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"Genesis" (2004 Demo)

1. Genesis (intro)
2. Vengeance
3. Long Live The Warriors!
4. Into The Blizzard
5. Forsaken

1. Genesis (intro)

2. Vengeance


From the cells of this prison I'm calling for salvation
But the ones who enslaved me mute my screams
From the depths I call for their blood
You bastards I had freedom, you took it away

They chained me to the wall thinking it will stop me
They crushed my hand, so it can never hit them
They maked me blind to conceal the truth to me
But one day I'll rise and partake in your demise
To make you pay for your deeds I unite with your enemy
I unite with Satan

I'm the wisdom God forbid
I'm the wind carrying sorrow
Hidden stars in the sky
Grimness of these days
And the hate that breeds behind the flames
Found greater place in my heart

So come and fight against the Christ's invaders
Don't be affraid of losing and taste this feeling
When christian blood flows slowly down your blade
One day we will arise and cut the hand of the oppresor (I promise you)
Christians, I thirst for your blood
Christians, await my... VENGEANCE!

Everything is lost, there is nothing
But I will take your blood with me to my grave

3. Long Live The Warriors!

Long Live The Warriors!

As day passes by I look up in the sky
I'm trying to find the ways I once sailed
Beneath those stars warriors search for thier dream
Put many years ago into comatose slumber

Even dreams come to an end
So what is that fight for?

Moon... posses me, show me the way
I look on reflections in the lake
Graycold moon... bestove me a dream

Warriors I summon thee, calling your might
Step from the stars, grant me the horn
Circle is to close and close is our return to garden

Let us see Eden burning!

Out from the deadly cold
Out from the deepest dark
We gather on the hills
Awaiting the signal... CHARGE!

The battle never ends, as well as our journey throught this maze
The neverending struggle against wind and hail
Finally we arive at the gates of Gehenna and pass by the ultimate cremation
To forever die from the wounds that never heal

4. Into The Blizzard

Into The Blizzard

Endless snowfields drowned in silence
Growned by old trees grim and cold as ice
On the far north darkness is awaking
Only one being feels its' calling
She is a pilgrim to eternal storms
Lured by winds, carried by wolves into the blizzard she

Ventures, towards the vortex
She feels the evil that awaits ahead
Whirling masses of snow
Powers driven from space
And this cosmic pain
Was it before and after her days?
In this night it condense in this blizzard
The interstellar force, a way to oblivion

Shining stars... tears of space
She grasps them gently and plait in her ravenous hair
Slowly she walks among the lonely
Carrying storm's black seed, til another dawn casts her into day

5. Forsaken


In the corner of sanity, amongst the shadows cast by moonlight
I saw him again lying like on that nocturnal day of winter
Without tears in his eyes, without beating heart he cried
A lonely soul staind with cold shadow of God's hand

Destroyed inside, lost in void, chained to endless damnation
Once with faith in this world, in "ultimate" word of God
Creation falls, wintered heart
You've stared into the abbys to see things that were forbidden

All he ever belived breaks like glass (now he comprehends)
He sees what he ment to be
Willingless puppet in malicious hands of the Creator
With all his grief, torn of what he was bound to
He lifts his eyes up to the heaven and screams "I hate you God!"

And there's no thunder, no cruel voice
Just na empty gaze of Christ watching you from the cross

In valley of death, where shadows crawl
Forsaken by stars above
He makes his way to eternal darkness
With no other place to go

Longing in everlasting grimness
Dried tree in the midst of nowhere...
Broken stick..
Dark and cold wasteland...
This place is dead
Emotions brought to gray dust
Just the crimson eye of hatred
burns lonely beneath the scorched sky

He's a being from nowhere, trapped in pain
Hell-like torment and far beyond
A grim demon, a spirit of exile
Flying slowly over sinister land


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