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"Iconoclasm" (2003 Demo)

1. Mysterium Daemoniarchon
2. Seasons...
3. The Frost At The End Of Time

1. Mysterium Daemoniarchon

Luna, hear my call
A song, amplified by the dusk
Night black as pitch now falls

Oh, that this night would never end
I wander into the field
Beyond it lies the ancient site
Its mighty power, my etheric shield

Far from the pitiful woes of men
In silence, now the moon shall hear
My call for cleansing black fire
Razing the weak, its flame shall sear!

Risen to the ninth hierarchy
I am with all and none
Results of wasted years of prayer
Swept away and now undone

Within the icy tomb of night!

Cold steel shines in the light of the moon
We are gathered in the icy tomb
Awaiting the call from the world below
A storm form the north begins to blow!

2. Seasons...

An attempt to crystalise reality
By my hand it is smashed
Thus you struggle to fit the pieces together
Your train of thought has crashed!

Feeble wretch, fight for your mind
Muscles begin to tense
Panic sets in, madness begins
Struggle for fragments of sense

Your search for truth has led you here
To the place of your demise
Now locked into eternal fear
The scales fall from your eyes

Time warps into a cycle
This moment will never cease
Forever to relice the hatred
You feebly cry for peace

The chronocrators own your days
They are fuelled by your poisoned soul
And vengeance for you meddling ways

3. The Frost At The End Of Time

Earth trembles
To the screaming of the stars
Their light extinguished by mighty storms
Achieving absolute zero
As blackness fills their hollow forms

Monolithic hailstones
Fall from the void to fill the seas
All that once was filled with life
Is dead as the world begins to freeze

Encased in ice
For a moment, all is preserved-
Then all is shattered by the crushing cold-
And man gains the fate it long deserved

Vast storms of darkness assault the world
Pouring endless dark matter
All is frozen then all is crushed
Core of the world starts to shatter

Besieged by icestorms!
Earth faces subzero hell
Silent frozen statues
Locked within their icy shells

Putrid, wretched human slime!
Face a death from the worlds beyond
As you face the frost at the end of time!


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