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Raven Flight

"Raven Flight" (2006)

1. To the Far Lands
2. Sea Battlefield
3. Torir Scald
4. Bridge Warder
5. Mjolnir
6. Hail Normann!!!
7. Raven Flight
8. Dragonís Grin
9. Beard of Storm
10. War Song
11. Back with Glory

1. To the Far Lands

2. Sea Battlefield

Dispersed a mist
Strike on the ring of steel
Burning flame from
Darkness heaven
Will fall on the frozen earth
Warmed blood of giants

And last Battle of Gods
To more heaven and earth
And Ermungand will rise
From black sea

Thunderbolt of Mjolnir
Flash for the last time
As if wailing of the wind
Cur begins to howl!

Flash on the hammer
Is the power of the North
Flash on the lightning
Is a pattern of Thor
Flash on the hammer
Is power of north

3. Torir Scald

Summer sunset lighted a way
To the konungs dragon
The scald was going to meet him
He was the bringer the mead

Sagas he told next summer
Thunder of steel went on
But when the sadness came
Turned to the silence song

He cane to ask for favor

The master of Dragon Sea
Mountains waves filled
With white foam the jaws of the wolf

Lord of shield has fallen in sorrow
Brave song was again beginning
Saga remained a noble konung
Which man for him was singing

4. Bridge Warder

Tapping to the bridge
To the world of Gods
The master of the wolfs of waves
Who loses the chains of Midgard
Goes to the great warriors

Ting of swords and biting arrows
Make the Viking glad with its song
Cry of rage and moan of death
Odin calls his sons to the abode of Gods

Heimdal raises the sting of steel snake
And greets the master of ting of wounds
A death cry of the black wolf
Is heard by warriors in the storm of swords

Heimdal raise his sword
And greets the lord of storms
A death cry of the black giant wolf
Is heard by warriors

Battle is waiting for
Brave Einherier
Great Northern mans will
Strike the shields
And the blood will shed the world

5. Mjolnir

Maple ting of armor he gave boldness
Igg received a sword struck
Serpent poison dropped from Sung
In spell of vallkiries

Lands burned mountains fell
Spirit low in chest of Thor
First has fallen Yotuns konung
And kin giants have been destroyed

Killer of Thurs people defender
Rising hammer under giants
Serpent poison drop from Sung
In Odin runs again

6. Hail Normann!!!

Smashing ice and flame
You walk through your pain
And hissing of iron snakes
Moon coldness will reflect on your face
Youíll hear the noble words
Which steel is speaking for you
They lead you to the chambers of Gods
Drakkar is singing for you

Hail Normann!
Now you may pass through Valhallaís gates
Hail Normann!
And Aces will greet you with their reward hails!

The dragonhead
And sea waves rage
Will show you the way
And youíll behold
Two flying arrows
Which bring you
To your victory!

7. Raven Flight

The eye of black will mirror the sea
The wing will write runes in the sky
The saga about the warrior who gave
A drink of his blood to Drakkar

Grimís bird! Can you see
Warrior lies on the shield
Grimís bird! Can you hear
A sea dragonís cry for the killed

One flap of the wing Ė and the black arrow
Is leading the ship again
One flap of the wing Ė and the cry of the raven
Is waking the one who is slain

The flight of Odinís bird is writing
Runes in the Northern sky
The flight of the raven sends black arrows
Piercing the stormy night

8. Dragonís Grin

Dog of war was howling
When Drakkar left the shore
And bloody steel snake
Pierced into the warrior breast

See dragonís grin
Is reflected in the battle shield
And bleeding maple ting
Brings the victory dedicated to Aces
He fell on the ground
He drew his last breath
And sound of swords
Screaming for him

See dragonís grin
Is reflected in battle shield
And sound of swords
Screaming for bold warrior

9. Beard of Storm

When the gold Njord lifts his head above grey waves of sea
When Northern cold winds play a horn of a blizzard
Leaving the refuges at the top of the world
When the ice lumps grow on rocks of a fjord
On coast decline branches under caps of snow
When the night knocks at a door of houses
When the Vikings are ready to seize the weapon
In fear before old gods and it seems
That to madness of elements there will be no limit
Then the old men speak about the beard of Njord
To a great beard of storm that flies above the world

10. War Song

Swords entrusting
In battle mighty
The boldness is better
On ting of armours

Northern wind carries
Pain and death
Cold and horror
Initiate a deal

Song of war is a voice of glory
No one will ever stop it
Warrior of a Northern wind
Song of war is your depth

Warrior of a Northern wind
Your scream is a voice of glory
Warrior of a Northern wind
Your sword and hands are gory

No one can stop great Northern wind
Who brings pain and death
Horror and cold go over the lands
Wolf screams the song of war!

11. Back with Glory


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