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Mighty Cosmic Dances

"Mighty Cosmic Dances" (2005)

1. Into the R.O.
2. Mentality Failure
3. Redefination of the Past
4. Lost Between Emotions
5. Starsend
6. 1 of the 4
7. Nostalgic Idealization
8. Dreamworks
9. Out of the R.O.

1. Into the R.O.

2. Mentality Failure

Nightfall will enlighten our minds this day
Will we ever see again our land in the shine of six suns
Deep in my heart I feel the burden of the shapeless dark
I can hear their voices but I can't see their eyes

We are defenders of the flame
We hold the work our ancestors have made
Hear our voices hear the book of revelation
In the sky you'll see the stars
Your finally damnation

Six suns will enter into the cave of darkness
Age of flames'll affect the earth
Set the world in silence
You will see...

The flame the work they made

Six suns
The cave
The darkness
The flame
The age
The earth
The world
The silence

Living in the world of eternal light
There's no chance to damage my mind
Now I'm falling into the embrace of the endless dark
Time has no meaning at this moment for me

Flying through the spiral of expected events
First time I feel the night
Finally I've lost control over my body
Suddenly I can't realize wherever I may roam

I've lost my own way
Stars put insanity on me
With the torch in my hand
I like when fire dances
I encountered confusing sight
I can't remeber days before my eyes
Empty wells of my soul
Living side society

Our work is unknown
Observation of the outer space will soon show us more knowledge uncomplete
We suppose another sphere universal theory is not the ending view
Orbital disrupted something has changed our way
Departure from common order can unleash general madness
Let us work in peace don't disturb our calm
In spite of all the ignorance we are here to warn

3. Redefination of the Past

All that I know seems to me is over now
What past has brought it will be redefined
When the quantity of exceptions is raising
When we can't safe answer all our questions
Where the period is ending and the normal science
Attacked with new theories is uder control of the revolutions
It's necessity to move the borders we know to another direction
Move the borders of our comprehentence
What used to hold is alternated
Guessed reality controverted when we change the kind of our questions
We let arise new situation
Conceptual chaos as foreshadowing of abnormal condition
Lead the man to new understanding
Suddenly we know a new part of reality
Until the time of next revolution
What alternated believe in description of reality is full of revision and changes of statements
When we accept new comprehentence
We have to redefine our sources of information
Teach me to know
Show me examples
In altered form I'll refer to next generation
I reconstruct the past
It's misty and grey
I form it as real as the god who I can pray to...

4. Lost Between Emotions

Here I stand
I'm lost between emotions
Please take me there where my feelings can fly
My silent voice is thundering in scream
All those who hear me can't believe my words
Over all that ignorance against the wide conviction of masses with burden of thousnads looks in desperate longing
To make you see

Here I stand
I'm lost between emotions
Please take me there where my feelings can fly
Open your eyes
Overstep horizon
I know that beyond there is hidden unexpected
Behind the border of knowledge of man I've seen strange light
And heard voice in the air
Come with me let me take you there
Where I'm the only guide the first one?
The last one?
With no understanding I can't explain what I've seen that light
The voice you hide me here before the eyes of those who can understand
And set me free
You lock me on the place from where no hands can take me
There where my feelings can fly
You build the wall around me
You lock me on this place to eliminate the danger from society's face

Here I stand
I'm lost between emotions
Please take me there where my feelings can fly
Untie my hands
Please I'll accept your choice
Release me from fire of your sacred voice
My perverted visions...
Now they are gone
Together with you I'll stand against the storm
No more I'll speak
I'll spread around the silence
It was just my own dream
Please no more violence
With the crowd I'll stand as one
While the fire will be burning
No step aside or run
I'm not the only one

5. Starsend

...and from the sky the rays of the suns are rushing down
As the mighty one at the end of the stars
Where the history's fallen
They will regain the glory from the wrecks of the iron heart
The seats of emperors now left in ruins
Long past the center of the galactic empire now
The prosperity blooms on the other end
But there is something hidden under the cover of the poor farmar's world
We are the ones successors of the one
We hold his work going safe through the time
Untouchable minds controlling the ones
On the world of physics science on the worlds of other suns
Through the thousand years of boundless anarchy

We designers of history
We will hold the plan
Our unit is the crowd
We specify equations to reach the final end to regain the bygone glory...
And from the sky the rays of the suns are rushing down
As the mighty one a few chosen ones
Hidden under remainder of iron they cannot let the mankind fall
Somewhere out in space they feel someone same to work on his plan
To work by the same way
Surviving depends on equation's evolution
They can it a litle change
They can it a litle hold on...

