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"Insects" (2000)

1. They
2. Taught To Fear
3. Haze
4. Walls Of Seclusion
5. Unconsciously Dead
6. Co(g)-Existence
7. Never To Be Led
8. Ill-Justice
9. World Turns Red
10. Waste Of Time
11. Restless
12. Swallow / Spit It Out
13. Needless Compromises
14. X
15. Pride Breeds Rage
16. Insects
17. Co(g)-Existence (Caught In The Vortex Remix)

1. They

They have always treated you like a little pile of dirt
Like a piece of shit
Each day they spit in your face and despise you like a disgusting worm all your life
All people on this planet try to break your fragile back
As a victim of the system, you're creeping through your life discouraged
Deprived of life
Life has never been as easy to you as to those who live around you
And they all are helping to make your life much harder
As you stand, suicidal thoughts are running through your head
And you tried it several times, I think you're paranoid
Your attempt of suicide was just to wake some pity in those that let you down
Society's the scapegoat for your own non-independence
I hope you'll drown in your own self-pity
Blame yourself for your suffering

2. Taught To Fear

As soon as you're born
They teach you to fear
They tell you tales of good and bad
To make you fear authority
Fear of being unemployed
Fear of being poor
Fear of being below their average
Fear of being shut out
Fear is power, fear is obedience
Fear of solitude
Fear of self-responsibility
Fear of being free
Until you will die, they'll teach you to fear
Fear is a medium
Fear is control
The only thing we really have to fear is ourselves

3. Haze

Lies revealed the truth
Concealed haze surrounds your head
Ungrateful letters and distorted words circle around your head
And shape the haze before your hollow eyes
Lies revealed the truth
Concealed haze surrounds your head
It's hard to see through this veil of lies, to read between the lines
If these lines are melting to chaotic phrases
Ungrateful letters and distorted words circle around your head
And shape the haze before your hollow eyes
Lies revealed the truth

4. Walls Of Seclusion

You're builing walls around yourselves from stones of fear and inner pain
You build them to protect yourself but don't they narrow you
Mental walls built to isolate
Your own walls screen you off from life
I guess you built too high that you can't see reality
I guess you built these walls too low that they can't screen you off from pain
These walls are just complexes that prevent you to be free

5. Unconsciously Dead

Despising your own dignity day by day when you cringe before your bosses
So kick your own ass and wonder why you feel supressed
Dead but still obedient
Your dormant brain is filled with orders
Every day the same procedure
To climb up the hierarchy
One important thing must get routine to slip into as much asses as you can
Don't you hate your drab existence
Your so called life is not worth living you fawning fool
Better kill yourself

6. Co(g)-Existence

Be content
Because you are only a cog of a trifling cog-wheel
Be content
A cog-wheel that turns constantly
The process that you call life
In deceptive harmony you contently co-exist with countless dull cogs
In the vortex of time
Be content

7. Never To Be Led

The free will keeps denied
Living life your own way is prevented by laws and social principles
Never to be led
All thru your life they try to inculcate on you that you can do whatever you want
But actually you can not really want what you want
So the freedom of your will is just a lie they use to gain your loyalty
And to make you feel free in this cage called society
Never to be led
They try to wash all active brains
To rule your life they take control of all your moves and even thoughts
But who controls those who control
Life loses its value if your free will is falsified

8. Ill-Justice

Justicia is a fucking whore
Her sword strikes down the innocent too
Her fucking pair of scales are far out of balance
Justice is rarely a part of law
Longtime imprisonment for tax evasion, just for decieving the state
A thief recieves the same punishment as a murderer or rapist who both destroyed lives
I guess there's something wrong
Injustice in justice

9. World Turns Red

Words cannot express the burning anger in my head
Oh yes, I'm really very angry
Things just piss me fuckin' off
I see red, world turns red
I don't really know what is annoying me today
But I feel so upset
So avoid to cross my way
Adrenalin is flowing through my blood that is boiling with rage
The pressure in my veins seems to make my head explode
I see red, world turns red

10. Waste Of Time

Talking to you is a waste of time
'Cause philosophy is numb and antiquated
So convinced and dogmatized
Your obstinacy is evidence for your narrow mind
Your point of stand is far beyond reality
Your whole life's a huge quotation
To speak what you read is your only strength
You killed your creativity as you stopped thinking
Whenever you talk to me
I feel as if I'd heard before what you're saying
Talking to you is a waste of time
'Cause your philosophy is just a replica
Your life is a waste of time

11. Restless

All my life I'm searching for the freedom in my fucking heart
All day long I have to worry about the state of my own mind
I will never let you break me
My brain is always overwhelmed by things that shouldn't ruin my life
But how can I find freedom in this pile of distress
You won't ever ruin my life
My head is permanently full of things contradictory to my senses
I care of things that don't matter to me
Or do they?
Maybe nothing is trivial, or everything is insignificant
But I think my life's worth living as long as I care of things
No matter what it feels like

12. Swallow / Spit It Out

My mind's confused
Anger keeps growing
My mind is still bleeding
Absorbed in my blue thoughts
My braincoils hurt
Anguish is splitting me
Anguish is breaking me
Because I always swallow all the shit they do to me
I burn down myself
Why do I swallow all that fucking pain
Sometimes I swallow all that pain
Why do I swallow all that shit
The time has come to ease my pain
The time has come to spit it out
Kick it, punch it, spit it out
Spit out my anguish, spit out my sorrow
I finally spit out all that fucking pain
To achieve the state of a liberated mind

13. Needless Compromises

Sometimes we have to admit compromises indispensably
To find a way to satisfy all concerned parties
But that kind of compromise is hard to find on this whole planet
Because no one would give in in details just to satisfy another one's most decisive matters
Compromises are mostly inefficient to all concerned parties
Needless and mostly prejudicial to several human beings
Needless, no purpose to be fulfilled
Unfortunately the most compromises that are made by influential human beings
Are extremely needless because they don't solute any problems
And are only made without transgressing
Rules and laws of a hardly working fucked up system
But with huge financial interest

14. X

What do you want me to be
What am I supposed to do
Should I pretend
Should I wear a mask like you
Feign love, rejection
Test me, try to be my personal god
Analyze me, you'll never be able to understand
Be there for me, beware of me
Feign love, nothing
What do you want me to feel

15. Pride Breeds Rage

Pride is the most disputed notion of a hateful, cold and bitter age
"Real men" act on pride, and this behavior feeds my rage
Stand for me
I am your country, your government, your god
So bow down to me
Your personality is too weak to resist my hypocrisy
Succumb your own will to me
And be proud that you follow me
People are looking down upon each other
A lack of comprehension
Through dull conviction, the falseness of dull pride
Makes hatred prosper, facism prospers
When the pride of a man gets infringed
He will will act contrary to his ideals which are the reason for his pride
Pride is decrepancy
Pride is a source of hate

16. Insects

Each day they march out to feed their mighty queen
Sometimes they can see a light and follow its sweet attraction
They follow the light though they run the risk
Of getting trapped in a well-hidden cobweb
The closer they get to the pleasant warm light
The more they fall victim to their natural enemies
Still they march out every day to serve, protect and feed
If one of them might reach the light
And see the destiny of it's life, dissappointment will fill its shell
Because the light is just as bright as transitory
Shocked by that fact, it falls down to the ground
On its back, unable to get up again
Struggling for its pitiable life, until it will realize
That it has to wait helplessly for its wretched decay
Parasite to some
Victim to others

17. Co(g)-Existence (Caught In The Vortex Remix)


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