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The Tail of Substance

"The Tail of Substance" (1997)

1. In Arrival
2. The Slept Scream
3. Dirty White Wings
4. Merciful Agony
5. Mercy Is Fear
6. Psychical Degradation
7. Hellish Emergence
8. Silent That Picture
9. The Quartered Dependence
10. The Blade of Inquisition
11. Nameless Throne
12. Mój Wyraz
13. Burn Into Your Hell

1. In Arrival

2. The Slept Scream

My eyes don't want more
To look at this pain
My ears don't want
To hear about the sufferings
My hands don't want
To wash your wounds
My mouth don't want
To blunder in your truth

I creep in a swamp
I curse towards the sun
I wash with blood
My sick consciousness

Yes, l am sin
But not the first one
Born in this pain
I am lost in your fate
Your pain is a passion

I died for you
I hate him
I am winged
I drown in laughter
A fate in you
Come to us
Come to us

I am the word of my master
His creation in your hands
His ignominy and your suffering

3. Dirty White Wings

My childhood was a monument of hypocrisy
I was growing fed with my ancestors' God
I used to fall a sleep with a sing of cross
Which I never understood

My eyes shined
A light of the stars
Desires penetrated
The walls of bodies

I look in the sky at assure of the expanse
I deep inside
Where is the paradise?
My life isn't laughter
My way isn't path
Battered down by you

White wings are flapping without any hope
The sad tears are flowing
as blood from unwanted wound
Words are empty
when wind has already blown them away
And you are still killing in the name of fate

Distant flame warms me strongly
A glow of its words inside me
I flow a border of its truth
I pace a path of my desires

I'm rocking by the wind
Filled up with anger
And spot the time with serenity

My life is hell of your paradise
Thy words are the false drowned in a mud
Thy curse is life a step forward

My eyes shined
A light of the stars
Desires penetrated
The walls of bodies

4. Merciful Agony

Merciful fate
Is wandering somewhere in mind
Pictures of a beautiful moment are flitting
I draw the door in my heart
While a thorny fruit of the scattered night
I'm swallowing in moonshine

Yes, in that brightness
you stayed covered with a shade
So known but distant
You had hands covered with a dew
And your hair was as rose shreds

Wind blows away your black garments
Your delightful touch covers me so

When you wrap up my body
by a noose of dream
You beat thorns deep
You tear me up like a vulture
My scars bum
White you are waiting for a step

The deep of my hampered dreams
And thy mouth full of canines
I stop to drink ah envy nectar
Made red-hot like a steel,
I melt in a fog
You run away to the night like a specter

Around me flowers have already faded away
And a bird has stirred up the wind by its wings
I hold strongly while blood is so gushing
By stream of desires I swim away
The deep of my hampered dreams
And the mouth full of canines

5. Mercy Is Fear

Cicatrized thoughts in torn mind
Scattered remains of an awful amok
A knife of stupidity cuts powerless bodies
My enlightened thoughts and grief
Are bleeding in the kingdom of my dream

Oh, Lord of eternal waves
Oh, Master of every truth

Black suns have already died away
Now, beyond me down
Naked landscape or my mind
Is climbing on stairs of living words

Dusk lighted up the dawn
Streams of my cares calm down
Calm down ravished by a wind
Iced stream of blood pulsates
Pushed by a breath
In mercy the fear

Look at the world and the way
Shepherd of your own fate
Betrothed she meddles a stone
Wrapped up she throws a voice

The cry
Roar of the hunger source
Time is wind
Poisoned like trees

The cry
Burned in the sun of lies
Mercy took the fear away
Together I'm lost

Up to the world
Inks of muddy clouds

Winter of thorns of my blood
I love to speak at threshold
My life is a fog
The stigmas already died away
I poisoned an old root

6. Psychical Degradation

At the mirror as black as words
Look these drops wash your face
Virus of ecstasy is healing a deep desire
In a red glimmer you are like he

You are climbing on an orbit
You are dead - I don't hear

I'm coming back,
I'm loosing, raising, turning the water
Your astral interior arouses admiration
Mistress of eternity wants that blood

It hurts again
You covers yourself with a mask
I suffer
You melt in the sun
Lifting your eyes up
Cursed Iike he
I want to see
You give a delight
A face of the future
Devilish breath

I look at the eyes of hate
! feed my world with a carrion
Called beggar I curse you
I drown my pure hands in a mud of dead dream
Go away scoffer crying again

You sleep in the dumb desire
You needed this step
This death means nothing
These wounds are only
Reflection you live in
This path is as blind as they

7. Hellish Emergence

8. Silent That Picture

All stars have calmed down
The great storm has gone
Now the dusk has come .
And first beam of light
How very eternal

Oh word - sounding with glory
Oh might - of eternal truth

You are the lord
The lord of this world
Thy name is damned
For ages till the end

Obliterated labor of the creator
Means to me not so much as you

Awful odor of souls
Rubbed after time of his words
Fire burnt the sin
And you among frost of waves