Someone is out there
He's watching what I do
From far in the space controlling my mind
Is it still me or am I changed
Oh how I wish to find them
The source of my mind

Someone is out there
Someone is there
He's watching what I do
Controlling my brain from far in space
From distant stars they direct my mind
They show me the way
Is it still me
Are it still my thoughts or am I changed
My memories alternated
Oh how I wish
How I wish to find them
The source of my mind
The source of my direction

6. 1 of the 4

...and the horseman is standing up there on hill
The horseman is coming
The will to kill
One of the four riders of doom
We wretched spawn
God forsaken's fall see my hand
See them lying
See my body
See me dying

This time of great sorrow
Who will go after me
Who will follow
Who will be my guide
Come to me my love and touch me
Hold me tight
Come and kiss me
I'm almost human
Flesh and blood
I need your goodness
I need your heart
It makes me heartbleeded when I think of bitter death woe betide you
You cursed malediction
Who cares if there's a day or if there is a night
No matter when he'll catch me
My final contradiction
Where my soul will go?
Where my body will fall?
Their fear will come true
When I'm forever gone
Divine retribution has punished us all
For sins of ours hellsgate's going to call FLAGELANTI:
We are your last deliverance
Follow us on the march for salvation of human race
Join our procession of devoted ones
Pilgrimage of penitents
We are wandering through the land
Kill all those poisoners of the wells and the air
Annihilation of the serpent seed
Our guardian angel broken wings remove the misery
We are infection of the era as you can easily see

7. Nostalgic Idealization

Help me to forget what I miss
Here I don't want to see
More these days are not my bravest ones

These days seem so abandoned to me
Still the same words but with another melody
Shades're becoming cold
Maybe I dreamed
Father why have you left me here alone in this darkest times
Take me back home
Childhood's disapearing in the haze of the years
I can see just smiles but no wrath and no tears
On the wings of yesterday I'll fly through the blue
Let me hear the music again
I don't want the new one take me back there
Where the grass is green
Take me where the ocean shines by the crystal clear
Where deep blue fills the sky and rain is tender stroke
Where hapiness and harmony dwell in it's early form
Kill this cursed moment
Take me back in time
From the burning presence
Where the sun darkly shines
Will the future change these days into the shining light?
Will everything ever be the same as my memories remind me bright?
I hold your hands again in mine
They are cold like a stone
Ardent embace distances with the voice in the wind
I hear it cry

8. Dreamworks

Sun is going down
The earth is getting cold
My tired eyes are shutting slowly
Consciousnes's gone
The space for unknown is opening wide
Now I'm alone
Come with me into my world

Recess of oblivion
I'll be your guide
Delightful, disgusting whatever you want
Spring of inspiration you could find
Why I have to be in this hall filled with smoke
Don't give up the ghost
Your senses apathetic
Then I see the children giving food to living ones
They are dying under the wooden footbridge
In this large hangar I can't hear the music play
It's forbidden here to disturb the silence
I'm looking for a bookstore under the ice of a lake
I will choose the story with the bogeyman in title
When the idiot's gone a man is born

Strange planet sucks out the water from earth
My skin eruption seems like white milk
I am alone

Come into my world in this strange city
Where murders are on waiting list
I meet you again my freind
Together we will run away
Away and then back
Are we really happy?
Or is it all a dream?
Using of mathematics in relation to policy
Historic organization
Construct of my destiny

9. Out of the R.O.


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