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The Nightspectral Voyage

"The Nightspectral Voyage" (1999)

1. As The Void Opens (Intro)
2. When Death Unchains The Spectre
3. The Obsidian Eternity And Anguish
4. From The Infinite Forge Of Time
5. The Bethorian Shrine
6. Invoke The Dragon Constellation

1. As The Void Opens (Intro)

2. When Death Unchains The Spectre

In the eyes of death I journey,
a vortex of supreme black gales
where swift light of deep blue Kaos
focus in the invincible blackness.
My evil soul grows in strength...

The shell of flesh is left behind
in torrents of fire that survived all time
in an obscure stardust's circle
where I unite with my burning self.
I am one with my dark half...

The universe surrounds me, black and cold,
the supremity that is immortal forever
in a floating afterlife's ocean
when through astral forces I enter death.

"Darkness of death, take my soul...
Beauty of death, take my cold flesh...
Take me far away from the living,
tear apart all dimensions of earth.
Where darkness is eternal and no life dwells
I shall become enthroned by the other side."

In the spectrum of the deceased
I pass through the vortex gate
unto dark horizons in night's colours
and I dissolve into glass,
into shards of soul-crystals
cutting through flesh like daggers.
I scream in purest anguish
ehen my spectre is unleashed!

Eyes, grim and shadowblack
carry me forth on their gaze
into the center of the sun
into the glare of the moon...
Beams of light form a new being,
a shape of whirling materia.

My evil soul, my tyrannous spectre
becomes unchained - A demon is born.

Death was the beginning, not the end,
when the universe made me supreme
to haunt the living...

3. The Obsidian Eternity And Anguish

"Listen to my lifeless choirs,
listen to my voice beyond...
Behold the scythe in my bleach hands
and know this: It is time to leave..."

In an imperium beyond ethereal skies
where no life dwells and all light dies,
I touch the darkness of cold demise
to become enshrouded with the night to rise...

I listen to the call of my own existence,
floating and writhing in the infernal void,
yet unborn, yet not even a thought,
already hiding the mask of a hallow grave.

There is no body, no flesh.
No shell to comprehend,
no shell to live again,
just a glimpse of a thought in your eyes.
There can be no compassion
when the black void you see is me.
There can be nothing holy
when I am the hatred in your eyes.

Name me equal to birth and death,
a spirit haunting the black night,
a spirit that is a myth in itself
and all demons that were and will be...

I am an enigma in every question,
all what flesh knows is useless to me,
being a question you will never answer:
What lies in the fires of hell?

In funereal vortex we unite
under a starlit obsidian sky.
Lay to me thy woeful blood
and all pain as sacrifice...

The force of my being is impervious
to any weapon crafted by human hands,
I am everywhere and the night is my mother,
and I am the true face of evil.

I am anguish - Portal of all hate!
I am eternity - Wisdom through the flames!
I am anguish - Released in thy veins!
I am Satan - The darkness in thy grave!

I am a relic, created in a moment,
when stars collided with stars.
A million deaths' manifestation,
an aural shape that the night attracts.

I am like a beam from the moon,
that you sense but never see.
I am the smoke at your cremation
and the flames of your funeral pyre.
Your eyes are portals to me,
a sacrifice given by the demon-ones.
Helpless you remain, I enter and leave,
able to end your life any time.

O grim, fierce hatred,
raging through my existence.
My true vision of eternal darkness
I behold through your dormant eyes.

[Repeat Chorus]

The obsidian eternity and anguish
you will meet again in the midnight skies.
I will remain, never to perish,
the nightmare, the essence of your fears.

Unlight comes closer - Extinguish the candle.
Let thy blood flow into the night.
Paint in blood's red, the constellation.
Thy soul unites with the obsidian sky...

4. From The Infinite Forge Of Time

Like a blistering stream, the black spirits still surround the planet
since the kingdom was in slumber, deep in the earth itself.
When the cosmos expanded again, the old kings awakened
to recreate the forces of a black earth
by the heat of unnatural fire.

All which existed in the cosmos,
it all died away by their powers
long ago, when the time was yet unborn
and life was to serve their demon-gods.
Of pure blackness, their spirits were made,
and of evil were their names.
Created to rule and not to be ruled,
to create, to rule and to devastate...

And the black kings created surface
to walk upon, to exhaust what dwells,
so the hights of invincible mountains
and the deep valleys became born.

Between them, they made the seas
to submerge and to hide their treasures.
Endless oceans to drown all light
in the everblackness enemy to the flesh.

Eternal darkness for thousands of years
when their flesh returned to the soil of earth.
Children of the black kings and the dragoness.
Sons of the ancient demons.
A new chapter in time now has begun,
the conquest for the universe itself.
The great ancient fathers of a dark genesis
will lead their hordes among the nightworld.

