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First Call to the Night Spirit

"First Call to the Night Spirit" (2003 Demo)

1. Through the Ripped Curtain...
2. Homicide
3. Discord with Medium
4. Stigma of the Witch Archangel
5. The Domain of Shapeless

1. Through the Ripped Curtain...

Feel how your spirit abandons your body.
That’s already only rotten meat.
Humans destroyed you in the carnal dimension.
No matter, you will return to satiate your revenge.

You have overcome the tests of Satan.
You have honored him with loyalty and obedience.
You deserve to go to the dimension of the dark souls,
Where the glorious armies of evil wander,
Where the sexual appetite is insatiable,
Where the epilogue of your death is the paradise.
Look out the moon with your eyes without life .
Euronymous extends his hand.

Riding among the stars, turn away your sight.
And see only that you abandon an extremely pathetic world.

You approach the dream world from immemorial times.
But before you cross the mysterious eternal curtain…

Ripped by sordid beings, wandering by dimensions.
That hold to it, but their destinies are the misery.
You do the great triumphant entrance, together with Euronymous.
Kneel down before the almighty Satan... Satan...

Look... look... look the spiritual and carnal world, of wisdom.
You will be parts of the infernal troops of Satan.
You will be seduced by women with penetrating lewd eyes.
The purity of darkness will elevate your power.

You will take a bath in rivers of blood of miserable humans beings
You will dance among shadows with the howl of the wolf.
You will ply the skies among darkness with the bats.
And eternally you will wander in the house of the gods of the darkness.

2. Homicide

The Abaddon’s shadows have screamed in your mind...
Homicide, is the way that leads to the truth.
Reconstructs the dark side of your mind and feel again...
The screams, the blood of your victim.

Smash his skull and eat his rotten heart...
He is your enemy, don't have piety or he’ll destroy you.
Impose your ideals with violence, honour and superiority.
Because with peace and love you’ll get nothing.

You will decide the hour and the place of their death.
You will get the aim, if you walk among human corpses.

Isolate your mind and submerge yourself in your dark thoughts.
Because to find the light, in darkness you should wander.

Be the hangman and not the hanged one,
The more people you kill, the freer you will be.
Forget all the norms and the laws...
Only this way you will get freedom.

Feel the freedom, living with the laws of nature.
Nature that the human kind wants to destroy.
For that reason you should spread their blood around the earth.

Homicide is the weapon against religions.
Homicide is the weapon against the human kingdom.
Homicide is the weapon of freedom.
Homicide is the weapon of the majestic nature.

Clean the world with homicide, create rivers of blood and mountains of human flesh…
and you will be blessed by evil.
Destroy their laws and kingdom, for their souls can be tormented by the gods of darkness.
Feel the malignant power running through your soul, feel the panic of your enemy
and forever you will be free.

3. Discord with Medium

Have forgotten the place where you live.
Have forgotten which is the reason of your life.
Wasting the time for your human ignorance.
You’re only a flock of useless disoriented.

Slowly you are weakest.
Slowly you are withering.
Learn from our brothers.
Those whom you call animals.

You make the road of the abomination.
You make the road of disorientation.
It´s your annihilation… annihilation… annihilation…

Killing the nature and building yours.
You believe that the name of the supremacy is human race.
You’ve created religions hiding the truth every days.
While the animal lives with the truth.
You destroy yourselves with your technology.
You create laws and gods that lead to the decadence.
When there is only a true law, create for the carnal world
… By the evil ….

You name the evil, when is the good.
You name the good, when is the evil.
You believe yourselves the owners of everything.
The law of your god of good.
You kill the irrational thing you cannot dominate.
But our law is to exterminate you.

Annihilation… To the Race of good…

4. Stigma of the Witch Archangel

Escaping among the forests from the inquisition,
Was accused for a strange stigma.
Was captured by the crowd.
The fire of the bonfire waiting for her.

Beat and insulted by fools.
Some for envy and others for fear.
Burn her!!! One listened among people.
The clergy desired to see the torture.

Fire!!! The witch is consummate by fire,
the idiots applaud the torture.
Laughter among the progeny of worms.

One moment, what happens!! Which creature is that???
If the witch is dead, it cannot be!! No!!! No!! Noooo!!

A powerful light comes out of the witch's dark heart,
of her eyes, of her mouth, of her angelical face...
Demons and evil creatures come out of her.
The eyes of the crowd, cry blood!!

The village was a human butcher shop,
dismembered children, mothers begging... men buried alive...
Thousand abominations, demons tormenting the insignificant progeny.

The witch raised among darkness with the stigma in her forehead.
All the demons bowed before her, she’s an archangel.
The churches bled and the christian emblem burned.
The crows ate the carrion of the bloodstained bodies.

Listen christians sons of the grand whore of all times,
you will never defeat the great clan of darkness.
You are an immense excrement ball , your suffering is my energy,
your happiness and your peace causes my laughter !!!
Members of the inquisition that are underground,
look at what happened to your pathetic doctrine.

5. The Domain of Shapeless

Eternal is his domain like eternal is his existence,
Caught among dimensions for torment to the carnal world.
Wandering in the Kingdom of life with the aura of death
Exiled beings in the forgetfulness even being present.

They’re so attached to a rotten world,
That never listened to the whisper of death,
Their revenge will never be extinguished,
They want you to accompany them in their solitary world.

Feel their cold presence that goes through your lungs... they cling to your soul.
Listen to their voices... they murmur your torture or omen your death.

Feel their cold presence that goes through your lungs... they cling to your soul.
Listen to their voices... they murmur your torture or omen your death.
Observe in the absolute darkness, their shapeless mortuary bodies…
They watch over you like the vultures to the moribund one, they want your life.

Come on!! Accompany you to a torture world, feel the panic and the impotence...
They observe you, wish you were next to them, you are their spiritual food,
because you are already soul without flesh...
you have not listened to the death, you are shapeless!!! Shapeless!!! Shapeless!!! Shapeless!!!
Move away from me!!!


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