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Chaos of All Elements

"Chaos of All Elements" (2000 Demo)

1. At The Gates Of Death (Intro)
2. Below The Eyes Of The Moon
3. Chaos Of All Elements
4. The Unexpected Kinship
5. Spellbound Stone
6. The Unknown Knowledge
7. In Search For Truth
8. Outro

1. At The Gates Of Death (Intro)

2. Below The Eyes Of The Moon

There stood a bridge surrounded by deep woods
made of stone it was, but long ago it had shattered
'cause nothing lasts forever and atlast had the might
of nature won the everlasting stone

Finally the night came and the moon rose up to the
sky its pale light reflecting from a little pond that
had been formed from the daily rain that always
poured down to the forest

Suddently a wolf appeared from behind a big tree
which was a pine 'cause all the trees in the forest
were evergreen
its red eyes glowed in the dark when it stepped
on the bridge for no other reason than to cross
it and hunt food for its hungry descendants

All the sudden aroused a shadow and
cloaked the poor thing
its breath was so cold and freesing
and suddently there was no wolf at all
just the silent forest

Back in the anciet days if you travel and
arrive to this very bridge
there you will find the sorrow of a young
soldier whose death was so sudden
but still inevitable

It was his soul that caught the poor creature
and dragged it to the watery grave
His soul won´t have peace until he has fulfilled
his destiny by hunting innocent lives
in this very same place day by day

3. Chaos Of All Elements

The innocent creature is staring
Outside the white view blinds the eyes of he who walks into the night
Everything is suddently so silent and thoughts wander around
trying to find peace from this cruel plane of existence

Still it goes on and never will it stop and the reason for this is simply the way it has always been.

Turning its head for all that is living and listening the voices that cannot be heard
Its hate grows stronger every passing moment and it foretolds..
Never will it stop nor never will it end, circular objects floating by
Corners so sharp they could cut stone
It just is and that is the cruelest thing in all its being...

The stares are locked
Now it is certain
There is no turning back
nor never will there be...

4. The Unexpected Kinship

The winter has come and so has the snow
and everywhere is so cold
And the days are short and all the living
things know that now is the time for
a new king to come
and show his almighty power.

It was a dark night and the moon glittered
on the top of the snow on the trees
and the ground
and it seemed that the nature itself waited
for a new lord and just for respect it had

All animals were gathered and they traveled
towards a holy place that has been known
for centuries but no-one knew why it was
this place where they were supposed to go
Atlast the time came for the new king to show
up and take over this old forest

It started to thunder but there was no rain,
and it feeled that the ground was about to fall
and great was the exitement in the group
when the winds started to take the form

The wind grew stronger and the thunder started
to roar and a dark figure rose over the folk of
the forest and raised its hand to show its power
in whole

When the morning came and the first rays of the sun
started to wake the forest not a sound was heard
Nor there could be seen any of the animals
that had inhabited it

They have all been burned in the fire that had
been set by the new king of this all
and the ashes of their bodies show that the
evil side of the nature will always be strong

5. Spellbound Stone

It was long ago when the mountains started to grumble and the old legend to rise
There was an old man lying in a barn and like an ancient mystery glowed his eyes
They told the story foretold that has been hidden for years
but in his eyes, so deep inside, could be found the reason for his crystalline tears

A young man filled with strenght and hope climbs on the mountain of silence
Searching for answers he could never find and now he has come for an alliance
In this place where the wind always blows he stands so mighty and brave
But in his heart he knows that he muist speak to the Gods if he wants his land to be saved

So he raised his sword
and called for the mighty lords
who rule upon these sacred land
He was a little afraid but he hid
it in his heart and tightened the
grib of his hands
[Now atlast he thought that the time had come when he heard the whispering voice
But suddently the sky lightened and he took a couple steps back, so impressed he
was by this God-made noice]

This God who came forth was sent from the North and his words were like the fall of the rain
And by his side, so magical it seemed, stood a long and curved wooden cane
The young one gathered all his strenght and spoke to the ancient one
He said: "Our land is in war, we can't stand this pain anymore, please help us to get things done."

After a while of complete silence the mighty one started to talk
and in his heart the young one knew that this journey hasn't been a meaningless walk

"You can win if you follow my advice and keep your faith on the Gods
But if you betray and choose the other side then your destiny shall be driven
to a different and very painful paths.

[Now do as I tell you and you shall have the victory on your task. Find the sacred stone!
It will help you to reveal and remove your enemies evil mask."