Awake again, O ancient kings,
reveal thy secret pathways
through the vast universe where stars die
in the infinite forge of time.

From the infinite forge of time,
from the dimensions unseen in light
they united their semen to breed
a supreme being, on all souls to feed...

5. The Bethorian Shrine

Bethor - My dreams thou infest,
thy magick enchants my blade,
my sword from the black meteor
at the drakest hour of night.
Take my gifts!
Bethor - Demon of proud Jupiter,
I kneel to thy black altar-stone.
My legions wait to awake in this night
and by thy blessings, they shall rise.
Reveal thy powers!

I circle the constellation,
devote to the ancestral nightsky.
I release my spirit in thy shine
as the time of thy birth is night.

Hear my cries!!!

Cold-ardent shine of thine,
thou shall inflame the pyre in me
to burn all feelings of the heart
and to render back blood with blood...

Cold-freezing shine of thine,
thous shall awake the powers in me
to darken the sky at day
and to drown the stars at night.

And he came, roaring like a mountain-storm,
a cyclone out of the everblack night,
sweeping fiercely into my warmless heart
that I shall sacrifice to his shrine.

Entomb my corpse in the twilight,
while my soul enters the void,
spill forth my precious blood and set me free...

And thus, chained to the very bloodthirst
growing stronger in each fulmoon-night.
And my call reached the tombs in the moonlight
and they opened by unseen hands.
Grim spirits blessed by the aura of the comsos
rise forth to fulfill my demonic deeds.

Legions of mine, countless spectres,
conquer the lands, conquer all thrones.
Let the sun never rise again
until time devours this millennium.
Fire shall consume all traces I left behind,
but let all who crossed my path remember in fear:
The universe will fall to earth,
and they all will be dead, but I never... dead will be!


The force of my thoughts is invincible
and my sword is nourished by blood
from the time that was when battles raged
and now this time returns.

Bethor - Thy wrath be unleashed
and focused by my aural shape.
The blackness of the night reflects
in the ornaments of thy shrine.
Take my gifts!
Bethor - My soul thou hold in hate
since I gave thee the gift of my heart.
My chest is empty, no blood ever flows
but I share the vision of my own rebirth.
Reveal thy powers!

A Bethorian shrine was the womb
for my soul destined to remain.
Now the time of retaliation is near,
I behold my recreation through shadows
in the fires of hell...
"And again, the universe will spill human blood..."

6. Invoke The Dragon Constellation

"O thou hidden laws of the realm beyond death,
thou who walked when the earth was pure fire,
and fire was the only light
in the shining darkness of the cosmos within.
I convoke thee inmidst the five-pointed star
and the constellation may call thee
whenst the nova enters the circle of the moon...
From fire be thou born and fire thou shalt bring.
O great fierce dragon, creature of the unblessed,
king of kings... Take form!"

And the horizon was shaded in blackness,
even blacker than every age before,
by astral wings of the great ancient beast.
See the stars drown in fire...
Astral creature, the being of flames,
black material dragon, thou shalt arise...
The cosmos transforms in the grasp of my thoughts.
New blood flows from the sky...

The solar ecliptic constellation
and the moon enthroned with ruby eyes.
Predatorial storms sweep this mountain
when the supreme infernal beast arrives.
I kneel in front of the black altar,
I feel the gaze of the dragon enchanting me
and the beating of wings roars like thunder
in an aura of purest evil.

"Feeble creature!!!
So pathetically sunk to its knees...
Thou called me from dimensions thy kind never seen,
so what is thy desire, poor primitive spawn?"

"O Ancient dragon!
Emperor of the allmighty blackness,
by this spell I called thee unto this world,
for my revenge, destruction thou shalt perform...
I lay to thee my darkhearted soul,
and my knowledge given by the mighty stars.
Dethroned I was by creatures of the false.
They have betrayed my honour,
so slay them all!"

And with the dawn, the worm vanished
into the depths of darkness again,
with the gift for his very deeds,
my lonely soul, in his mighty claws.

It should become day,
but black shades still clothe the sky
at the ninth hour of morning,
it seems like the sun had died.
And mighty thunder roars
in an eerie blackened tone.
I see the fire, I see the stars fall,
I see the moment of the death of all!

A mighty flaming rain like of myriad comets
has set the horizon aflame.
I see the mighty dragon fly and breathe
plague and death among the world.

A last moment I behold the sky,
slain by lethal streams of plague and death.
I sense a last whispering of souls nearby,
fainted, sadly and full of pain.

Black is the interstellar horizon,
black now is the planet earth,
devastated by the infernal creature
that erased all earthly lives.
And all souls taken from earth
bound to chains and torture,
they kneel down and bow in awe
to my dragon-summoning!


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