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All the Voices Keep Silence

"All the Voices Keep Silence" (2007 Demo)

1. Listen to the Lords of the Forest
2. Changing Elements
3. The Route of the Cutting Stones
4. From Moon to Earth

1. Listen to the Lords of the Forest

Invoking... to the lost ancestral souls.
That they arise from the earth´s bowels.
I listen to your bellows... Lords of the forests.
I listen to our mother earth voice.

By the winds, by the waters...
By the fury of the fire... I invoke!! I invoke!! I invoke!!

The throne of the wind lords, hidden by the white cloak of the sky.
The throne of the earth lords, protected by the green arms of life.
The throne of the water lords, spreads giving life to its step.

Destroy the human civilization.

Lords of the forest, before you I lean.
Guardians of the truth and the eternal life.
I wish as you the human´s blood,
Fight brothers!! Annihilate our old enemy.

I will sink my sword in your heart!!

Enveloped me the magic and the songs of the night,
My body is tinted of red, the red that gives life.
Listen! The creatures of the forest speak to you.

All will return to our mother earth arms,
Your rationality won´t save you of being what you are...
Rotten flesh.

You are inscribed in the great book of life,
But the lords of the forest will always be there,
And they will erase your names of that book... Forever.

2. Changing Elements

Feel my presence, my presence is your fear.
Feel my caress, a shudder travels through your body.

Why do you see me?
Why don´t you see me right now?
Why I feel depressed?
Why I feel this changes?

I am unknown by you, a new sensation.
I unite myself with the wind, I feel free.
I unite myself with the water and flow through your body.
I am real, I change the elements.

3. The Route of the Cutting Stones

In times of desorientation, my destiny it’s perversion.
All my dreams and illusions finish with my death.
All shadows watch my life.
Waiting an error of my rotten mind.

I choose my way, blessed by the flames.
Blessed by the flames...

Infinity it’s obscurity (hope)
Clarity is my short life.
Insignificant it’s our live.
Magnificent it’s a simple thought.

Long, long, is my way, as a suffocating desert.
I was born to walk on the ways of fire.
The route of the cutting stones, I choose.
My destiny is not the easy way, you lose.
My trail of blood leads to the victory.

4. From Moon to Earth

Although a long distance divides us
That doesn’t prevent me to see with clarity.
Oh, my pillar. I´ll never leave you…
and… I´ll die for you.

In the cloudless night I listen to the lament of creatures…
that howl and share their affliction with me.
You sent me a sign,
an ephemeral… contact.

I´ll follow you and I´ll observe you,
because is your splendour…
the motor that moves my mecanism.

And, if one day the powers of nature
permit me to collide with you…
my hapinness will have no precedent.

Why I do suffer so much for you?
Perhaps, because I deserve you?


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