After these words the Mighty One turned into a crow and flied away, wind under his wings,
leaving the young one alone. As he climbed down the mountain he thought what
The Mighty One had said and suddently his mind brightened when he remembered what he had read:
"It has been said that The Stone is held in the temple of eloquence
and the one who desires it would have to face the horrors of the maze of impertinence."

These words as his guide he believed that he could find the one he seeks and after many weeks
he was desperate and weak, but now he wondered what might be that terrible smell that all over reeks.
He saw a great palace with pillars of marble standing there before hie eyes
but the smell told him that this building was the home of all the lies.

He entered this unholy palace to find the one he was after. The place was filled with red gleaming light and suddently he heard a voice that sounded like an infernal laughter. And forth came a demon that
descended from the ceiling and evil glowed in its one terrible eye. It said:
"You have come for the one that belongs to me and now has come your time to die!"

The demon attacked and terrible was it's strenght, but the young one fought bravely and finally defeated the fiend, so unscrubulous. And now when the fiend was dead the young one started to feel the intimacy
of the stone and he saw it lying on a pillow near the palaces majestic throne.

He walked to the throne to pick up the mystic rock but when he touched it he felt terrible pain and suddently heard a knock. The power of the rock filled the young one completely and it locked his soul to stay in this palace for eternity. He could have dropped the rock and thus his destiny would have been changed but so stubborn he was that he hold his grib and now he is eternally chained.

Now that the legend is told and all the secrets revealed
Can the teller of this story finally get to sleep.

6. The Unknown Knowledge

The day was bright and windy
when he came down from the mountain
[his robe swarming in the wind]
He was old, yes sure he was, but this journey he must travel through

[the ancient woods to the old cabin. It has been there
longer than anyone could remember and always it has been
abandoned and empty, but there he must now go even though
he was so old.]

He wasn't afraid, no, but something told him that this walk
could be his last. He was a very wise man and had
experienced more than anyone, but this was the first time
when he felt a little bit fitful about what would come.

He entered the deep woods later the same day.
He hasn't been there for a long time, but he knew
the place completely. The mystery of the forest
enchanted him once again. The pure green colour
of the trees and the wind whispering between them.

[The light of the sun straining through these majestic oaks
and pines. Each one of them telling their own story
from years passed. The birds singing as beautifully as the
everything around them.

Despite the fact that all this beauty encircled him his mind was
still pure and free from enticements.]

Now he saw the cabin under a big tree that looked like it had
been there from the beginning of time. It's branches were dry
and the whole tree looked like dead.

[He entered the cabin and started to look for the one he
had came for. He found it lying on a table near the corner
that had propably been a fireplace, but was now shattered.]

The ancient writing was engraved on a stone
that he now looked like it was a key to everything.
Old legend says that the one who could understand it
could stop the wars [and bring peace to the land]
Only problem was that the writing was very easy to misunderstand
[and if the wisdom of the stone was used wrong, then]
it could bring disaster to the one who had commited the summoning.

[He knew this all and was prepared for all that would come.
So, he took the stone and hurried outside.

Now he was in the forest again. It felt like it had known answers
to every question that humanity could possibly ask. Perhaps it
knew the destiny of this so selfconfident man who wished to bring
peace to the land...

He decided to stay in the sweetness of the forest for the night, so
that he could counterweight for what could come if the summoning
didn's work out correctly.

But the forest started to live differently in the night. He knew about it,
but hasn't experienced this ever before 'cause usually the forest
protected the ones it knew and didn't want to disturb them. But now, however,
he woke from his sleep and before him stood an owl. It looked him with it's
big eyes sadly and the moon glowed over the woods.

The owl got on it's wings and flied away and he understood that it wanted
him to follow it. That was exactly what he did and soon he found himself in
a wide place that was surounded with big rocks and on every rock there was
the same writing that was on his so-precious stone.

He believed that this place hadn't been seen often and he felt honoured to
be one to visit there. Suddently he heard a whisper:
"Dont take the stone...
It would bring you nothing but harm...
Believe these words...
And if you are as wise as you pretend to be then return the stone."
He replied:
"But I can commit the summoning right. After I have done
what I have to I will return it."

And at the same time blood started to bleed from every stone.

7. In Search For Truth

They walk the endless way of eternity
never realising the meaning of this great journey
The beast they have beaten lives now in
Their minds and casts disastrous thought that
come to live in their hopeful dreams

The moon leading their way they
travel beneath the stars of fate
knowing that this would never end

The night has fallen
all movement has ended
the bowl of emptiness
in the sound of the night

Flapping outside
Trying to get to the light it had left
Staring eyes
all around the fire


8. Outro


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