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"Recremation" (2005)

1. Submit to Evil
2. Hordes of Flies
3. Buried by Me
4. The End Written In Blood
5. Mirror of Dead Flesh
6. Sickening
7. Under the Five-pointed Star
8. Into Black
9. Condemned to Die
10. Spit On Your Grave (Whiplash cover, bonus LP track)

1. Submit to Evil

Handmade of darkness
black magic is the game
An urge and power to control
Let the devil capture your soul

At the altar of bones
Remains of the ancestors
A doll made of cloth
A puppet a reproduction of you

Flames sweep closer and closer
Time for needle torture

Burning pain paralysed
Vital organs marked
Eyes open wide filled with fright
You're on your way down

You are mine for humiliation
No pulse no heartbeat eaquals dead
Lifeless but alive inside
No breath no moves you're in hell

No understanding with a dead mind
Watch in apathy you're hollow

Tate the sweetness
Needle in deeper in
Captured into weakness
Infernal pain
Now you're my slave

No objection no rejection
Submit to evil just submission

An empty shell A shell of flesh
I cast my spell now be my slave
Submit to evil surrender your soul
The spell is spoken
It can't ever be broken!

No objection no rejection
Submit to evil just submission

2. Hordes of Flies

And it is the end
Pale skin to caress
Drained and left for dead
Nothing more to expect

Surreal existence am I dead
Or am I alive
In crimson fluid hell is what I found
Feel the larva crawling
Eating constant breeding
Beneath the skin born again
To be reborn is this life after death
Transformed man dethroned

Inner mobement the body unvail secrets
Life after this surreal existence
Birth/death/birth fed up with life as the eggs hatch
In rotten flesh I first meet life to live a second then
Die again already searching for another dead prey

Innate insects part of me
Parasite inside eating me
Host of flies born inside
Abscence of life I am the lord of flies

Surreal existence am I dead or am I alive
In crimson fluid hell is what I found
Feel the larva crawling eating constant breeding
Host of lfies beneath the skin reborn

Reicarnated in hell
An army ready to conquer
Fed by the lord of flies
Hordes of flies

3. Buried by Me

Never realised who my enemy was
Some kind of figure, vengeance in sight
Grabbed a knife, never thought twice
Just waited here to feel secure
Breathing slow don't make a sound

For some reason I fell asleep right there
My mind sank into a bloodred mess
Groteaque thoughts of despair
Killing time with my friends at the graves

Horrible visions of the dead inside my head
What is real and what is fantasy
Breathing deep don't loose your mind

A visitor from beyond
Appearance like Hell, I was convinced
Alone I had to commit this satanic act
Some one always has to face the facts

The violence that occured that night
I should have kept it far from the light
If I just could have erased my own mind
Reminding voices how can you make the dead die?
Insanity your about to loose your mind

Some half dozen corpses
Told me to marry her
The rest just reminded me
Where to bury her

Entered the societies below
Felt like home relieved after all
No question of what's left for me to do
Open the black fucking gate for all of you too
Are you alive or is it a lie?

Some of you told me that I should've
Married her
But all I can remember is where I buried her

I guess I knew it all along
I killed the enemy
I buried you

4. The End Written In Blood

Thousand years of repression
Forcefed with lies since the beginning
Oppression in the shadow of the cross
No belief I'm your scapegoat
Behold the new era has finally come

Revoked is the presence of god
Repulse soaked in blood

Holy words infect their minds, believing the lie
Everyone kill each other now
The saints go marching into death
No miracles payback time, there's no escape now

War is your miracle, is fear what you teach
Pain to disbelief, torture is honour
Commandments to gain control
Everyone broken by your own
The last chapter will finally be written in blood

Words carved in flesh will remain
In life even in death

Guilty of innocent slaughter
Your greedy crusade to convert
Revenge! Echoes from the past
The innocent souls will claim your death
The bitter end

Always proclaimed others imperfection
What you seek you'll find within yourself
Raped by religion a sign of trust?
By their own misled deceived betrayed
Erase yourslef

Prayers for the prey
Not even aware ehat they obey
Damned, cursed wrath seeks revenge
Hate, death nothing will be
The same again

You can't come clean, no more confessions
To your false icon
Into diabolic netherworld
Recremation until there is nothing left
Darkness gather upon you

