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Colossal Christhunt

"Colossal Christhunt" (2001)

1. Urgewalten
2. Behold the Imperial Rise
3. Tides of the Envenomed Oceans
4. Dux Bellorum
5. Of Purest Pandaemonium
6. Colossal Christhunt

1. Urgewalten

And I saw descending - the stars,
the materia of darkness,
unknown to the creatures - those worms,
just splinters of this mirror:

Above are the isles in the dark,
where evil prevails anything,
but the wheel of time turned to death,
collapses all known aeons
into dust.

This the test - the circle of life - face the prime force.
This is the end - have no fear - face the horned master.

This is hell - the everblack spheres - they have opened.
This is god's downfall - I have the keys - to inferno ungenesis.

Thus touch the infernal flames,
Compressed existent space...

The gift of life holds an end for the sheep on earth,
and the earth is fading away.
I entered the endless dome of universe many ages ago,
unto the throne of utter supremacy.
While I burnt free in will inmidst the pits of hell,
I drank from the chalice of wisdom wide.
I unlocked the gates of destructive prime forces,
now the inversion-age has arrived.

Once the nightsky was black -
a view into the dark vasts,
now there remains nothing,
no life, no materia...

Try to comprehend - the void
crushed into itself,
dissolving the heavenly realm
- how could thou reject the existence of Satan?

Thus touch the infernal flames,
compressed existent space.

Whenst I was born, in a time when only the hand of fire ruled,
I was marked with a cruel extraterrestial sign.
I was the chosen one for the ultimate armageddon,
but no plague, no war, no famine.
He who sits on the highest throne of the black infernal domain
was my creator and my father.
Reject all borders of earthly knowledge for his words and deeds are unspoken,
he's the keeper of this prime force:

I am the collapse of universes.
Unseen I am, but feel my destructive power of wrath!

2. Behold the Imperial Rise

In an age when the earth was born
deep in the black maw of eternity's void
I commanded them - abysmal creatures,
my minions, to prepare our rise.
Neither beasts nor human beings
wandered the earth when I came from below,
from the inside of the mountain, the fiery grounds,
hell itself and earthen element.

So there was movement underneath.
I reside on my throne and behold:
Stone after stone shaped to become
the construction of my invincible fortress.
"Behold my imperial rise - godfather in heaven...
I will create fear in all thou give life.
Far beyond thy realm all shall die..."

And new ages came,
human creatures were born.
Swarming the earth like insects,
resembling thorns in my eyes.

"I'll send a messenger to them,
that they turn their faces away
from their father in heaven.
But weak as they are,
blind on knees for their god,
they refused my honest offer..."

"So thou hast to be punished
with the worst of punishment,
the earth shall turn against thee!"

The ground shakes.
My fortress prepare to war.
I crown myself with horns
and give the sign for attack!

Myriads die, my time has arrived, thy awe to me: Satan!
Myriads die, my time has arrived, thy blood to me: Satan!

And I ascend the earthen throne with fire by my side.
My reign will be as cruel as torture, in darkness thou shall writhe.
In every earthquake and great flood, in every death taking place
I am the one behind, the whole earth I enslave.
I am the fallen emperor, I rejoice in hurting god.
When eclipses devour the source of light my time has come to rise (and scourge
the whole).
Silence followed by the great storm, sweeping all life away.
I am the fallen one from heaven, revenge is mine to those who pray.
Weaklings, insects, lambs of god, to the slaughter thou shall be forced.
The lands drown in thy blood, and thy spirits taken into fire.
Now, when the new millennium began in the great eradication,
the truth about hell is revealed and manifests in my arrival.

Myriads die, my time has arrived, thy awe to me: Satan!
Myriads die, my time has arrived, thy blood to me: Satan!

3. Tides of the Envenomed Oceans

into the depths of writhing souls banished here,
their energy of martyrdom for his honour feeds my vision of utter hell,
I see the beauty of earth reversed therein,
black seas of sin, plagued sludge of myriad damnations.
The force of the black planet earth,
my elysium fields drenched with the blood of misery and battles.

Time to take revenge on them,
time to poison the worlds they build.
Blood flows through the halls of hell,
the tide of the envenomed oceans.

Darkness is all that surrounds us.
Cyclones ravage the land.
The spray carves the black shores,
reflecting faces on the water.

Time to take revenge on them,
time - their endless suffering.
Lord, burn their souls forever,
ashes for the envenomed oceans.

No mercy for those I hate,
my chains I free by their fear,
and the world they praise being heaven,
I will surely conquer and devastate.

Darkness is all that surrounds us here in hell...

Satan... Come forth!

I step next to your throne, I hold the orb of fire
high into the air, capturing the tides of the sea
so black and invincible that no boat had come across,
the lightless abyss with a burning ground.
I kneel before your feet, horned master of all time,
the orb is aglow in darkest red, like of blood.
I sense the waves of the ocean rise so tall,
forming a sea full of boiling souls.

