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Moon Over Frozen Land

"Moon Over Frozen Land" (2001 Demo)

1. Silent Pathways Towards The End
2. Chaos Of All Elements
3. The Way To The Past

1. Silent Pathways Towards The End

Standing still out in the dark,
shimmering light shining through,
the silence can almost be sensed,
the moon continuing its endless journey
through the skies.

Lifeless trees standing there waiting.
a pathway leading to darkness.
the time has stopped.
long black nails reaching out,
trying to get their hands on the throats
of those who dream.

Helpless cries from the night
Long sharp spikes rising up to the air.
The roses have died.
Under this damned sky no living
thing can survive.

Waiting in the shadows the fate lies,
buried deep into the sins of this world,
to the minds of those who thought they
would be pure.

No one can know the truth if there isnít one,
the blood on the ground stains the mark.

2. Chaos Of All Elements

The innocent creature is staring
Outside the white view blinds the eyes of he who walks into the night
Everything is suddenly so silent and thoughts wander around
trying to find peace from this cruel plane of existence

Still it goes on and never will it stop and the reason for this is simply the way it has always been.

Turning its head for all that is living and listening the voices that cannot be heard
Its hate grows stronger every passing moment and it foretold..
Never will it stop nor never will it end, circular objects floating by
Corners so sharp they could cut stone
It just is and that is the cruellest thing in all its being...

The stares are locked
Now it is certain
There is no turning back
nor never will there be...

3. The Way To The Past

Feelings of despair in the air,
the night opening its lap at last.
Fear is not present, not anymore,
this is the only way to get
the misery profound out from the
minds of the people.

Everything has been drained away
from the souls of these pathetic beings.
They feel joy no more, the torments
have been a punishment that have
destroyed everything that has been
precious to them.

Into the darkness they must now go,
to those who have called them for ages.
All hope has been given up,
nothing matters from this day forward,
all is lost once and for all.

It's The Trickster that has driven them into this.
He who lives in all of us,
many forms has he took,
many names has he been given and yet
no one can know what he is about.

The world will be set into flames!
The earth itself shall grumble beneath our feet!
Great wrath shall come upon those
who have been faithful!
The world will sink to the sea!
All of it will fall but it will be born again!

We shall all watch as the world as we know it
will disappears from our sight and shall be
dragged into the very heart of darkness itself.


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