Come to me - on thorns and mud
Come to me - on blind paths
Come to me - on false words

In my heart there already aren't thorns
Troublesome their cloud
Growing to tone

Past between the times
Invites the sudden creature
Melodies of my dreams

9. The Quartered Dependence

Narrow dream in the lost storm of words
Dumb herds of sonorous grumbles
Killed colonies of utopian sheets

A vault of narrow corners
A pulp multiplied with unyieldness
A sight of dark vacuum
Wild, infernal desires
And you spun by a prose of mockery

I rose as cold as abyss
I emerged with invidious smile
Of my creative body
Empty your eyes at dawn
Shy splutter of illuminated tears
Your body trembling and small
Again you fall down like a broken glass

Covered procession of besmeared cares
Threatening whispers of masked brothers
Silent lusts beaten by a torn heart
And fingernails driven into a coffin lid

Fabulous angel somewhere on a dream screen
Old fruits of bitter words
Minds stuck to the gospel of threats

I hiss like a pulpy grain
I sprout in a concrete grip
Yesterday I was a stream,
today I'm a dam
Overturned I'm vomiting in a whirl
Night rocks the gray curtains
Your little flame goes out
What do you crush an infant for?
Driving a nail Into the eyes
Why do you lie building a sand race?

10. The Blade of Inquisition

Under the big blade of black inquisition
I dragged a witch and a pile of other cares
I dragged a shrew dirty and wild
I mocked blaming her by the end of lash
It lasted as if two centuries
Thy sick ancestors' anguishes,
however carnal like me

Hungry is this child with little eyes
Lean and in without material hands
Wouldn't I take it cover, feed and be with it?
I can't answer myself, the bell is ringing now
In pews the same ones saw it,
it little, crying one - take

Under the naked blade of thousandth inquisition
I dragged a witch - old like leprosy
I dragged her by hair tearing a pavement

Old was a man I will tell you
He was sitting at a wall covered as in frost
He was groaning in front of us begging mercy
He lost his legs fighting for country
His family died because that's the fate
I wanted to feed him when strange chance
My own grandma kicked his into the corner
That bell sounded. What to do?
I'm going, There is a nice front

Old was a man
Ha was sitting at a wall
He was groaning in front of us
He lost his legs
I wanted to feed him
My own grandma kicked his
That belt sounded. What to do?
I'm going, there is a nice front

Under the living blade of my inquisition
I'm dragging that witch
I don't know no more from where
She's unusual clear not to recognize.
This sudden change could astonish
No, I don't believe,
the witchcrafts are getting me wrong
I was in pew, church pool
I twisted my hands with the hope
And what she? And where is she?
Under the living light there wind blew into her
This old witch is indeed me

You are too high to see how low you are

11. Nameless Throne

Protect your god
Storm is coming
Run away before the wind
Abundance of truth swells
Disappearance stupidity and hope
Now took for a refuge
Foots of power and words
Of my truth will crush you

Locked gales before greedy hand
Silent altar bestowed a humility
Nameless throne persuades to faith
Madman without scruples pronounces false
You're crawling in front of the symbol created by you
You're a puppet of your fear

Wake your dry life
Uncover eyes before the truth
Stop spitting at concealment
You won't revive the dead words

Dictator's eyes are closed
That sight is forbidden
Paradise is impossible for you
I spit in tyrant's face

Goes army of hungry souls
Goes disgrace of your thoughts
Goes world full of truth
Goes revenge on the glory throne

Power cursed for ages is coming
Delight of your desires is waking up
Hypnotized rise to scream

The dead will always cry

12. Mój Wyraz

13. Burn Into Your Hell

Under the azure of mountains blundering eyes
Beyond the heads of inclining clouds
Striking in wall words pressed with a prayer

Pale messiah spoke: I'm The King
glorify my name In your songs
I'm the only Son of that Father

Streams as acrid as wine are flowing
pain, despair and fear
Thoughts as black as symbol are getting lost -
desire, freedom & miracle
Hands and words with bitterness are pressing -
to their master foots

Don't cry when your foots are in thorns
I'm yet merciful and paradise is real for you

Streams groove the furrows wounded because of cry
Scalded by lust priests limp
Children are gathered in one basked like fish

When I'm hungry bring me your food
To my priests' ears
When your hearts are in pain
Present my altar with humility

Effeminate and faded already for ages
Rotten and old like the world at your gates
Dim and lost in verses of his own strophes

Father, aren't you in my voice?
Power, aren't you in my hands?
Father, Father - heavenly
Where is your merciful dog?

Was to suffer given to you?
Will to suffer given to you?
In the name of skeleton and your God

Bum in your hell
Fry in your pitch
Dead is your God
Dead and dumb
He rotted long time ago!!!


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