5. Mirror of Dead Flesh

Preserved for the rest of the world
An exhibition of our specimen
A reflection of life in dead tissue
Study your entrails in the mirror of dead flesh

Corpse after corpse
Lined up in the show
An anatomical trip inside us all
Lesson in human art
The dead

Cysts in the upper kidney pole
Malighnant tumours eating from inside
Multiple forms of cancer organs
Our fragile life on display

Corpse after corpse
Lined up in the show
An anatomical trip inside us all
Lesson in cause of death
The dead

Dead sadistic art see what you will become
One of them one of those gone gaping craniums
Staring at you whisper what awaits you

With precision body slices in intersection
So vulnerable without skin to protect you
Preserved and saved from decomposition
A reflection of life a memory of how it was before

6. Sickening

Remove what wasn't meant to be
Absurdity has grown out of proportion
Gore to the core depart from it
Less than a fifty chance survival soaked in filth

Let the scalpel cut away the sickening growth
That sickening plague
That sickening part of you

With every night with every dream
Deformation inside like a parasite within
In the abattoir, abortion cut the bond
Traumatic rotten scenery

Beg for your miserable life
No use it's hell that awaits you
Cut off that sickening part
Cut up rip apart
Grotesque transformation
Pulse is weak so are your hope
The plague that infest your soul
That sickening part is you
Cut up mutilate
Cut off depart from yourself

7. Under the Five-pointed Star

Out of chaos universe beyond
Upon the sky stars has formed the sign
The pentagram
"How long we've been waiting for
This to come the birth of the evil son"
Oh, godless godess venus of the dark
Mysterious orgy in sinful lust

With combined force of the five
Ignis, Aer, Aqva, Terra and light
A carnal feast to create
The offspring
That will grow within
Vibrations of the heathen chants
Spawn in black seed

Bearer of the light lucifer
The star born tonight
A cermenony of elements
When four becomes five
The deep and the skies
Join with soil and inferno

With combined force of five
Ignis, Aer, Aqva, Terra and light
"At last the sacrilegeous wins
A bond in all seven sins"
From chaos from uiverse beyond
Stars has formed the sign
The pentagram

8. Into Black

In the search for the supreme power
The supreme force
Gave my soul swallowed by darkness

One with the dark
One with the unknown

All are summoned tonight's the night
When light turns black
And everything is destined to die

One with the supreme
One with the end

The ancient will rise
Believers/deniers face the end
Face the abyss drowned by its might
Eyes from teh depth staring back at you
Into black our journey goes

Into black swallowed by death

Faces of desperation
Horror has them by the throat
We already knew

End has reached us all
World swrls into a vortex
And darkness swallows all

One with the ancient
One with Chtulhu

All are summoned tonight's the night
When light dies out
And everything turns into black

9. Condemned to Die

Days are outnumbered a crumbling sky blackens the sun
Slow deformation decay from day one
With the first breath the final follows
With life death will follow

Born in blood and pain from our mother's womb
We crawl the way straight to the tomb from
The first day cursed you are doomed
Earth to ashes dissolved into dust
To live to die is life just a lie?

Born in a casket condemned at arrival
Safe only when you're dead

Rejected in vomit and pus from your
Mother's cunt in slime you crawl the path for
The time will come the time when everyone
Die suffer through the short but extracted atrocity
To live to die life was just a lie!

Condemned to die

Disease sickness mutilation
Destiny will come for us all
Murder suicide war
Awaiting death to claim my soul

When you die - you soul dissolve
Pathological examination will show
Disturbing images of the true life

Awaiting as life passes by
No chance to avoid this time
Hopelessness the end in sight
Finally death embraces life

Days are outnumbered a crumbling sky blackens the sun
Slow deformation decay from day one
The final question when life will be put to an end
By a fragile thread you're holding on
You will soon be gone

The final solution your options to choose is laid t your feet
Take contol of your fate and make a mess of yourself
For the curious mass the pathological dissection will reveal
What life is all about what you already knew to die

Condemned to die.

10. Spit On Your Grave (Whiplash cover, bonus LP track)

Ruthless and evil lies that deceive
Meaningless virtues knee deep in greed

I am the master with the iron fist
I am the master no one knows exists
I am the master I'll take your life
I am the master I'll spit on your grave
Taking advantage guilty as sin
And into the cauldron where no one can win

Thrown down and stepped on and knifed in the back
Civilization is under attack.


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