotic motion, dance of the lights and the shades

3. Song Of Belit

The Queen Of The Golden Coat

Like a leaf in the spring awoke
To be burnt in the fire of Autumn
With a glowing fervour
One man I wished to endow...
When in a dead city jewels glitter
with greedy eyes she absorbed
A rage of jealousy seized my throat for the first time
As if a third someone stood between us...

Black shadows circled around him
Black jaws ,cruel fangs barred
And the blood dripped like a rain
But my love is stronger than death's bad magic
I've walked through a houndred abyss
And I've lifted myself from phantoms
To rush ,to answer his call...

Did he sent only the dream of the Dark Flower of Lotus?
Damned the dream that aimless life had bought!

So,the end of our shared journey has come
Fell silent the paddle's creak in unison
And windy harp's song

Our bloody banner will not arouse fear
The blue word's sash ,for eternity
Carry the one , that you give me!

And every moment of such incapacity
You'd say - deadly...
When my knife didn't spill the blood
And the sword didn't deal a blow...

4. Wolfraven

The clash of swords and axes fades away
Screams of massacre fell silent
Silence lingered the fields stained with blood
The faded sun reflects sparks from armour
There -Where the dead lie...

Dead hands still grip the hilts
Heads covered with helmets are limp
In a spasm of agony

The sky reddens before their eyes
Insanity darkness them

Four burns their souls
The desire for blood is stronger
Pulsates in their temples and boils their blood
The passion for killing is stronger than physical torture

5. Morpheus


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