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The Harvester

"The Harvester" (2005 Demo)

1. Suicide Note
2. The Harvester
3. Bounded by darkness

1. Suicide Note

- - Suicide Note - -

Death, it may have appeared
As if your cold crumbled lips
Like a chalice filled with wine
Slowly drained me of what once was life
And replaced it with an endless void

Melancholy, as if a dark Shadow
Like a veil of blackest Velvet
Has covered my sight
Leaving me a shade of eternal night

Gone is the spark that shone in my eyes
Left are two bottomless wells, absented from life
Here, where darkness dwells in the purest of forms
To sprinkle the seeds of agony and despair
And to bar the rays of light

How I yearn to reach
The unknown world behind the border
Delightful death may seem
Like a fair temptress waiting with open arms
To embrace me with all her warmth

Fatal is the poison that floats in my veins
As I've drunk the bittersweet beverage
From the blazing goblet of death
A dying man
I gaze into the sun, as it sets for the last time

About to leave this deplorable world behind
Now, I bid you all my last farewell
A trade note written with straggling letters
Is what I've left for the wretched living
Sincerely I wish that you all would die with me!

2. The Harvester

- - The Harvester - -

Your omnipotent being lies thick as fog
Over the dying breed of mankind
The feeble, the doomed, quiver before your feet
As they know their time has come

Your seed is destruction, pure and cold
Your kingdom a tomb, where dead eternally rest
Your sickle reaps the harvest of our world
A vast arable land, where life is crops

the bringer of everlasting darkness to our eyes
Our final destination lies under your darkened skies

As humanity evolves and spreads like cancer
You'll make sure that it has a deadly initial
Feeding on our own creative extermination
As if the world was a tremendous dining table
And man its irresistible dimes

Death, divine you walk midst us
Almighty lord of genocide and epidemics
we let our minds be manipulated
and controlled As we submit
to murder and devastation

A witness,
you have watched our worlds dawning
From our birth, the first grasp of air
(You've been here to assure us of the truth
that in the end it'll be our very last)

Behold the reapers harvest
The fall of our civilizations
As earth crumble to dust
And mankind ceases to exist

3. Bounded by darkness

- - Bounded By Darkness- -

My lust for life will not last, memories flashes by to fast
Everything in life is turning, inside my soul the flames are burning
Visions of tragedy, unfolds upon my destiny
My mind begins to fade, haunted by thoughts of the razorblade

Old scars will open, and lead me astray
Walk through eternity, and watch (all) roses decay
A smell of innocence will follow the breeze
Let them gather, like a final decease

Bounded by darkness, in such a beautiful place
Everything so silent, in your domain
Standing here alone, enslaved to his throne
Whispering his names, reach me your strengths

A fast lane through the past, to recall the very last

A reality so unreal, no matter what I feel
Voices echoes in pain, among the angels in vain

As I lay my soul to sleep, and my dreams to die
You can feel my pain, without saying goodbye


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