Hell, so infernal...
Hell, so immortal...
Hell, so eternal...
Hell - the arrival...

The souls captured in the ocean unite into one,
becoming a reflection of the mighty Satan-Lord.
Countless heads and horns, breath of plague and death,
spawn from the infernal oceans revealed to all distant worlds.
Prophets shall shiver in fear for the knowledge they witness,
the beast rising from the sea speaks of the doomsday to come.
The death of gods is near and also my revenge.
Soon I dive into the black floods and witness earth lain in debris.

Thus is the circle of the tide...
I drain my vision out of thee...
For sure, the time will come,
and the ocean will been set free:
The tide of the envenomed ocean's hell!

4. Dux Bellorum

I am the bringer of war, herald of bloodshed and anguish.
I am the slaughterking of Satan, sovereign of the arts of battle

I am the one who made the rivers become streams of blood.
I am the usurper of all earthly thrones.

I am the one who turns light into darkness
by the burning smoke of thousand burning temples.
I am the duke of war!

5. Of Purest Pandaemonium

"Devour, O glorious pyre, thou who came straight from hell,
where pain is the seed on burning soil and the horned one reigns with flaming

Devour, O glorious flame, leap up high,
thy shine shall be the one and only light.
Spirit of fire, banished to this world,
Here I stand and thou shalt obey!

Daemon rise, from where in flames souls writhe.
I speak the words, and so the earth shall burn.
"Of purest pandaemonium born..."
Satan rise, thy time has come this night,
we shall storm onwards, all chaos on our side.
"And the universe shall kneel for us..."

Come, cast thy force upon us!

War shall rage, and the earth shall erupt
in seas of molten stone and molten angels` bones.
Hell invoked from where heaven once dwelled.
Chaos came upon us and we raised our blazing swords!
"In purest pandaemonium forged..."

Evaporated landscapes, black smoke and raining clouds,
time has been reversed, back into an aeon of blackness.
Seas of glowing lava, deserted plains and mountains.
The battle has been won, inferno is finally unchained.

Devour, O glorious flame, forever leap up high,
thy shine shall be the one and only existent light.
Spirit of fire, banished to this world,
Here I stand and thou shalt obey: Create hell on earth!
Thou buildest the great fortress on an island in the burning sea,
For thy horned god and emperor that he shall rule the whole universe.
Let the demon armies march across all borders of reality
that they shall announce: "Satan hath returned!!!"

6. Colossal Christhunt

The grim visage of the night
enthralls the vast silhoutette of ancient Rome,
where in his glorious cruel palace
the grand emperor resides in baptized blood.
Nero, emperor granded with Satan's flame,
ordered his sorcerers to forsee the world's fate
threatened by a swarm of impure creatures,
the christian plague and their false father god...

Ave Nero!

And there he sat, only lightened by the moon,
to his left and his right impaled christian heads,
and he asketh the wise elder ones
how to slay god's lambs in masses.
At the same hour in the great Colosseum of Rome,
the lions hunt for frightened feeble christians.
Their screams of unbearable pain
mirrors satisfied smiles of joy onto Nero's face.

[Emperor Nero:]
"Hark, the dread beast's hunger stilled with the flesh baptized and innocent.
Guide me to this hallowed place where the devil's eyes can see their deaths.
You can call me god of flames for fire shall melt all their souls.
In blood, I'll wash my hands clean which will set their houses on fire.

Intruders of light, into flame thou shalt be forced.
The Roman empire will hunt thy weak souls.
Intruders of our realm, death be with you,
Neros cruel hands shall break thy saviour's neck.

Where the battlefields will drown in holy herde's blood...
Time of colossal christhunt, time of retaliation!
Where the flames of hell spread through all temples of Christ...
Time of colossal christhunt, time of retaliation!

The arena is filled with the roar of the beasts,
Nero, grand emperor, be one with them.
Summon the old gods, the spirits of fire.
Make the night become day by the shine of burning Rome...

[Emperor Nero:]
See, the flames raging wild and tall, consuming the flesh of the false believers.
Blood runs like rivers, my work is done, my enemies fall for my victory.
Go and announce that they burnt Rome themselves, the world's hate shall fall
upon them.
In the whole world the lions shall long for christian blood with rage in their eyes!"

[Repeat Chorus]

The arena is filled with the roar of the beasts,
Nero, grand emperor, be one with them.
Draw all thy swords and rage war against Christ.
Nero, thou monument, watch upon us all!

Intruders and weaklings fall to their knees
The horned silhouette of Nero inflames all their fears.
Intruders from heaven. erased thou shall be.
Thy beds now are burning, thy flesh is ablaze.

Those of the light... they shall die!


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