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The Final Destination

"The Final Destination" (2001 Demo)

1. Disintrogation
2. Elements
3. Fire Walk with Me
4. Cradle for the Bleeding Child
5. Final Destination

1. Disintrogation

2. Elements

I am the fire,
my flames are burning hands of light
I'm creator of hell,
that you will see in afterlife
I am the water,
that quenches your deepest thirst
I can't wash away all those your sins
and filth
I am the earth I give you all placs to live
on my chest you pray
and here you fight your wars
I am the air that breathes you in your short lives
I give you your voices, your laugh and your smiles
*love joined us together,hate's tearing us apart
the time is over now and it is just your own guilt
we will return into the dark hert of the universe
your blood will flow down to the ocean from which
you have rised*
earthquakes, acid rains
these are the signs of our disintegration
these are the signs of our elimination
thawing of ice, floods
it's just a begining of your final chapter
it's just a begining of your final breath
no one can save you from the dust
from thundering silence, we've created the world
but it's not forever,we want back your souls
you've gone your own way, without looking around
you should know , you will pay for what have you done
see these dying swans, birds lying in oil,
see their broken wings - it's your peace of art
let silence enter into this part of space

3. Fire Walk with Me

I 'm lost in the world of colours, where all's going round
flying to the top of the trees without any bound
I hear mysterious voices whisper my name
doughter of my mother's sister is dancing around
Oh, living in garmonbozia,it is my fate
tell me, who steals my memories, now is too late
was it a dream
men in disguise invite me to their ball
what are they looking for and what are they called?
he wants to be me, he wants to taste me
from my eyes radiates peace, but it is my fall
faster and faster, nothing to feel, fire is burning me, all that was real
angels have gone, strange people have come,
- I wanted to know when it has begun
tune of the music is making me cry, what have I done, why did I lie?
the small green ring in my hands I hold,father you feel my body's cold
I don't want here to be - fire walk with me
lay me down, my body is dirty now
lay me down, let me rest in peace
where did I go, why did I leave
so many answers Iwanted to know
now blood is flowing down, down of my lips
I was the queen, now I'm vanished in haze

4. Cradle for the Bleeding Child

When I fall asleep in my dark cold chamber
,you come to me - night by night
you hide me here from the other world,
I'm not a creature I'm just an unbeliever
you come to me to make me hypnotized, to make me paralized
through the mask of sanity on your face I see your burning eyes
"my child you are bleeding,"you say, "like jesus christ
iit's not a faith, you are devil in disguise
I lay without move, I'm pralized
my wounds are, only for your eyes
I can't distinguish now, what's wrong, what's right
my inert senses, have died
darkness surrounds me
I'm walking on the stairway to hell
these are not signs of heaven
I suffer in the cradle of blood
a candle is burning, my body is calling-for help, for affranchise
you are tormentor of my soul,my mother,
your steps scare me to death
you come to me to make me hypnotized,
to make me paralized
through the mask of sanity i see your burning eyes
you scare me to the death
I feel the crown of thorns on my head
the iron spikes in my legs and in my hands
my bleeding wounds, make me only pain
my cradle is covered with blood and with hate
I could be the morning star shining down on earth
now I'm crucified in my own bed
I hate all those ones, who come near to my cradle
to see me dying in agony, in flames from my mother's eyes
I died in the cradle for the bleeding child

5. Final Destination


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